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  1. I think china will just keep the coins. Gox coins are still in court proceedings. A settlement should be reached soon. They've been "investigating details" for years
  2. https://decrypt.co/49735/chinese-police-seize-1-of-bitcoins-total-supply
  3. apparently not only does he have a basic understanding of crypto, he also doesn't know that he should buy before announcing to the world that he wants to.
  4. I think O.P knows these answers he's looking for a flare wallet.
  5. It's not mathematically feasible. What you need is a wallet that can sign transactions using the private key. https://ripplerm.github.io/ripple-wallet/ That wallet can. The source code is situated on github and is open source. It's only been updated with a security patch that all wallets have had to do. Lots of us have inspected it for malware. This is the source code https://github.com/ripplerm/ripple-wallet Your "seed" for the private key is a word list. The standard "seed" for XRP is the secret key sxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Because your word list is not compatible you have a few opti
  6. If it's delayed by a week then some serious sells are coming and he'll run out in a year. I wonder if the volume is based on XRP or USD.
  7. 3,857,605,000 XRP remaining 3,865,074.45 33 and a half months at this rate. My questing is why isn't isn't he selling 10's or 100's of million a day if the volume is in the billions and XRP is somewhat near $1 If the volume is 33 billion per day on coinmarketcap, wouldn't he be selling 490 million worth a day?
  8. I looked up BDT/rsGoiVZwun2fNzTivHsz4vSWtZ6DNuyN1z on testnet. No account even holds BDT. And presumably no one has offers to buy or sell BDT send BDT to an account and place offers to sell BDT from that account and the exchange rate will be the best offer
  9. Chainlinks volume was the same as XRP's but 1/10th the price. It took months but chainlink did a 10x. Now XRP's volume is higher than ETH's so a flippening is possible. $1.20+ XRP. It's coming. Maybe by the time of the airdrop or within a few months. If Jed's sales prevent that from happening then when the rise comes it'll be that much more epic.
  10. I'm just saying it's over exaggerated. 0.33, 0.50, and 0.60 are now acting as support so the uptrend is here. I think XRP is headed to the ATH slowly but surely like BTC and ETH have been doing. XRP's volume is higher than ETH's and close to BTC's. XRP is looking really good right now
  11. Hodor did say he would be joining the forums under a new identity and would try his hands at coding. JASCoder inboxed me some good javascript code for mnemonic word lists that I'll be adding to a mobile wallet once I have support for regular keys working As far as spark, flare goes. I'll be holding and contributing code for the cause. It seems promising. The only thing I don't like is the massive holdings by the founders but that seems to be working for ripple adoption. Hurting XRP in the short term though
  12. You realise that the Sr. Director would be the boss of the entire cbdc initiative and his/her title would be moot. He/she would have the same powers of c.e.o of their branch of operations. The C.E.O or president would not be his/her boss, the shareholders would be his/her boss
  13. We don't know yet but you should have a copy of the eth "secret" to enter into which ever wallets support spark. It's not really a big deal because eth tools will either work with spark or can be modified to work with spark. Flare may not release a wallet and instead release an api documentation for wallets to be created. If your eth address was derived from a word list then you might need to use the ian coleman tool to extract the secret for your account. As long as you have the message key set there's no hurry. The coins won't be distributed the day of the snap shot. Probably early 2021.
  14. Volume is 50 times higher. Volume is higher than the volume at ATH. If 50 times the volume resulted in 50 times the price. $0.45 * 50 = $22.50 I'm not saying the price is going to $22.50 I'm saying it's not impossible at all.
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