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  1. Yes but they store an encrypted blob that hackers can retrieve if they gain access to the account.
  2. I can still kyc with gatehub, I open a trustline to gatehub with a tx signed locally. Then gatehub issues me IOU's. The advantage is that I can buy,sell,trade,make payments, with gatehub IOU's without gatehub having access to my XRP or IOU's from other exchanges. The third party risk is reduced to the issuer of the IOU. example : Gatehub - eth = must explicitly trust gatehub address for eth bitstamp - btc = must trust bitstamp for btc xrp = no third party risk
  3. It was originally ripple trade and when ripple was slapped with a 700 million dollar fine they forced everyone to migrate to an upgraded ripple trade the to gatehub.
  4. The long list of exchanges going under or losing cold storage keys is why I built my own exchange. I've seen literally billions get hacked from the crypto community over a span of 10 years
  5. Many gatehub users where hacked recently. I personally know the feeling akin to being punched in the gut. My gatehub account was hacked in 2013. The 300,000+ XRP were valued around $5000 at the time they were stolen but eventually would have hit an all time high value of 1 million USD. I was unaffected by the latest gatehub hack because I alone control my crypto keys. I was an early adopter of ripple because I believed in the tech. xrpl is useful for reducing (but not eliminating) 3rd party risk. This gatehub attack was preventable by having users manage their own keys. A person can create a gatehub account and then use a 3rd party wallet to set a regular key and disable their master key. This renders the gatehub account open but restricts gatehub from signing transactions. My gatehub account may have been hacked for all I know and I'm not worried. The only way to sign a valid transaction for my gatehub account is using the regular key I've set and only I control that key. Not your keys not your crypto. When I get more time I'll post tutorials on how to use the ihilda wallet with gatehub, and how one can set a regular key/disable master and reduce third party risk. Also I'll post a tutorial on how to set a regular key for the ledger nano allowing one to use ihilda with a word list such as the one required for the ledger nano. I feel like advanced users have an advantage of knowing for to reduce risk. We need a wallet and security center where everything is explained.
  6. Yes. I was unaffected by the gatehub hack because I disabled my master key and I sign transactions locally with my regular key. I use the ihilda wallet I wrote yet still I am able to kyc with gatehub and trade gatehub iou's. I'm still subject to the third party risk of holding gatehub iou's but my xrp are controlled only by me. Not your keys, not your crypto For the O.P hopefully you can find that regular key. To sign a tx with that account using ihilda wallet you would need the master accounts public address and the REGULAR KEY's secret.
  7. Developers who work on the network I like ckj ckj brings the community together ckj makes 100's thousands in donations google takes a whopping 30% ckj gets 589 xrp and everyones tripping. He raised hundreds of thousands and forgot a $200. We all know he can't say corda, mozzilla and he probably can't add up numbers accurately if he's really busy
  8. 20 XRP @ $10,000 per xrp = $200,000 one day we may wish we'd payed the measly $8
  9. I don't think there are even any gateways using the xlm ledger to issue iuo's.
  10. https://cryptobriefing.com/bitcoin-xrp-remittance-solution/ " Stellar- thanks to a built-in decentralized exchange and the ability to establish trusted stablecoins- has a viability of “high.” " meanwhile xrp does the EXACT SAME THING WITH WAY MORE LIQUIDITY The fud is here so we should be going up soon.
  11. Your tokens wouldn't just disappear. Imagine being technical support and someone saying their tokens disappeared and you know 99.999999999% fact it wouldn't happen
  12. It's not a scam it's a pre-mine. We all know this. We also know those pre-mined coins are greasing hands for institutional partnerships. hundreds of multi billion dollar partnerships and dozens of trillion dollar partnerships and here comes the fud yet again. nasdaq, bank of england, the fed, imf, world bank, santander, cls, are they scam. Hell ya. Will xrp moon though. Heeeelllll ya
  13. It's a good time to buy. After BTC rallied. Right after the XRP reversal pattern. Sure he didn't buy the bottom but maybe he's catching the beginning of a huge rally
  14. https://www.today.com/news/nasa-astronauts-weigh-canceled-all-female-spacewalk-t151306 Imagine if Ripple picked up the tab. Paying for the spacesuit and placed their logo on the suit. Ripple to the moon. again !
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