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  1. ok so BTC which leads the market dropped because Testla removed BTC as a payment option. That's news related. BTC pulled everything down. But what was the news? Testla said that BTC was too energy consuming. So which cryptos in the top 10 are a better candidate? BCH, XRP, BNB Now look at the XRP/BTC chart. XRP is about to break a major resistance against BTC and possibly a massive upswing after that. Couple that with the upwards momentum we were gaining against USD. XRP is mooning right before your eyes. 0.17 - 1.96 within less than a year Looking at the XRP/USD chart the breakaway wou
  2. Support, resistance, moving support, moving resistance. Crypto is so technical that price almost always pivots off these resistance points. XRP really is gearing up for a breakout. Could happen anytime but my guess is sideways action until Jed is done selling or nearly done selling. You can see the anticipation in the charts. Price isn't rising fast but price isn't going down either, it's coiling up for a good break away to ath. I'm certain of it. Bring on the dips, they are temporary setbacks due to market noise. The trend is upwards price action.
  3. The time limit depends on how long until bitcoin hits it's peak of this cycle.
  4. logarithmic growth. userbase doubles every 2 years on average. In 4 years that's 4 times the users, 4 times the ath $4*4=$12 sec lawsuit reduces by 20%. bitcoin is > 1 trillion market cap and climbing pulling xrp up with it. 1 trillion fully diluted market cap for xrp is possible There's a lot more money flowing around. Institutional money. $4 * golden ratio * number of user doublings 4*1.618*2=$12.944 I'm betting on 3 assumptions being true. steady increase of user base will equate to steady long term gains past cycle will repeat with an order of magnitude more of new u
  5. The two purple circles are tea cup patterns. Extremely bullish. The teal line is a downward trend that was eventually broken marking the end of the correction from 1.96 The dark blue square is a wedge pattern which shows a strong support at the green line. I you look back to the teacup patterns you'll see they are preceded by sharp impulses up to that green support level. the teal box is what I like to call a ship pattern. a ship pattern forms at the bottom of bear markets. My previous post about XRP going parabolic is circled in gold. You'll note I said in that post
  6. Exactly. XLM, ziliqua, tesoz, spark, chainlink, dot, tron, bch, xrp, btc, stratis, klay, eth, there's plenty of liquidity to get things started if you take all the coins into consideration. Many networks. This layer, web3.0 will be the fabric that web4.0 sits upon. Also will be the fabric that finance 2.0 sits upon
  7. I believe the heart represents JPmorgan because there was a heart placed on feb 14 calendar. We all expected good news but JPmorgan announced the usd stable coin. But that brings things back to the walled gardens and the ssshh don't mention xrp. If the regulations came ie. tokens are banking infrastructure, usd stable coins can be used to settle payments and exchanges are protected by statutes. Then JPMorgan could settle payments in singapore? That's both a statement and a question. Isn't ripple also in singapore? If the heart meant JPmorgan is good. Then the news now is the owl. And th
  8. I just think the wrench represents utility. Ripple is always talking about utility. Bearableguy mimics ripple's language. The bricks in the wall represents the walled gardens.
  9. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-04-28/jpmorgan-joins-temasek-dbs-in-blockchain-payments-platform
  10. But the article says they will use blockchain to settle usd (presumably jpmorgan stable coin), then it specifically mentions BTC, ETH, XRP and BCH. It even talks about sourcing liquidity through defi. This could be massive
  11. What did I just read. Is this good or bad. I think this is good??
  12. I'll comment after I'm done reading. I stumbled across this https://cointelegraph.com/news/jpmorgan-and-dbs-to-launch-blockchain-cross-border-payment-platform
  13. This could be massive. Why is that owl at the end of the consolidation period? The owl represents Christine Laguardes speech where she asked for regulations yesterday. Is the scepter and king the SEC lawsuit! Why does this image present a time line? The wrench on the ground right at the exact moment on the xrp ledger is the moment there was a spark snapshot! I kept joking to my friend that XRP chart looked like a ship. That ship pattern is a bullish pattern. Then out of no where I thought of the ship clue. The more I look at it the more it makes sense. The three sails are also, 3 y
  14. I'm not convinced bearableguy123 ever said that XRP would reach $589. The $589 reference was from the malta flag clue. People were saying the $589 was added by someone else after the fact to pump the price. I've seen the malta image without a $589 so my opinion is that the $589+ eoy on the malta clue is fake. However the christmas clue with the words swift and what appears to be a number in the $2000 range. I believe that clue is real.
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