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  1. It depends which payment gateway you are currently using. If your site is built using wordpress https://wordpress.org/plugins/woo-xrp/ If it's built using drupal https://www.drupal.org/project/ripple Those plugins are outdated and may not be production quality. Other than that you could have a script that checks the ledger for a payment with a given destination tag. You don't have to have the keys on the server only the wallets address is needed and a ripple library. Asp.net like pseudo code var RippleAddress = "rxxx.. store's address "; // get a list of purchases awaiting payment from database var openOrders = from Order order in database.orders where order.open select order; foreach (Order order in openOrders) { // get the destination tag from the purchase var destTag = order.destTag; // get a list of recent transactions var transactions = SomeRippleLibrary.AccountTx (RippleAddress); // check the xrpledger for a payment bool paymentrecieved = checkLedger (destTag); // cycle through the list of recent transactions foreach (var tx in transactions) { // skip trasactions that aren't payments if (tx.type != "payment") { continue; } if (tx.specification.Desttag == destTag) { // payment has been confirmed !!! payment_has_been_received (); } } } Next on my todo list is an xrp store.
  2. To get to $20 or $50 we have to cross $10. $10 in 1-2 years is exactly where we want to be.
  3. XRP is a market making coin. It's value and usage is literally market making. It would never go too far below it's time value because a market maker could scoop them up and recover his/her money through market making. It's basically price per earnings except with XRP earning are made through market making.
  4. 2.7 million * 10 / 16 billion = $0.000592593 We're all doomed !!!
  5. omg you're right. I meant 49 billion. I still think 16 billion daily traded XRP is very high. Would likely be way way less. Like 1% of coins in circulation. But I'm not talking daily traded coins. I'm talking about the number of coins allocated to market making. Most of those coins just sit there.
  6. https://dailyxrpnews.com/1-billion-xrapid-volume-end-of-2020-brad-garlinghouse-making-major-xrapid-xrp-statements-today-2 News is a few days old now. I think a lot of people are disappointed and expecting 1 billion in volume to occur any day and 10 billion plus by 2020. Feels like a snails pace. If you put things into perspective this is phenomenal news. lets say by 2020 there are 50 billion XRP in circulation. The melons lost a billion. So lets assume maybe 2% of that 50 billion are lost forever. leaves 48 billion. Lets also split the supply into 3 categories. cold storage and hodlers. 33.33% institutional holders 33.33% market makers and day traders. 33.33% Lets say at most 16 billion XRP are used to facilitate payments each day. What will those 16 billion XRP be worth? They will be worth their time value. one billion in volume is 365 billion in volume a year. If market makers are scalping 1% of each payment then there is 3.5 billion to be made a year. So what is 3.5 billion a year worth? If someone pays 35 billion for those 16 billion XRP, they could earn 10% a year. 35 billion dollars / 16 billion XRP = $2.1875 per XRP by the end of 2020. MINIMUM !!! If the volume is expected to grow exponentially then XRP would be trading a few times it's fair price. The $10 predictions by the end of 2020 are reasonable.
  7. They won't merge due to anti monopoly laws. They already are two heads of the same dragon. More practical strategic acquisitions would be hostile takeover of competitors. Or acquisition of potential customers. R3 is a competitor but also they are a client. The xrp R3 received by ripple was in return for a contract. The final settlement was kept private, however for a contractual obligation to be legally binding there MUST be compensation on both sides. R3 demanding a payout from the XRP options would require them to offer compensation in return. It is an options CONTRACT. Not free xrp. I may be wrong but I believe Ripple helped build R3's corda setller for inter-operability reasons. R3 is in fact another ripple. Both compete in the banking messaging space but both use xrp for settlement.
  8. Not just XRP, real time settlement of any asset, even gold edit: using xrp ledger
  9. The fact that the attackers used the API to get access to the database but did not access the phone numbers could be a clue. Maybe the attacker already had the phone numbers. I still am not satisfied with Gatehubs response. Was there a security flaw in gatehubs system? Was it patched? Is it safe to recommend new users use gatehub? I've sold my gatehub iou's because I can't guarantee Gatehubs solvency. I've had a gatehub account hacked in the past. I thought my ripple trade migration password was brute-forced from a bitcointalk database leak but I'm not sure. It's not like me to use the same password for multiple sites if there is money involved. The password that was bruteforced was alwayswinning! I know it's a weak password. It's possible that I was hacked the same way these 81+ users were.
  10. I noted that ripple is behind in it's distribution plan. I can't find an up to date figure on how much XRP they currently have in reserve. The xrp distribution curve chart is old.
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