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  1. Are you ready for answers? As we start this deep dive. Let's make sure we're on the same page as far as terminology. What is your understanding, definition of ODL?
  2. XRP does have a valuation. Do you know what it is?
  3. Yes, correct. With regulation this will change. Similar to Nasdaq or NYSE. No more 'fake bid/ask'
  4. By fake volume, I'm referring to 'wash trade volume' included in CMC's daily volume. Wash trades are possible, given transaction cost is 0.00001 XRP. Plus xrp is quoted 5 decimals deep (0.23922/0.23913) with most trades occurring on the fourth decimal. Right hand selling to left hand, up and down the price ladder. This creates a sense of volume, order flow but is likely just wash trades.
  5. You sort of answered your own concerns... "50 billion XRP that are not yet in circulation at all" Point 1: If it's not yet in circulation, it cannot be traded nor counted. Point 2: What we are measuring is being traded on any given day. What do I mean? CMC shows 43 billion circulation, $1.9 b traded today. The other 41 billion didn't see the light of day did it? To illustrate my point about circulating supply vs trading volume. Think back to Dec 2017 and Jan 2018.. the circulating hasn't change much from today's circulating supply. Yet the trading volume was sufficient to drive prices to $3.60. How did that happen?
  6. Ok what if ODL gets to 90% of CMC daily XRP volume? will that be enough? probably right. So we guess a high end number that shows impact. My point for posting this, is now we have something to measure against.
  7. what percentage do you think is necessary before ODL exerts upward pressure? Or you think no matter the ODL volume it will never affect prices. Yeah I like playing Prophet. Praise the Lord!
  8. One very simple way to monitor ODL flow is, measure ODL - total across all corridors, against XRP daily volume (use CMC for now). Divide the two, you'll get percentage. Example: way out into the future, ODL = $150 million basis USD (divide by) $1.7B XRP daily volume (CMC). This ratio is about 8.6% ; When ODL gets to 10% or more of XRP daily volume ODL will begin to exert upward pressure on price. Currently total ODL is approx $3.7 million, this works out to 0.2% of total xrp daily volume. You can see why ODL has not moved prices. It's happening... we got a ways to go. But we will get there.
  9. That is correct. And Ripple, being privately held company, DO NOT OWE YOU ONE BIT OF EXPLANATION. Become an investor, own some Ripple (private) equity. You will be on the 'inside', more than being a xrp holder. Them's the rules. Don't like'em sell your xrp. Make peace with yourself.
  10. If you think so, you outta find a really, I mean really Expensive lawyer... and take your shot at Ripple. I think mostly likely your expensive lawyer will bleed you dry. And you will still lose.
  11. One huge premise Ripple makes about xrp usage, is the freeing up of nostro/vostro accounts. (If) the ability to free up large amounts of capital is Not incentive enough. Then that means all banks and fincos are quite happy doing things the old fashion way. Using nostro/vostro accounting. Sometime innovation takes time to catch on. Much like the internet back in 1980s, email, later online shopping. There's no doubt in my mind, that your freeing up capital, capital that's tied up, sitting in accounts overseas.. participants will find recapture that capital. When given the opportunity. Right now the stumbling block may have to do with regulatory clearance. For now:- "Saudi/UAE digital currency goes live Q1 2019 (powered by Ripple) - Mohsen Al Zahrani, head of innovation at Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA), says the central bank’s cross-border blockchain project with the United Arab Emirates is on track to go live in the first quarter of 2019."
  12. YES! Your action speaks Volumes! That's why your here. Dah.
  13. I'm certain Ripple knows this next step is vital. In fact, I believe they are actively working on this issue.
  14. 11/21/18 btc-abc aka BCH-ABC $234.65; btc-sv (bsv) $57.76 BCH-SV =losing! SV loses to ABC alphabet.
  15. Fuyaa you joined on Nov 14. Extremely active with doubts about this community. Your Not Craig Wright?? You seem to 'Like' very negative comment concerning Alex. This is something Craig would do, you see. If you are Craig, stop hiding behind some username-Fuyaa (like fool yaa). Don't hide like a COWARD.
  16. My impression was that comment pertains to xRapid, cross border payments. As of now we know the liquidity isn't well established in many corridors. This explains "it may look great on paper, but in reality.." With TransferWise, my sense is, Ripple gave them the software to try out? Also TransferWise's is completely online. No brick and mortars.
  17. They are using nostro/vostro accounting to accomplish this.
  18. Well he's probably wrong about xrp being a security.
  19. Craig is a sociopath / narcissist. That is why. It's got Nothing to do with confidence.
  20. Yes I know what you mean. My take is no matter what Craig will always feel he won. But keep in mind, that's only his take on the outcome. What about everyone else's takeaway? If we are watch or read an open debate.. we all come to our individual conclusions. And guess what - many people will learn the truth about xrp through such a debate. A win for the xrp community. Another point is I know "most don't do this in the open". To get Craig in an open forum debate, he will expose himself for what he truly is -sociopath/narcissist. The more people know this about him the lesser people will care about him. Long run he loses. I understand the recommendation is to not engage them. We'll see how this plays. We are only talking now.
  21. No, not Alex. He is fairly grounded in xrp knowledge. Unshakeable. It will be a good experience for him to debate a sociopath.
  22. I differ in opinion. I believe Alex in a debate against Craig, will win by citing facts. However Craig is a bit of narcissist. With narcissist even when they lose, they think they won. 'A legend in their own mind' kinda stuff. That said, those tuning in on such a debate will know the truth from Alex vs Craig's false statements. So Alex will "tear him to shreds".
  23. Does that include real time cross border payments? The key words 'cross border'. Not surprising. Isn't the Swift SR2018 on Nov 18. Swift GPI, I don't think it handles settlement.
  24. My guess is WU having seen Ripple's xRapid product potential, though unable to integrate into WU's existing infrastructure, probably decided to sell it while they are on top. WU figuring as time goes by their B2B cross border will not be able to compete. Hence sell for top dollars?
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