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  1. ok, most wallets use the first. 10 accounts. 1 - 10 did you try this one? m/44'/144'/0'/0 You may need to convert it to m/44'/144'/0' I'll inbox you about trying the wallet
  2. I missed that. I said 16 words and you said 24 words. No you're right, the 24 words. sorry lol this is the derivation path my wallet uses to create accounts m/44'/144'/0'/0 I have a wallet and I have software similar to ian coleman but xrp specific. I may have went with the above derivation path to match the old nano's. Or that's Xumm's derivation path. I had the problem years ago and recovered my coins. Many users might show up with the same problem. It seems a new update has caused it. Maybe they changed derivation paths a second time. Or some people are only updating now after all this time. They lost backward compatibility. If you continually upgrade you're fine but if you reset completely ledger live forgets which addresses it's supposed to generate
  3. The one I posted is the one I thought would work. m/44'/60'/0'/ maybe you need the second zero which I think is the account field m/44'/60'/0'/0 try this one, I think this is the default for xrp on that site m/44'/0'/0'/0 m/44'/0'/0'/ I don't think it matters how you get it to spit out the accounts. If you select xrp for example it will give the default derivation path for xrp. Or you could type exact same derivation path in the custom derivation path. Either way works. but you'll notice in the custom section in "bip32" there's a hard to find option that says "ledger", that may be what you're looking for. Or the default settings if you load the page and select xrp as a coin. --- You're saying you have 16 words. Try the first 15 since the tool says the last one is the checksum. Or try using the 16 words and see if the tool will let you. If you can get the tool to generate the empty addresses on ledger live ---- DO NOT reset your ledger unless you're certain that's a valid word list. You may have missed a word.
  4. I think it may not work. Xumm might generate the same new empty addresses. If that happens then you need to recover the old addresses. Try Xumm and take note of which addresses it generates and if they are the same as the ones being generated in ledger live. I read you can also specify a custom derivation path with metamask.
  5. ok so you inboxed me. But I should say it publicly so others can read. You have the right page for extracting a hex private key from your word list. put your 16 words into the website. change the coin to xrp make sure the derivation path is m/44'/60'/0'/ then at the bottom of the page is a table with all the key pairs. Look for the one with your address. And copy the private key from the far right row. It's a hexadecimal private key so you need a wallet that accepts private keys.
  6. but couldn't an attacker present a qr code under false pretences. He's saying it happened after he scanned a qr code. fake is the wrong word. It would be a valid qr code which sends a payment to the attacker. Then some method to trick the user into using the qr code and hope they don't notice it's a payment.
  7. There was a solo air drop which attracts opportunistic scammers. Your other xumm accounts weren't affected. This QR SCAN. Are you sure you didn't go to a fake solo website and scan a qr code which contained instructions to send the hacker a payment. Such an attack wouldn't expose your private key, your accounts are secure. Instead you were tricked into sending a payment by being presented with a "sync qr_code" Syncing wallets by qr code is not something I've heard of. Importing a secret by qr code, yes. But it seems like you believe only xumm has access to your key so my guess is the fake qr code.
  8. the address sent transactions to binance bitrue and stake.com. the address also activated this account https://bithomp.com/explorer/rM8YaeY7rhmoCCHoEk5UL3SoR3WD1HYNKz ^ I think this is the hackers account. It's also possible that r9GGau.. is.a compromised account, otherwise this person left a huge digital footprint. Sending coins to and from exchanges. r9GGau... also set a flare message key 0xb29acf613fb1a5d38fb0F168665C4374a261289f I looked that address up on etherscan, I think it's a deposit address for an exchange because all incoming transactions are immediately sent out. Could be a bitrue deposit address.
