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  1. People act like 50 billion coins could go to $1000 each but 100 billion coins can't go to $500 each. Somehow a doubling of supply puts a damper on "orders of magnitude higher". Is 50 billion coins "orders of magnitude" more than the original 50 billion?
  2. Just give the user a Unique identifier {kdfaa8y56a46aca} then get them to submit a transaction with the unique id in the memo
  3. Honestly you are always the highlight of my day. I disagree with your pessimism. I'm still very bullish from this price upwards. Japan is clear about the regional currency thing. They openly stated they want to use XRP for ODL payments and are waiting for U.S regulations and will use BTC instead if they have to. XRP is already world wide. Bank of america IS a ripplenet member. Why would they take down an announcement? Binance USA offers XRP so it's more of a grey area right now. It's probably the non security status that is holding everything back. History is being written right in front your eyes. Which is why I find your pessimism amusing.
  4. 1. Jed sold 5 billion XRP already. He has 4 billion left to sell but there is 10 times the amount of people buying. Eventually he'll have 2 billion left to sell and there will be 100 times the amount of people buying. His last billion may see 1000 times the amount of people buying. 2. Jed can make Billions and Ripple can make billions but every member of this forum couldn't each make millions? Why not? 3. Buying at $4 might not be a foolish thing to do and one day XRP could be $1000 and you'd wish you would have bought at $19 but you thought it was too high then. In 2 years time the price could be $8 and you're buying more because now you understand how big this is. Because you saw it peak to $100 and down to $8. $8 would be the new low 4. These conversations are exactly the same conversations on the old forums over and over and over the same fud. then bam %50,000 gains in 1 year. 5. The amount of partnerships has basically assured we will see the all time high again. 6. ODL volume is ramping up daily. Sorry guys no magic switch. It's a lever that's pulled slowly. Turning on a faucet. They literally have so many partnerships and are growing so fast that they have to turn the faucet ever so slowly. 7. Selling is likely over. I've you want to hop off the rollercoaster at the platform be my guest because we are going up. If not we have a chance to accumulate more. 8. XRP is among the best performing crypto asset of 2020. One of the best performing assets over all, of all time in history. 9. I disagree that XRP is an investment. It just happens to be a good investment at the moment. It's a utility coin and it's used for market making and settlement. 10. instead of holding your coin complaining about it go make the money back and let your XRP ride. or better yet build something for the XRP network, it's a network of people that's what gives it value.
  5. Not accurate at all. Among those infected are critically ill people who could still die. If it takes a week to die from the infection deaths / infections a week ago since infections double every week deaths / (infections / 2) = 4% If it takes 2 weeks to die from the infection. 8%
  6. official numbers are alarming deaths / recoveries = 27%-34%. Most the deaths occurring in china where an overrun medical system has left infected without treatment. The disease causes a percentage of people to become critically ill. Quarantine and medical assistance can reduce deaths dramatically. What's happening in Wuhan, Hubei, China is a situation we should all be prepared for while trying to avoid.
  7. Novogratz is heavily invested in ethereum and ethereums inflation is never ending. What percentage of ethereum does he hold? More than 0.5%?
  8. Apple stock: Other institutional 32.98% Mutual fund holders 28.42% Individual stakeholders 1.08% 50 billion * 1.08% = 0.54% If ripple was acquired by apple or ripple went public resulting in a similar distribution ratio as apple. No individual would own more that 0.5% of the coins in circulation. Would be the most distributed coin. Also a large supply of circulating XRP would also be held in institutional portfolio's. Not hoarding them either. 1% in every portfolio. The only people who would hold large amounts of XRP would be people holding them now.
  9. They were the first country to embrace bitcoin, their banks were among the first to adopt digital assets. They are going to be the first company paying dividends in XRP. They passed the first crypto regulations. Now they are waiting for the rest of the world to catch up. And when they decide to make XRP moon. "It'll be in the blink of an eye"
  10. There is another similar scam now. They are sending payments from this address. r3GRPPN2QjPnhZZEvQyE5AsZ9rY4CmNKnJ Do not send them XRP
  11. This is the current situation. There has been banks using BTC for payments since before ripple existed. Jed noticed that BTC was too slow for that use case. The rest is history
  12. Because it's the most liquid. Although slow it can handle larger payments because of it's high liquidity. It has the regulatory go ahead. Sane options for payments could be Send $5 - $9,999 in 3 seconds with XRP send $10,000+ in half hour with BTC These details would be obfuscated from the user and instead be presented as possible payment routes. At this time ripple is focused on using XRP for odl and their banking partners have probably signed agreements to use XRP for the testing and production roll outs. You're not going to see an announcement to use BTC during crypto's adoption phase because XRP is a competitor. Cheaper faster payments will open entirely new economic corridors for XRP. The number of small payments will rise. Rich people will use BTC. Billionaires who want to send millions and don't care if it takes days to get there. But those problems are already solved by traditional banking systems. BTC is gaining traction for other reasons. BTC is not going anywhere and ignoring it as a financial tool is foolish. It's very liquid, very stable.
  13. I've been in crypto a long time. This is a stark change of attitude. From what the heck is a bitcoin to which crypto is better suited to solve my real world problem. I believe that odl will use bitcoin in the future for large payments which will take longer. XRP will dominate small remittances Really interesting to see utility driving the market as Brad Predicted.
  14. I wanted to run python to enable support for tezos smart contracts but for the time being ironpython is python2 and tezos is python3.
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