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  1. This man died in 2007 before bitcoin first block was mined. Note he said the actual term "virtual currecies"
  2. xrapid. Xvia. Xcurrent. XXX X = 24'th letter of the alphabet. 2+4=6 xxx = 666
  3. And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.
  4. Imagine he's finding this out now realizing having it up his butt is redundant lmao
  5. How does it secure the key from malicious sniffing>
  6. Q: What would you do with a million dollars? A1: invest it A2: buy a house A3: stick it up my butt A4: all of the above
  7. jargoman

    ihilda alpha install instruction for linux mint

    All fees are paid by merely holding an amount of ice. ice can be redeemed at market. ice is now a backronym for Ihilda Community Edition. It can also mean. Integrated Crypto Environment. Ihilda Community Edition Integrated Crypto Environment ICEICE. It's a separate company. ripple is to xrp as ihilda is to ice. neither are a security. One is a protocol with token and the other is an integrated crypto environment with a software license token. Fee squedule: Payments: 1 ice Trust: 1 ice Mass Payments: 5 ice Trading : 10 ice SemiAutomated: 25 ice Cascading: 50 ice Market Making Bot: 100 ice ( process filled orders and apply rule) Dividend Payments: 250 (sending mass payments in proportion to an asset held) Automatic: 500 (process filled orders and apply rule) * MAKES MONEY FOR YOU WHILE YOU SLEEP !!!!!! fee's may or may not be reduced. account rGyfp9JxyWDtNeYLrPh85YsoLYs7S4bJ1N will be market making to keep the system going. Profits will remain in the account and used for market making on the rcl or improving ICEICE software. Creating great software is the goal. Profits are the side effect. Only buy the ICE you are willing to USE.
  8. jargoman

    ihilda alpha install instruction for linux mint

    The main design feature is Ihilda is a distributed exchange that runs on your computer, where you manage your own keys. It signs transactions locally and keeps the secrets local to the users pc. A quick comparison to existing XRP exchanges. Poloniex : centralized. web based. User can use api keys to access the centralized exchange from their pc but XRP is still held in poloniex's wallet. Gatehub: semi-centralized. web based. Gatehub encrypts and stores the keys. Their web interface decrypts and manages keys locally. XRP is held in users wallet but keys are sent over the internet. etherdelta: (ethereum based) users manage ethereum keys themselves. Xrp is an iou in this case. Comparing apples and oranges but it's still web based. everything web based is vulnerable to dns hijacking attacks, phishing scams. Ihilda. is decentralized. Any issuer can be used. the keys are managed locally. There is no web browser or web server involved at all. Making it much more secure in my opinion. No one has access to your keys but you. You run the server side logic and you sign your keys. Example I trade BTC:bitstamp, ETH:gatehub , XRP. But bitstamp and github do not hold my private keys. I'm still subject to bitstamp and gatehub third party risk because I hold their IOU. But my XRP are actual native XRP. ihilda connects to the rippled websocket and is blaringly fast on modern pc. It's resistant to ddos attacks because you can disconnect and reconnect to any server you want including a private local rippled server. While web exchanges are getting ddosed ihilda is running perfectly fine. It gets better and better. if crypto is the dot com bubble all over again. Then content management systems wouldn't have be invented until after the explosion of users. After mass adoption came systems to deal with more and more information. Ihilda is a content management system. It doesn't deal with only on order at a time. It deals with many. You can use it to cascade orders at various prices. Example. buy {0.99,0.98,0.97} sell {1.01,1.02,1.03}. Then set a rule to repurchase at a profit if the orders fill It even has a feature that lets you right click the orderbook and accept every order. Be careful with this thing guys it's very powerful. It's a paid app but in trial mode any transaction involving XRP or ICE:r4H3F9dDaYPFwbrUsusvNAHLz2sEZk4wE5 is free. By free I mean XRP's fee only. ICE:r4H3F9dDaYPFwbrUsusvNAHLz2sEZk4wE5 is not a security it's a software license.
  9. jargoman

    ihilda alpha install instruction for linux mint

    @JoelKatz @AlexCobb @tulo @nikb @Coinseeker @TAZ @yvv @Sukrim @Hodor
  10. jargoman

    ihilda alpha install instruction for linux mint

    To sign tx's with rippled and to double verify key pair creation it is highly recommended to install rippled https://ripple.com/jp/build/rippled-setup/#installation-on-ubuntu-with-alien
  11. jargoman

    ihilda alpha install instruction for linux mint

    Recommended settings. > options > options > fee settings. Set your fee options. > options > options > signoptions. Set ihilda to sign with more stable ripple instead of experimental RippleLibSharp See images
  12. This software is still in alpha stage. For use with testnet. This software is still in alpha stage. For use on testnet only First install the latest development version of mono-dev, https://www.mono-project.com/download/stable/#download-lin Next install the required gui libraries sudo apt-get install gtk-sharp2 Then download, extract, give run permission and magic Best Wallet in crypto. wget https://github.com/jargoman/ihilda_community_editon_alpha/raw/master/ihilda_community_edition_0.10.2_alpha/Binaries/IhildaWallet_ALPHA_Debug_x86_linux.tar.gz tar -xvf IhildaWallet_ALPHA_Debug_x86_linux.tar.gz cd IhildaWallet_ALPHA_Debug_x86_linux/ chmod u+x ihilda.exe chmod u+x ihildawallet ./ihildawallet
  13. Ripple co should ask him for the transaction hash's and wallet address. I'd bet anything he doesn't own an actual XRP ledger wallet.