  9. The scammer sent the coins to a binance wallet with destination tag DT: 365550631. Your best bet is to contact binance and have them freeze the deposit before it's too late. uphold > your wallet > scammers wallet > binance
  10. ok so you have the word list. If you can also confirm that you've signed a transaction with that account. Any previous transaction would prove that it was working before. Either way you're the second person posting about the nano generating the wrong account. I bet more people will have the problem. My theory, I'm having trouble connecting due to ssl. Ledger live updated their software because they maybe had the same issue. You were running older software. The only way to connect would be to update to use newer ssl, which you did, but you reset everything and your issue is that the nano is generating a wallet according to newer standard derivation path vs the older pre standard derivation path. I don't know how to get the ledger to working but it's possible. https://iancoleman.io/bip39/ the iancoleman bip39 tool can extract your keys but you need the derivation path that the old nano's used. I think you can air gap the whole webapp. You might need to download it from github to air gap it. You should be fine connecting to the site using http (ssl) but then you need a wallet that supports private keys. https://ripplerm.github.io/ripple-wallet/ with the above wallet you could set a regular key for the account, then import that secret into xumm. I also have the software to do all this. It's a way to get your account working outside of a hardware wallet. The easier route would be finding a wallet that lets you set a custom derivation path. Metamask faq said it only allows custom derivation paths with ledger live and the nano. It's possible that metamask specifically supports custom derivation paths for ledger live for this very reason.
  11. That is where your coins are, on the word list. It's the ledger nano that you have to import the keys to. but if your xrp are showing then you already (still) have your word list imported into the nano ledger. If your ethereum are missing then what your saying is that the ledger nano is generating the wrong account for ethereum. but it's generating the correct account for XRP. I suspect that you have an old ledger nano and a newer ledger live app. or a newer ethereum plugin 1. You have an old nano ledger, 2 years + 2. It's an ethereum account that's missing forgive all the people that told you that if you reset the app then the ledger nano would regenerate the same eth address because that's the behaviour we all expect. It worked for you once so it should work again for you. m/44'/60'/0'/ that's the derivation path that that old nano's used to generate ethereum addresses. But I'm reading these posts and trying to rule out human error. Because your specific question is how to get the nano ledger working. There ARE working solutions. ledger live with metamask?? may allow you to specify a custom derivation path. I'd try the one I posted above first. I don't know how to do that. I think the problem may exist for xrp as well. Different wallets have a different derivation path. I'm not sure how you got yourself into your situation. Some accounts showing and others not. You must have the old ledger nano and added each account over time. The missing accounts are the older accounts you created with the old derivation path. At some point you updated and created new accounts and funded those. You had both old and new working together somehow. Then you updated everything again and the old wallets aren't being generated. Your coins aren't missing you just need to use another wallet. I have tools to recover your coins. I'll recover all your coins for free if you want. There's other people that need their coins recovered. Some situations are more complicated than others. Your situation is easy because you have the word list. If it's a valid word list then all the accounts are in there, just have to find the derivation path. https://iancoleman.io/bip39/ If I'm really stuck I use the tool at that website. I tinker with it until I find my account. If you're not a programmer that's where you'd go to recover your coins. It's still rather complicated. I think you're in the exact same situation as me. My accounts don't show up my nano is from before standardisation. I can only fund the new accounts. So I just recovered my keys from the word list using tools. But I read the other day that you can specify a custom derivation path with metamask but only for the ledger nano. You should be able to flush your nano down the toilet, buy a new one, plug in your word list into the new nano and bam your accounts are there. If that's not working then you're in the realm of extracting the keys from the word list. Your nano still works. It's just now generating accounts according to the newer ethereum standard. You can either find a wallet that uses the older standard. But it might be smarter to send the coins to the new addresses. Especially if you can prove that your nano + ledger live will generate those addresses each reset. Why keep the old accounts if they don't work with the combination of software you are using. But you can also extract the private key from the word list and use a software wallet that can sign a transaction using the private key. In theory you could install an older ledger live app and it might work. the older app would generate the older accounts and a newer version would generate the new ones. I do think you have a legitimate issue. Your coins aren't lost though. You just need software that supports your specific situation
  12. Or binance held the songbird until after the exfi snapshot because they didn't want to pause deposits and withdrawal of sgb an hour before the snapshot. This way each user can be apportioned their ratio equally of all coins. No worries about anyone claiming twice by moving their coins before hand. They could distribute dflare. Or if dflare is convertable to yflare then they could save the effort of listing two coins. It's much easier for them to hold through the snap shots with the intent of distributing the coins, but waiting to see what the volumes will be before making an announcement.
