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  1. We cannot control this aspect. If this is a deterrent for staking a position then tell them don't invest. Now , don't companies with stock, occasionally raise cash by selling stock? This amount sold is added to companies total shares. Nothing new here. by now you've received the answer. Some Ripple code is open source. And then some Ripple source code is proprietary thus not shown to the world. For obvious reasons, dah.
  2. It's not a total waste of time. Why? I find in coming up with counter arguments, I need to use facts to counter their 'words without substance' or misconceptions. The sometimes added research adds to my own understanding. Better equipping me for the next debate.
  3. Not surprising to see SWIFT go at it developing their own blockchain transfers. Swift has the money. They prefer to develop their own and Not lease a third party s/w.
  4. Back in the day, IBM CEO said "the Personal Computer is just a toy". yeah right. "Open mouth, stick foot in mouth"
  5. Payments with the financial institutions is big business. Companies like Visa, MC has money to develop their own blockchain payment system. I would not have expect Ripple to sign on ALL the financial markets. Just not possible. Plus blockchain is open source. From Visa's perspective, if you develop it, you own it thus do not have to pay a s/w license to a third party like Ripple. I was hoping Visa would partner with Ripple. If Chain doesn't get it done, maybe Visa will reconsider Ripple.
  6. I know it's hard but don't focus on the money. Not like you bought on margin, you know. For me, even if it went to $0.60 (not saying it will) I wouldn't care. because I know it will return to $3 level. It is confidence of how price will trade 1-3 months out.
  7. Right now given, XRP is moving/ following BTC and ETH which is downward. On a strong bearish spike (plunge) it could tag $0.88/0.94. "could' not saying it will. I don't know. When BTC & ETH steadies out xrp will also steady. Otherwise XRP will find it's own support. It price tell you. The quick spike down and reverse up off $1.10-$1.12 level (basis ETH) up toward $1.34, This is our first price low bounce. We could get 2 more price probes below $1.12. That 3rd price low probe puts you in a good buy zone. So this is one way of watching price action.
  8. The question you should ask yourself "if I stay in.. will this stuff return back toward the high." We are not considering "when" in this question just "If it will move back toward the high again". How you answer, for yourself, this question -- determines your next move(s).
  9. buying around $1 level gets your avg down toward $1.95.. is good.
  10. Why? because I like a good story--Ripple. I hope to look back 2-3 yrs from now and be able to say "Yup this was one of my better ones"
  11. If you step back evaluation what all majority countries are saying. You'd find a mixed bag. Japan is going for regulation. Germany is talking about global regulation. South Korea is moving toward regulation. Whatever China says, it's just for China. Every country decides for themselves. Regulation will turn out to be a bright spot. It legitimizes the crypto space. Once that happens, instead of trading equities, people will be trading cryptos. This will happen on a global scale. Early adopters stand to make more money, just because they were early. Not smarter.
  12. Yup. They are rich already. We know this.. shoo why don't they just all quit their jobs and take a extended vacation with all that money. Perhaps they like their jobs. I think they actually believe they are contributing to help fix things. "Help fix things" novel idea. Worthwhile.. If I was a Ripple employee, I'd quit so I don't have to listen to some 'Burgoyne' ***** and moan about how rich I am. Or NOT. You don't know (you think you know) I don't know. I don't believe it is a refined ponzi scheme. But only time will tell. BTW: you might as well call very single crypto a refined ponzi scheme. They were all created pretty much out of thin air. Why are you even in this crypto space? Go back to equities or something.
  13. IBM.. wait I remember now. Didn't they use to make mainframe computers? I remember back in 1980, IBM CEO called the Personal Computer (PC) a toy. Oops! Back to Stellar and IBM announcement back in mid Oct. So how's their progress? Who are they testing with? Don't tell me they are "live". Do tell.. So Stellar is going to depend on the sole IBM to do their selling for them? What size of the piece of pie are they going to get?
  14. DKleijer, It's human nature when prices go up to talk bullishly, etc. And just the opposite when prices decline too much. They find reasons, excuses why the company is bad, company is scammer, company is "pump & dump". Realize though, sometimes what these posters post are INTENTIONAL, meaning they desire to put forth negatively to HELP Facilitate XRP selling. Get weak hands to sell. SO THAT, they can buy'em at lower prices. Just the way the 'trading aspect' of this game is played.
  15. Sorry to disappoint you here. XRP is for institution mostly. At least presently.. The article below somewhat outlines Ripple's next steps plan. The idea of freeing up funds (billions) from bank's Nostros accounts is good incentive to use XRP. Key word is "adoption". Good article on Reddit by galgitron ( Reddit -- /r/Ripple/comments/7pgvyc/heres_how_and_why_xrp_will_be_used_by_banks/ )
  16. txferrari, A little chart analysis can clear up the picture. Using chart from Bitstamp site. the high $3.31, flat line zone 12/08/18 for low price 0.23 a 50% retracement - $1.77; a 62% retracement = $1.46; recent low 1/10/18 bounce off $1.56. A 50% to 62% retracement are considered "normal".
  17. Funny how Ripple's using MoneyGram to further their own agenda. WAIT, their agenda is to put a low cost payment system in the hands of a money transfer company.
  18. I actually thought it was the timing of good news vs bad news (South Korea wanting to ban cryptos).
  19. Regjoe789, So if an investor likes what the company Ripple is doing ie their business model, potential s/w sales, etc. And it a potential to solve a real world money transfer problems. How does an investor invest in this company, given the company is privately held? We key in on the next closest avenue -- the companies native crypto currency- XRP. At present there is no way to value XRP asset. I suspect the company has plans or ways to appreciate it's value over time. This company isn't a sham. It's has banks testing their product, AMEX International on cross border uses, signed on MoneyGram. Additionally it has big name company investing (buying) in the companies technology. It utilizes blockchain technology. With the extremely wide acceptance as a viable backbone layer, good things are expected out of this technology. What's wrong with first adopters benefiting from taking the risk. End of the day, those cryptos with real use, solves real problems will remain.
  20. Let's not forget, Warren Buffett didn't under dotCom companies either. And they are still around. Just because "he" doesn't understand it, does not mean it will end badly. I mean if you don't understand "something" how can you know it's fate? It's the same as saying "I don't understand the inter workings of an airplane, therefore the plane will fall."
  21. We don't need to 'take out' Visa. Gain broader acceptance through cheaper transaction cost. This gives merchant reason to offer customers with a choice. Last I check Visa cannot process cryptos. Maybe they will one day?
  22. "retail" not really. More like grassroots movement got in first. Next institutions.. finally the "public", as always the last to get in. We' ve got a few years for this to play out.
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