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  1. The real question is, who has the money and motive to pay Jay Claytn to make a fool of himself
  2. I read this as 1069 people being steamrolled for mining
  3. I'll keep saying it. defi. It's the most important thing.
  4. The order book is a list of offers. actually two opposing lists of offers var bids = new Offer[]; var asks = new Offer[]; each offer is two currencies. taker gets and taker pays. class Offer {takerGets, takerPays} So if you were selling bitcoin your taker gets would be how much bitcoin you wanted to sell. And taker pays is the currency you want to accept. You don't need rippled installed to use the library. It's your choice. You can do ANY 1. install rippled and sign a tx through the rpc interface. 2. install rippled and connect to websockets interface locally 3. don't install rippled and connect to any public validator. When connecting to a public server you wouldn't send the secret with the request you'd sign it locally. So the recommended way is tx.signWithRippleDotNet() which will sign it using a port of ripple's code ripple dot net. RippleLibSharp is a wrapper around the websocket interface, a wrapper around ripple's signing code, a wrapper around bitcoins bip39 library. And code for making it object oriented. You have to unit test everything, because there's lots of leeway. The keys for example can be expressed a number of ways. string s = new RippleAddress(byte[]); RippleAddress address = "rpERSCiR7BbREqhJwEGM5SM3oQZNa7LGSw"; The equals sign has been overridden. It also supports polymorphism. RippleTransaction[] txs = { new RipplePaymentTransaction(), new RippleTrustSetTransaction(), new RippleAccountSetTransaction() } foreach (tx in txs) { tx.signWithRippleDotNet(); tx.submit(); }
  5. I have exactly what you need. RippleLibSharp. But do you know how to publish the dll to nugget? I want to be able to import the nugget into another project. I committed some documentation so you can see what I'm talking about. creating an offer https://jargoman.github.io/RippleLibSharp/offer.html word list example https://jargoman.github.io/RippleLibSharp/bip39.html order book https://jargoman.github.io/RippleLibSharp/book_offers.html source code https://github.com/jargoman/RippleLibSharp It's an exe because it can run independently for unit testing. https://github.com/jargoman/RippleLibSharp/raw/master/RippleLibSharp/bin/Debug/riplibsharp.exe
  6. This is a thing. People who are highly skilled coders with little to no business skills. Both have extremely steep learning curves. Both have long periods of time without reward.
  7. I propose that we combine everything using federated side chains. xrp would become a meta blockchain with settlement as the base layer. Then each idea can be federated as a sidechain including flare. If flare could exist as a pugin within the xrp ledger and also exist as a separate chain then xrp ledger could act as a settlement layer between amm. xrpl -> xrpl smart plugins aka federated side chains -> hooks -> if hooks can trigger smart contracts then xrpl would essentially be touring complete. -> flare -> xflare flare dapps -> xrp smart ledger -> xrp backed stable coins xrp smart swap banking settlement plugins smart IOU bridge for trustless smart contracts ntf's? -> other chains eth,klay, In this scenario XRP would be a meta language focused on messaging and settlement. Centralised messaging is done by ripple products, decentralised messaging should be done through the XRP ledger through hooks and smart contracts. why? for my sanity. Otherwise you guys are just slapping technology together faster than I can keep up with edit: also is the idea of a federated smart chain whose coin is actually XRP. A sister chain similar to binance chain and binance smart chain. This would be called xrp smart ledger or similar. xsmart ledger. No new coin but utilises "wrapped XRP" as the native currency. Wrapped XRP would be XRP locked in escrow by a smart contract
  8. Anyone who claims your hacked funds are recoverable is also a scammer
  9. https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/mintcoin/ example I don't think this is the coin
  10. What is the tokens name though? There seems to be a few mint tokens.
  11. https://www.coindesk.com/mark-cuban-backed-nft-marketplace-mintable-raises-13m https://www.coindesk.com/sbi-holding-nfts-xrp-ledger-tokenization He's talking about using xrpl for ntf's. It's not really feasable without doing some ugly hacks. Ugly hacks aren't exactly how you'd want to use standardised code like the xrpl. Maybe it's the federated side chains, a built in nft layer would be like a built in sql database. I'm personally invested in oraichain which is the exact same thing except orai specialises in artificial intelligence. Does anyone know what or if any coin mintable is using?
  12. Keep in mind that Elon himself is probably reading this. Elon's username on doge forum was notelon. When notelon user joined XRP chat a recent news article said that testla is investigating energy efficient blockchains. I retweeted one of elons posts mentioning XRP. Its possible that elon saw my tweet and found me on xrpchat. He is "not elon" though....
  13. Unreleased version of ihilda wallet supports word lists. images uploaded in the wrong order: image 4: select create new wallet from word list image 1: enter word list and derivation path. A common derivation path used by ledger nano is provided as default. image 2: You scroll through the accounts and find the account which is funded with XRP image 3: Now you create a wallet using the private key which was extracted from the word list. Ihilda is AWESOME !!! It's just complicated and needs testing, love and care
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