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  1. I watched the whole thing until the end waiting for why you commented that. I wasn't disappointed. Those lawyers are boss lmao
  2. Bitcoins fee's are rising again. Xrp's new accounts in turn are rising. And now xrp's price is rising despite continued selling and sec news. Volumes are higher.
  3. A hook in programming is a code snippet that is triggered by an event. Example many languages provide a mouse_click hook. The programmer "hooks" into the mouse_click event and can insert a code snippet that will run every time the mouse is clicked. Hooks for the XRPL would probably look something like if my buy order fills, run this snippet of code. if I receive a payment run this snippet of code This would allow the account holders to respond to events automatically. example, if my buy order fills send the purchased xrp to my cold storage account if I receive a payment of
  4. If the other suggestions don't work, look in your rippled.cfg for the database settings. Edit the config file to set necessary file paths. The user you plan to run rippled as must have write permissions to all of the paths you specify here. Set the [node_db]'s path to the location where you want to store the ledger database. Set the [database_path] to the location where you want to store other database data. (This includes an SQLite database with configuration data, and is typically one level above the [node_db] path field.) Set the [debug_logfile] to a path where rippled can write
  5. Not dead, ilp is used for odl transactions
  6. Tulu provided the clue, run it as a service. You ARE running it in the background but when you close the terminal you kill the spawned rippled instance. You'd have to place the command somewhere it will be called at startup. Maybe /etc/local or /etc/rc.local depending on the o.s The performance wouldn't be much different.
  7. You telling us there is a huge price difference is telling us there is profit to be made arbitraging.
  8. Jed did in fact resume selling again in case someone is confused by this thread. He sold 29 million XRP. Potentially this is a good sign, maybe Jed knows something we don't know. Edit: Jed is still selling the 29 million XRP
  9. No confusion. Shocking to see the sec dropping a bomb like like that after what was pulled during the holidays. Meanwhile XRP is halted and risking being delisted from every U.S exchange. This is the biggest debacle I've ever seen. Is this a slap in the face from the sec? Is this the sec saying sorry? It took them years of thumb twitteling to drop one of the the biggest lawsuits in history, then three weeks later turn 180. Maybe Clayton was forced to step down after what he did. I keep going back to this statement and thinking that ripple winning the case is a slam dunk. With or without the dr
  10. Whaaa !!!?? Nothing to do with XRP ??!!! :O XRP is the orange. Once XRP was deemed a currency that became it's use case. The utility delivered is exactly what they were fined for. Ripple never sold a promise for currency, they sold a working currency. XRP is not a security
  11. But gatehub doesn't sell XRP, nor do they hold users XRP.
  12. Just wait because it'll depend on which flare wallets exist. Someone will write a tool to convert.
  13. That's no understatement. Quite the wikipedia entry on them https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kellogg,_Hansen,_Todd,_Figel_%26_Frederick It's says they successfully challenged telecommunications regulations. The Debevoise Plimpton. Top notch. At least they putting some of that XRP money to good use lol
  14. No Jed burned the coins to avoid being labelled a security.
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