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  1. Alternatively, back to to review website's Getting Started Video, see how far along you've gotten. Take notes,then try to recall which steps you did not complete in the initial setup. As a final way to recover (ie start over) contact Ledger customer support, find out the steps to recover your nano device. I assume you have the recovery phrase written down in a safe place. Worst case you can split up your XRPs across multiple exchanges, thus all your eggs are not in one basket. I'm sure you've done this right?
  2. Let me understand, you got pass the hardware activation, create pass phrase and pin process? If yes, the ledger hardware is ready and your need to setup the desktop ripple wallet application. But so far have no coins moved over.
  3. I use Coinbase. Be aware as of last Fri, with Chase I was charged a small non ATM cash fee for Coinbase charges.
  4. watch the videos 2x 3x. then go for it.. setup your ledger nano s. In fact ledger nano website also has a getting started video. Use that one.. follow along. pause video until your ready for next step... Don't be afraid, once it's initialized, you won't break anything. On your start transfer, do like 30 xrps. Once it hits your wallet presto! You did it. next transmit a bigger batch of xrps.
  5. go and watch how to setup nano s videos on YouTube.. lots. Now you did buy yours brand new? vs a used one off ebay or Amazon.
  6. It is beta mode. Moving in the right direction of adoption. I'd imagine "others" are lurking.. waiting to see the results.
  7. Don't assume if you "think it's not track" you can get away with it. Far better to do your best and report your gains vs not reporting at all. Even if you screw up your numbers this year. Because the IRS can get at your info if they need to. And you don't want IRS on your backs.
  8. I know hindsight is 20/20; Look, selling at $2.70 was a good trade, considering you bought at $0.50. Now your sitting here and in position to re-entry or move on. Not a bad situation to be in. It's much (well a little) harder for someone who is determined (per game plan) to hold for long term. We can't sweat the dips, I mean drops. Comes with the territory. A trader vs an investor are different financially enabled animals. We wish we can do both. Sometimes we can and sometimes not. See you could've easily sold out $1.80, and panic back in at $2.70.. who knows. Hindsight is 20.. I once held a position, was +$236k held it for 11 mths. When it made that final surge upward, I was trying to hold on for one month for long term capital gains. Didn't work out that way.
  9. Bull markets need money & demand to drive it higher. News create FOMO We gone through a period with China banning, South Korea talked banning then reverse. And now moving toward regulation. Japan's bigger banks will offer crypto exchanges in the near future. Plus a few other countries are now opening crypto exchanges. This is in the works.. once these events unfold, volume will come back. And since people don't short cryptos, their tendency is to buy'em. And we know Greed works (to the upside).
  10. Not right away. It's not high up on their agenda. Anyway the banking dept involve has to do with cross border payments, not "retail banking". If things work out, it may trickle down to retail. If Ripple creates apps for desktop/mobile that facilitates peer-to-peer transfers. Usage will likely grow faster. But then that's what MoneyGram, Western Union is doing? Thinking about the MoneyGram partnership, this tells me creating apps for desktop/mobile that facilitates peer-to-peer transfers, is Not in the works.
  11. The original Greek KJV translate " a mark in the right hand." Why would someone envision such a thing 2000 yrs ago? And more precisely to tight together with the ability to "buy and sell". Back then the only things that got stuck in you were knife, dagger, spear or arrow. Anyone give me the odds of this coincidence?
  12. Oh, I never thought of that. I always figured, worst case I do a surgical removal. Don't they have "electronic zappers" for this purpose?
  13. Banks due to regulation restrictions are very slow in adopting new technology. There's regulatory compliance/approval process. Because for banks, doing something outside of bank regulations could mean losing your license. And that means you lose your job, your staff lose their jobs, etc. You, as the decision maker get labelled (poor decision maker) within the industry. On the flip, maybe banks are waiting for compliance process, if it's even started yet.
  14. Probably WON'T happen. ie the increase in XRP supply. It will be an interesting problem to address, should 5-10 yrs down the line the value of XRP has risen dramatically due to demand. But then many investors still holding, would happily deal with this issue.
  15. lol...it's design for people that lack self-control. I get it.
  16. Ok. but source code can be modified. Unless there's mechanism which prevents changes to this segment of source code. If the need arises, it become a corporate decision? For now the concern of additional XRP tokens can be created, is putting the cart before the horse.
  17. It will take time. Excerpt from same article -- ".. Even if the test is successfully completed, it will take time for our bank to actually apply it to overseas remittances. Woori Bank's position is that it takes at least five to six months to make a policy decision based on the evaluation of related departments according to the test results. A Woori bank official said, "After the test is over, we will hear the feedback from related departments such as technology and foreign exchange and make a final decision, so policy decisions will be made by the end of the first half of this year. "It will be at the end of the year that block chain technology is actually applied to overseas remittances because of the process." http://biz.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2018/01/17/2018011702555.html#csidxe89c8812ffb3d6484b6d5dd81ba5969 Obviously Woori Bank is a Swift member bank. So the ultimate decision gets muddled. Swift is also testing out it's version of blockchain payment transfer. we'll see how Swift's blockchain development/ test phase results. At the same time, new technology gives Woori Bank the choice to leave Swift Network. But again these things that time. Ok back to my Netflix movie..
  18. trollstation - This is going to be sound advice. If you wanted 'fast gains', you should've research, practice on time your trades. Learn how the market is being utilize to run up prices. This takes a bit of hard work. No work -- no pay.
  19. Mistake to put a number (target). Don't put a limit on how far XRP something will go upward. Hint: did anyone think when Bitcoin was $3,800 would go to $19,000? When ETH was at $560 I thought it was expensive. Yes, it's fully priced. Nope it grinded higher toward $1300+. Now did anyone think ETH would give it all back in a few days.
  20. I prefer 'fast gains' but I also have a primary criteria -- that is hold until Ripple has either established itself in the payment space or fail it trying. So I had to give up 'fast gains' ie hold and sit through the ups & downs. This is what is called investing. I had not desire to trade this thing.
  21. trollstation -- No.. this technology is the main reason I'm investing in this space. Making money is of course my incentive. Otherwise I would not be involved.
  22. Is the cryptomarket world just simply dying? NO. If it was dying, it would be a slow death.. ie participation would slowly decline.. as more and more people exit this space. Key words "slow death". This is a mass long liquidation, started with 1-2 factors then compounding down, as big traders (liquidity providers?) "press the bids" forcing prices downward. At some point price reach a level where sufficient buyers waiting jump in, including the previous big traders -- now reversing to buy in. Reloading on the long side. Then the slow bid up commerces. Cryptos being new, with many weak handed individuals are easily fooled into thinking "this is the end".
  23. That depends on what piece is referenced. Of course a backend is needed to facilitate the payment transfer plus all the housekeeping necessary. The front end is simply your graphic user interface-- where you enter the parties involved in the transaction, payment amount, exchange currencies, payment dates, etc. The front end could be running off a browser maybe? ProfHughes-- he's just come techie guy picking on you. Throwing techie stuff at you because you didn't have the expertise. Based on what you submitted on here, that techie guy really showed "he didn't know what he was talking about in clear details". He threw a lot generalizations at you.
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