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  1. my 2 cents litecoins original utility fell off (asic resistance) it survived by changing it's utility to being a bitcoin test bed. SGB is a coin made made from thin air in a sense but it's not the same as a useless fork, it has an active development team whereas a copy of XRPL may or may not. Stellar is a fork, it has an active team We won't get into that lol rewards on some other chains. oraichain staking 29% becco swap yield farming 10-200% klayswap yield farming 0.5-1,000% mdex liquidity pool 10-300% pancakeswap liquidity pool 10-250% burger swap (before the hack) 15-1800% I consider songbird to be high for staking but low for crypto rewards in general. Staking rewards may go down, but exfi will have it's own rewards. Markets tend to even out the apy's as people withdraw from lower apy pools and move to higher ones. It seems too good to be true doesn't it ? Why is it so high? Most crypto currencies are locked in centralized exchanges. Institutions such as grey scale are holding, they don't farm. Then there's lending apps ect. Why do some do some people make millions of USD per year while others make a minimum wage? In a sense it has little to do with the USD but rather the USD ecosystem. It's a massive world and you guys happen to be at a central focal point of modern day finance. To you it seems to good to be true but 99.99% of the population couldn't be bothered even if you told them they could double their money in a year with 100% apy. Go ahead and try. Tell all your friends to buy SGB and stake it and see how many will listen. Welcome to defi
  2. If I sent songbird to your ledger nano ethereum address and you plugged in your ledger nano it would not show a songbird balance. It would be impossible to recover the coins from the ledger nano without a firmware update OR using the word list and a custom tool such as the ian coleman tool. An exchange may not have a word list, the key may be purposefully embedded in the hardware wallet to prevent employees from being able to copy the key. To complicate things even more, many exchanges use bitgo as a custodial service. Bitrue has to contact bitgo and ask them to support wrapped songbird. Convincing bitgo to upgrade their firmware would be challenging. I do believe they can recover the coins. I suspect that bitfinex purposefully obfuscates their UI to encourage users to deposit to the wrong network. This allows them to steal users coins while shielding themselves from legal action. An exchange could deny that it's possible to recover while stating that their technology is secret for security reasons. I went full defi because I'm sick of exchanges and their BS. I only use a centralised exchange to cash out.
  3. I saw Gary Gensler in the photo of the fintech speakers. Remember when Jay Clayton and Brad were sitting on stage together and Clayton didn't say a damn thing about security status of XRP.
  4. The issue is that the receiving end may use a hardware wallet. Many exchanges use bitgo which uses hardware wallet. You may be waiting a long time, potentially indefinitely
  5. The big warning I have is actually bitrue. There is no arb taking place on xflare because cand is not trading on exchanges. When minting of fxrp (sxpr) is available there will be an arb opportunity but it's a trap !!! Minting canary, buying songbird, sending sgb to bitrue, sell for xrp, mint xrp into sxrp, sell the sxrp to repay the cand loan. That is a trap because it's triangular trading which is against bitrues terms of service.
  6. Guys listen. Give this a chance. Everytime you move your money around and/or swap you're paying fee's or being bit by slippage. If you hodl your LP's they will earn you money. (unless the price of the assets in the pool drop in value * !!!) Usually a small percentage of swap fee's go directly into the LP pools and is not immediately obvious. Even running a bot it doesn't seem like you're making money because you may be collecting 0.3% per swap compared to massive 30% swings. If you can trade the 30% swings, great. but the point of these liquidity pools is to make money without the guess work. Everything has pro's and cons. Don't put all your money in one investment. Unless it's XRP :P Usually with these swap apps there are "yield optimisers" which increase rewards through market inefficiencies or by pooling users funds and auto compounding rewards. There's usually a rewards token of some sort, someone mentioned yfin, I'm not sure. Someone mentioned tezos. Yes tesoz is awesome but so is sgb/flare. Tesoz does have epochs. Many coins have lock in periods. incentivizing users to claim rewards only once a week makes things fair. Whales could sit there and claim constantly and out-compound smaller wallets who can't afford the 0.06 sgb fee every few minutes. Not to mention the reduction of transactions that would spam the network. Once per week is fine. It makes things fair. I haven't checked out this cand or the minting of cand. There is no arbitrage yet so cand is not pegged to the dollar as strongly as it should be. sgb is in price discovery. Risk is extremely high right now but so is potential rewards. You guys are EARLY Keep in mind that minting CAND is essentially a loan. Taking a loan and investing it is akin to margin trading. These are financial tools. This is doctorate level finance. Cutting edge. I personally think this is AWESOME I also have to add that I'm not a financial adviser, I saw Jay Clayton in this thread
  7. which wallet did you find? If a tool existed we would know about it. Scammers would love to provide a fake wallet to steal keys. If you found such a wallet post it here so we can review the code. I did play around with creating such a wallet. It's definitely possible it's just time consuming trying to fit javascript code within the confines of a browser plug in. It's on my todo list. It wouldn't be a full defi wallet like you'd expect. The real way to go about this is to wrap your xrp into an fasset on the flare network and use metamask to connect to flare (or song bird) You can also bridge xrp to binance smart chain, then connect metamask to binance smart chain or bridge xrp to klaytn network using orbit bridge or bridge xrp to wanchain using wanchain bridge and so on xrp is the bridge currency between these networks
  8. Lucky insiders. I wonder who those lucky individuals are. Let the accumulation begin
  9. The thing is, during an economic down turn people buy less luxury items. Over priced gold jewellery is the last thing they would buy. High end electronics would also drop in demand. If society completely collapsed, gold would be the epic hodl. You can't eat it. You can't burn it to keep warm. It becomes a worthless rock. The only worth it would hold is the perceived value for when society recovers. So someone might give you a few loaves of bread for a gold bar, since if the economy recovers it would regain value. But in the short term, gold would be the least valuable object you could carry.
  10. I'm doing this on wanlend. I deposit XRP as collateral. I get 7% on the XRP. I borrow fiat at 5% and use it to buy WAN. Wan and XRP are then deposited to yield farming to earn 30-40%. The farming gains are used to pay off the loan. Everytime there's a dip, I take out another loan to buy wan. If the apy's change unfavourably. Or if I'm at risk of liquidation. I deposit money through wanbridge and pay off the loan.
  11. I'm picturing a horse race in my mind. All the ftso providers are the horses, in this thread are all the gamblers and FTSO_AU is the telecom announcer giving us updates.
  12. I received a combination of two XRP claims to the same Songbird wallet. Look up both XRP addresses on https://bithomp.com/ and it will show the flare and songbird amounts .
  13. I found a dapp. It doesn't support songbird yet, but coltsen test net is deprecated in favor of songbird. https://probity.finance/#/capital
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