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  1. Joelbert Einschwartz
  2. two possible scenerios. 1. He wrote the words, alaxyvoid followed by a random number. And packaged that as a valid stellar address even though no key is known. 2. He's been using his xrp earnings to bruteforce a vanity address since 2013.
  3. We're all idiots for not knowing XRP will be significantly higher due to it's multiple massive banking partnerships. Cheapest, fastest digital asset. Why would hundreds of banks line up to use blockchain based software unless they were interested in blockchain? How could something begin to disrupt an industry, gain massive following and then simply stop?
  4. what's an xaddress? An xrpl public account address?
  5. text of someone claiming they are responsible for the hack
  6. from 35 stock exchanges. You'll be able to pay for things with stocks.
  7. I personally like this. I have trading bots for 35 stock exchanges !!!!!!!!!!!
  8. did I read that correctly? 35 stock EXCHANGES? Is that what they meant about the biggest xrpl project to date?
  9. A few days ago on cryptowat.ch the volume of xrp surpassed that of eth.
  10. Do you know how to theme websites with css? Do you know how to make ui's with html? can you code? if so do you know. c#, python or javascript. asp.net?
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