  13. there's also defi You can yield farm xrp on wanchain. You need to buy wan but the yields are really high. 88% right now on zookeeper finance which is a yield farming game. wan is "wide area network" chain. If you want to keep 100% xrp allocation you can lend your xrp on wanlend. apy varies between 5% and 33% another defi option is klayswap on klaytn blockchain. You can farm xrp/klay, xrp/dai, xrp/ksp, xrp/eth. they earn 40-60%. Higher apy usually means more risk. web3.0 is the future. Flare is coming and that also is web3.0 and will support xrp
  14. I have a tattoo of an encrypted wallet. I have $50 of XRP stored in my tattoo. You can send my tattoo xrp from anywhere in the world and I don't need to update my tattoo. Imagine rather than a wallet it's a key. The words wallet, key and account are thrown around interchangeably. In crypto we're using public private key cryptography. In essence your keys ARE your crypto. Neither the app, nor the nano is the crypto. They are tools. The "word list" is where the accounts are. The coins are stored on the blockchain. You could throw away the nano, delete the ledger app. As long as you keep your word list you can replace the nano or use a different tool.
  15. I wondered the same thing but some coins might choose a high chain id to avoid conflicting with another coin which might already be using that chain id. or using their ticker's ascii value as a chain id. Plus only evm compatible chains would need a chain id.
  16. https://chainlist.org/ This website can add songbird network to metamask automatically. Search songbird in the search bar. select "songbird canary network" then connect metamask. Then approve the change network request in metamask.
  17. Common sense would agree with you but pictures of dogs and celeb tweets have clouded my thinking
  18. tron also mooned at this time in 2017. Today on dec 2021 tron is decoupling from BTC
  19. last bull cycle on dec 8 2017 xrp climbed to $4 in less than 30 days.
  20. If I were in your situation I'd move it to nexo. I'd lock the xrp in lending for 30 days. You get 5% apy. Then by the time the 30 days is done you'll have the ledger nano and you'll make enough money to pay the withdrawal fee. remember to include a the destination tag when sending to an exchange. and remember to write down your word list. Double check the address you are sending to and the destination tag every time no matter what. double check every word list you write down. in fact don't double check. quadruple check. Move the xrp as soon as possible because you don't know how long a withdrawal will take nearing the end of a bull run.
  21. bancor. Your deposit is locked until enough profit is generated to pay you off. You're essentially loaning the pool $100. Once you earn enough bancor to pay you back and the ama has some profit to play with, it uses your $100 and the bancor profit to continue paying profits. The magic is accomplished by having bacor token as a bridge. Another person is staking the opposing currency. Example bancor/xrp. From that users perspective they deposit $100 of xrp and that loan is matched with your $100 usd. Bancor is the bridge and the rewards token If your deposit drops below $100 then some of your bancor profits are used to top your balance back up. The drawback to the system is that bancor is sold to offset impermanent loss. bancor could tank and the ama wouldn't be able to pay you back. But you would have received bancor tokens as rewards. Given enough time if the app had continuous use and earned revenue, it would be net positive so eventually you'd get your $100 back plus the rewards. The basic concept is that the smart contract knows your deposit. It knows the relative price of each coin and it does it's best to pay each person accordingly. bancors price is correlated to bancors success. In traditional economics the equivalent would be to guarantee the depositers that if their deposit is lost, shares of the company would be sold to pay them back. Risk is passed on to shareholders. The lockaway period is similar to an insurance policy to protect depositors.
  22. flr doesn't rely on a coin for securing the network. There is no mining. flr rewards come from oracle price feeds
  23. oraichain. Main net 2.0 will have two distinct chains, one chain for transactions, the other chain for running artificial intelligence. Main net 2.0 will have a swap app built into the system with orai as the native currency. It will act as a bridge between atom and the current eth/binance chain ecosystem. oraichain is an a.i oracle. It could theoretically work together with flare.
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