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  1. Invalid hash means that a transaction is being signed so chances are you are using a valid ripple secret to sign. Therefore it's the message key that is invalid. Possible reasons: 1. It's not a valid hexadecimal. That's the most likely cause. Valid hex digits are: 0123456789ABCDEF Common mistake would be to type the letter O instead of zero. Lower case L instead of 1. 2. Other possibility is you didn't remove 0x from the beginning and add 02000000000000000000000000 (I don't know if XRP toolkit does this for you) 3. You are missing one of the characters. It should be
  2. Gatehub has announced they will be supporting the airdrop so you could wait for instructions from them. Otherwise in the gatehub wallet (I think in advanced) is a "view secret". It would be wise to back up your secret key to a paper wallet incase gatehub goes offline or you get locked out of your account.
  3. Originally bitcoin was criticised for being slow, having too few tx's per second, wasting electricity, having no utility. Satoshi insisted that it didn't matter and that in the future he could introduce a hardfork to introduce those features. By the time it became obvious BTC could not scale satoshi was gone. People demanded a fork but the BTC die hards refused saying it wouldn't be the real bitcoin. Improvements can not be introduced into BTC because if so, it's not the real bitcoin. Bitcoin cash, Bitcoin-sv ect were all attempts to improve the network but every time BTC die hards stuck t
  4. Supposing what you are saying is true, how does a Japanese bank wire a payment to the exchanges bank account? They use XRP? ok where do they get the XRP? from an exchange? ok how do they wire a payment to the exchange? Do you see the circular redundancy here? Secondly what's the use of XRP? To send value from one location to another? Isn't that what happened when the bank wired money to the exchange bankA > wire > exchange(yen -> xrp -> yen) > wire > bankB what's this for? (yen -> xrp -> yen) why not do bankA > wire > exchange > wire bankB but
  5. You're getting ripples software confused with xrp. Inter border payments don't touch xrp. Otherwise each bank in Japan would have its own mini exchange. Every bank to bank transfer would involve selling yen to the in house exchange for xrp. Sending the xrp to another bank which also has a mini exchange so the xrp can be sold for yen. Sure they could all use the same exchange but they would have to trust that exchange. Sure the game would change since instead of having to trust each other they would only have to trust the one exchange, but they could trust any third party such as
  6. I'm no cryptography expert but multi-sig would do very little to help you if a computer was strong enough to brute force a key. It depends on the attack. If it were a direct bruteforce of your key then the results could be cached and compared with every known XRP address. If the attack was collecting every transaction you've singed and using an algorithm to algebraically deduce your key then yes multi-sig would help. Also with the birthday paradox. Brute forcing 50% of 8 keys is likely easier than brute forcing 1 key. Say you had to pick 8 numbers from 1-100 and another chose 1 n
  7. Well then, I guess arch chaud hary is the king of hairy chauds.
  8. jargoman


    Because market makers trade BTC/XRP. That's the real answer.
  9. Because it's his brainchild and doing everything himself isn't the smart way to go. Open consensus and collaboration is the way to go. Letting a company do the work for him is the way to go. Helping other developers is the way to go. That's why
  10. Another person reiterating what other people were ridiculed for yet making news because they have the word crypto in their user name
  11. Some xrp related company we all know of releases their news when the TA looks good. I suppose the strategy is when people hear the news they check out the charts. If the TA looks good they buy. After a good pump the company sells off some xrp to pay the bills. Just my theory. Another explanation is that when good news is down the pipeline those in the know start buying making the TA look good. I like TA with all the conspiracies and secrecy it's all there is to go on
  12. Too cheap. Banks would buy. Fund managers would buy. Look at the sharp rise after hitting 15 cents. I was wrong at 40 cents but that logic was the fact xrp was down 95%. Now I'm going on the past year making a giant v shape. Now it's starting to make higher low's each dip. Eventually sellers run out. So many people panic sold. Capitulation is real
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