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  1. Ripple never had any ICO to raise funds. I unable to find XRP/Ripple whitepaper. A whitepaper which speaks specifically about how funds received from XRP will be used toward development. As the judge said "from a federal criminal law perspective ICO are..securities". This statement would not apply to XRP. As far as we know, XRP was gifted in it's entirety to Ripple Labs. As such, XRP is a digital asset on Ripple's books. Ripple owns it. And not through any Initial Coin Offering. If a company needs to raise cash it can do so by 1) issuing and selling stock or 2) sell off company assets. In Ripple's case, they sell their asset XRP to raise cash. No new coins(XRP) are issued.
  2. Alex - let the losers play by themselves in here. Not very entertaining. So stupid, nothing original to add for fudders. Same old BS. Delusional bunch.
  3. Wow. I think I walked into the wrong forum. Thought it was xrpchat. Damn alien invasion going on here.
  4. Bittrex partnered with Rialto will handle institution, corporate and accredited individuals for digital asset trading. Actual trading begins after SEC regulation. Getting the financial rails in place in anticipation... Ripple has designated Bittrex is preferred usd/xrp exchange. I see where this is going.
  5. Swift's gpi doesn't settle payments. I think it's just a glorified messaging system replacement. You know, provides end to end payment info, status, etc. re: Nostro/vostro problem I'm sure a solution it's being worked on. It's being done quietly.
  6. How about we drag this out til December? I want more people to buy xrps below $0.35; Heck it can even go below $0.25 again. Adoption takes time. Eventually things turn up.
  7. This separates the men from the boys. lol
  8. Will you make a good point at the moment. Things can change. Especially if prices stay below say $0.35 - $0.50 for an extended period, like >3 months. If this happens we can add a few more into 'future' xrp millionaires list.
  9. Ok it looks like your on your way to 'getting off the grid'. Remember that phrase. It will keep you safe. Since you appear forward thinking, you should do ok. NOW RELAX. Enjoy the ride..
  10. YOu mean "they bluff, Ripple called" and "they fold". (poker terms)
  11. quote from same article https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20180724005276/en/Visa-MoneyGram-Team-Simplify-Overseas-Money-Transfers "“We are pleased to work with Visa Direct to offer another quick and convenient option when customers need to send money to family and friends around the globe,” said Alex Holmes, MoneyGram’s chairman and CEO. “The service is another example of how MoneyGram is delivering a true omnichannel experience – giving customers’ choice to transact any way and anywhere they want.” MoneyGram is working on rebuilding again. They have been on a decline. Another point, there's no discussion of cost associated with using Visa Direct. Cost may still be high.. use know Visa wants it's share of fees. Then tack on MoneyGram's fee.
  12. what percentage does bitstamp charge on debit card? On Coinbase I'm averaging 3.8%
  13. "money" coming out of equities need to find a new home. Hey look a new asset class - cryptos.
  14. Oh darn I bought @ $0.30; Oh well I plan on buying at $0.24 zone
  15. I wonder how much the lawyer is billing Ryan Coffey. Won't be long before lawyer's fees doubles Ryan $-551 losses.
  16. I hope Ripple goes to battle and win it. I don't want them to settle. Win it and it sets precedence under law against similar lawsuits. Ripple has the funds to fight this.
  17. I watched the interview. Tushar using fancy terms, is basically spread trading positions within the same asset class. Nothing new here. Commodity and futures traders has been doing this (trade) forever. Buy the strongest in the group, simultaneously short the weaker in the same group. Tushar's grand trading strategy is long bitcoin/short every other alt coin. Within a downtrend, it's still an uphill battle. I don't think Tushar would have the courage to put on an outright (naked) short xrp position at current prices. And be willing to sit on it for 6-9 months. The potential losses in a outright short will hurt. Where as potential gains in this short position quite limited. He stands to gain $0.45 if correct and stands to lose a lot more if he's wrong.
  18. Try to answer your own question. You should be digging (research) for the answer. By now this very question has been asked, fully analysed about 13+ times. If you are truly interested, find it. But not via asking, because you don't know the answer received is 1) factual 2) relevant. This is your investment money.
  19. That's ok. It's a step in the right direction. Offering 'free cross-border payment' to get people to test drive their platform. If you give'em the house, ie 3 seconds settlements. What are you going to better your services afterwards? Works better when you can progressively offer better & faster services. Peel it out slowly. Spanish bank BBVA is a Ripple client.
  20. My thoughts.. I hope Azlo/Spanish bank BBVA will do well. Well enough to put the squeeze (Mexico corridor) on Western Union. Shots fired across the bow!
  21. Yes stop looking at price. Even better after you do this, Continue with your dollar cost average. If you can take the heat. Let's look at the math ... at $0.50 why would you NOT sell at this price? In terms of absolutes, Not percentage basis, why sell because your afraid it might go to $0.25 cents. Your only losing another $0.25 cents on absolute basis, big deal! This is Not the time to become a short term trader. Sit on it instead.
  22. You said $80mm? ok no problem. 1) Use Metropolitan Commercial bank. Withdraw max limit from GDAX. This bank will never bother you. Know why? 2) Coinbase custodial services cater to big wigs like you. Tell them you like to open an a/c 3) Gemini. $80mm may not be much for them, but give them a try.
  23. When hackers hack into an exchange, the exchange hold all types of cryptos. XRP just happens to be one of many. This is a knock against the exchanges security system. Less to do with xrp's ILP.
  24. I don't get it. When hackers hack into an exchange, the exchange hold all types of cryptos. XRP just happens to be one of many. This is a knock against the exchanges security system. Less to do with xrp's ILP.
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