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  1. I'm still trying to figure out how to cash this out without getting bank accounts frozen, due to suspect money laundering. Here in the US, It's transaction over $10000 that triggers IRS flags. "Don't count your eggs before they hatched?"
  2. re: Buy XRP & Sleep Well At Night "I reckon so" - The Outlaw (movie) -Josey Wales
  3. BardofBitcoin - re: How much does it cost to pay back 21 trillion dollars with rates rising? Asn. You don't pay it back. Gov't officials says "not my problem once I'm out of office. let the next guy deal with it."; Kick the can down the road..
  4. laneman - whatever works for you. Getting funded quickly is the best choice. Bank ach takes 4-5 days. My ATM fees were around 3.1% on coinbase.
  5. I'm still trying to gasp fundamental reasons XRP will appreciate, outside of market speculation. Which is going well on it's own. I might see a reason for banks to hold XRPs on their accounts (to facilitate payments). But how do they hedge their accounts? Or they just forget the hedging aspect of it? Compare this to holding dollars or Yen or Euros. These currencies are fairly stable. If XRP fluctuates significantly this becomes a deterrent for banks to hold.
  6. Some of us enjoy 'work' and being productive (in life).
  7. flynnstone - one more note.. what if Brad secretly wants to be the richest man on the globe. He can't achieve this goal, if he's going to sell off his holdings. Can he? The fact is we don't know what motivates people. And it is Not always about the money.
  8. flynnstone - you mean the execs at Ripple once they see say "$10 XRP" price will drop whatever they are doing to sell out their entire holdings? And quit their jobs. Hmm. possible, not likely. They take some off the table. Upgrade to a bigger house, new car, etc. But they go back to work. On the flipside, if the company is doing well (business growing) whatever the execs sell off and be brought up in the market place. There is still the demand/buyers & sellers at work in the market place.
  9. CartoonCrimes - I call it 'price volatility'. Get use to it.
  10. None of the exchanges are centralized. Thus each exchange will have slightly different prices and price charts. Also we see XRP charted as against another cryptos. Ex XRP/BTC or XRP/ETH. Then these are converted back to USD for reference. Converting back to USD is yet another rate.
  11. PaulyS - Get even more conviction about holding XRP. Read companies website, 'press releases'. Take notice the type of businesses they are working with. Lots of banks (foreign), Amex International, etc. Look at 'About-> Leadership' many come with skills from prior very respectable companies. Then look at 'Board of Directors' again good experiences they bring into Ripple. With a talented group of people, do you think they are only after a quick buck? No, they are in it for their careers, for the long haul and also to be positioned to make a lot of money. One of which is probably options to buy NN XRPs at specific strike prices. These employees are looking, expecting to bank millions in return for their efforts in expanding the company. How many other company, do you see the CEO be interviewed on CNBC and Bloomberg?
  12. Yes, I noticed it on the charts starting 1900 est. Both BTC & ETH declined, XRP started to rise.
  13. I looked at price charts for BTC & ETH and noticed when both cryptos declined, XRP started to rise around 1900 est.
  14. It took 3 days on Binance to get id verification. Maybe it's faster now. So be aware and be patience.
  15. Coinbase only supports 4 cryptos right now. BitCash was added this week. You'll have to exchange'em elsewhere.
  16. Wait! Hold on... I'm still accumulating. LOL
  17. yes, use a ledger nano s. Setup it up with carefully. It's is real wallet. those 9000 xrps could reach $500k in the future. DON'T exchange it for another crypto.
  18. opticyellow, generally you are looking at cross rates. For example, I'm using ETH to exchange for XRP. It's chart is different from looking at XRP/USD chart. On the positive side, whenever your trading, balance shows up, hopefully it will reflect the increase in XRP. Why do I say this? well, I purchased $320 USD to ETH 5 days ago, this am it came through, and my balance was $362. This reflected the recent price increase of ETH the pass 5 days.
  19. Signoff, I'd wait an 1-2 hr then come back and retry it. Maybe with price moving things are out of wack.
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