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  1. Found this article from Japan

    even google translate can read between the lines
  2. Let's be honest

    And which banks will be using these coins? Do the people distributing/promoting these coins have a money business exchange licence? Lots of noobs buying coins looking for the next bitcoin, same thing that happened previous bubbles. Only coins with clear use cases survive the culling periods between the bubbles.
  3. No market for JPY/Coincheck?

    are you sure r3AZenkz8x3EkCZR44kvfZLBDoXMPGEkGz is a gateways address? There is only 20 XRP in that account and no one trusts them for any currencies.
  4. It's funny but also loosely based on bitcoin adoption curve.
  5. Please, just explain one thing for me

    yes the 19 XRP gets unlocked.
  6. The address would likely be invalid and would be rejected. The transaction submission could succeed but the transaction would be invalid because the address's hash bits would not match up with the identifier bits.
  7. will plasma ETH kill ripple?

    I believe this is ripple labs major advantage in crypto space; a working, real world use case that doesn't require crypto speculation.
  8. Check that the charts you are using have an option to view the simple moving average and set it to 60
  9. There's nothing wrong with the website at all. It needs a bit of css touchup
  10. I think it's starting to happen. People will learn of XRP from their bank or forex exchange. Forex is big because those guys are speculators they have money and they understand leverage and they love volatility. I'm very bullish long term XRP. Long term.
  11. This is the worst strategy no offense. Best strategy is holding something with utility and adding value to what you are holding by contributing what you can.
  12. Ripple-lib

    I feel the exact same way, no type safety
  13. That error is usually because of slow network, heavy load on the server or temporarily high fee on the server.