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  1. Yes. I was thinking the same. We have news a central bank is scheduled to launch cross border payment (powered by Ripple). And everyone's concerned whether xrp will be used or how it will affect price of xrp. A Saudi central bank will be using Ripple powered solution. Guess what? Exposure, real money. Other central banks will be watching this carefully. If deemed successful, other institutions, including banks will get on the bandwagon. This process is call "Adoption". This might work out. I think the Saudi central bank like to be innovative and first for once.
  2. Yup xRapid went live last week. What were you expecting..flow gates of money to pour through? with money flow, slow and steady is probably a good thing. I see nothing wrong with Ripple's progress. Since you're not invested in Ripple/xrp, I suggest you stay that way.
  3. yes this is true. I just realized, to hop on a jet would also cost more. Yes faster.
  4. Maybe in the future we'll see the labeling "Powered by Ripple". Time will tell.
  5. Yes they have their own coin. And that about sums it up. Using their own coin doesn't help increase participants, nor money flow through their exchange. Using a more desirable trading pair like xrp, will make a difference.
  6. We believe Ripple team can adjust the 20xrp required for holding an account. You've already stated 'if the account opening cost was about 1 xrp it would be more realistic on a global human scale". Let's take what you said a step further, since xrp is fractional up to 6 digits, how about 0.1 xrp for account opening? Maybe 0.00001 xrp account opening. My conclusion: I don't think this is an issue for concern, given xrp is fractional up to 6 places. fwiw: standard transaction is 0.00001 XRP (10 drops), hence 1 drop = 0.000001
  7. This shows that "good news" does not guarantee higher prices. Price auction is dynamic. The market will move when it is good and ready to move.
  8. Susie (Esoteric Trading Solutions) uploaded a video about the enormous short position on XRP. I suppose some of this spectacular rise was a result of short covering. Taking losses or protecting profits. Also known as short squeeze. Traders generally have stop loss orders in the market, in case of adverse moves against their position. These are buy-stop market order. Once the price hits that price on the way up, the order becomes a buy market order. The buy get executed at the market, further perpetuating the up move.
  9. xCurrent does not use xRapid. No need for market makers. Thus in theory Chinese banks can test for savings and speed benefits. xCurrent can be used for domestic transfer, if banks find it provides better tracking. I believe with China, it will be work in progress for Ripple. End of the day, money talks. When China looks around and see other international banks save money with faster service. They will come around. If not they will fall behind.
  10. With 100 production contracts signed. This provides sales revenue plus ongoing s/w maintenance revenue. Going further out, assuming consistent sales numbers, Ripple will be selling less XRP holdings to fund their operational cost. At some future point, the pendulum will swing from excess supply to demand for XRP.
  11. Ripple never had any ICO to raise funds. I unable to find XRP/Ripple whitepaper. A whitepaper which speaks specifically about how funds received from XRP will be used toward development. As the judge said "from a federal criminal law perspective ICO are..securities". This statement would not apply to XRP. As far as we know, XRP was gifted in it's entirety to Ripple Labs. As such, XRP is a digital asset on Ripple's books. Ripple owns it. And not through any Initial Coin Offering. If a company needs to raise cash it can do so by 1) issuing and selling stock or 2) sell off company assets. In Ripple's case, they sell their asset XRP to raise cash. No new coins(XRP) are issued.
  12. Alex - let the losers play by themselves in here. Not very entertaining. So stupid, nothing original to add for fudders. Same old BS. Delusional bunch.
  13. Wow. I think I walked into the wrong forum. Thought it was xrpchat. Damn alien invasion going on here.
  14. Bittrex partnered with Rialto will handle institution, corporate and accredited individuals for digital asset trading. Actual trading begins after SEC regulation. Getting the financial rails in place in anticipation... Ripple has designated Bittrex is preferred usd/xrp exchange. I see where this is going.
  15. Swift's gpi doesn't settle payments. I think it's just a glorified messaging system replacement. You know, provides end to end payment info, status, etc. re: Nostro/vostro problem I'm sure a solution it's being worked on. It's being done quietly.
  16. How about we drag this out til December? I want more people to buy xrps below $0.35; Heck it can even go below $0.25 again. Adoption takes time. Eventually things turn up.
  17. This separates the men from the boys. lol
  18. Will you make a good point at the moment. Things can change. Especially if prices stay below say $0.35 - $0.50 for an extended period, like >3 months. If this happens we can add a few more into 'future' xrp millionaires list.
  19. Ok it looks like your on your way to 'getting off the grid'. Remember that phrase. It will keep you safe. Since you appear forward thinking, you should do ok. NOW RELAX. Enjoy the ride..
  20. YOu mean "they bluff, Ripple called" and "they fold". (poker terms)
  21. quote from same article https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20180724005276/en/Visa-MoneyGram-Team-Simplify-Overseas-Money-Transfers "“We are pleased to work with Visa Direct to offer another quick and convenient option when customers need to send money to family and friends around the globe,” said Alex Holmes, MoneyGram’s chairman and CEO. “The service is another example of how MoneyGram is delivering a true omnichannel experience – giving customers’ choice to transact any way and anywhere they want.” MoneyGram is working on rebuilding again. They have been on a decline. Another point, there's no discussion of cost associated with using Visa Direct. Cost may still be high.. use know Visa wants it's share of fees. Then tack on MoneyGram's fee.
  22. what percentage does bitstamp charge on debit card? On Coinbase I'm averaging 3.8%
  23. "money" coming out of equities need to find a new home. Hey look a new asset class - cryptos.
  24. Oh darn I bought @ $0.30; Oh well I plan on buying at $0.24 zone
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