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  1. Lol, Bezos owns the asset. He's not issuing "new" securities tied to his efforts to build his business.
  2. The SEC vs Kik Interactive (KIN coin), they settled. KIK did not have to burn it's stash of coins. Only requirement is, they register with SEC on future sales. For the SEC, it's about collecting fines and enforcement of SEC laws.
  3. That's my point, Brad obviously takes the position xrp is Not a security. If this is proven in court, then Brad's selling is no different than Bezos selling Amazon stock. I neither agree or disagree with Brad's selling. I want a final clarification of xrp status. The SEC let Ethereum off the hook.
  4. Yes first clarify the XRP issue. People putting the cart before the horse. If Brad legitimately believes xrp is a currency, what he does with his XRP holdings is his right of ownership.
  5. The SEC article was dated Dec 23. a day AFTER the lawsuit. wtf "Washington D.C., Dec. 23, 2020 — The Securities and Exchange Commission today issued a statement and request for comment regarding the custody of digital asset securities by broker-dealers in order to encourage innovation around the application of Securities Exchange Act Rule 15c3-3 to digital asset securities."
  6. but but you just threw the xrp security argument out the window.
  7. I read talk about using a VPN. Bitrue is staying the course.
  8. This disagree with the author's analysis. It takes face value all the allegations of the SEC. Allegations must be proven. Author is probably a pro SEC plant.
  9. Ripple has $800,000,000 million dollars, can you say how much?
  10. I'm sure that quote was from 2+ years ago. If you notice the past 3 quarterly reports, programmable sales have dropped to zero. So Ripple has operated without XRP sales for at least 3 quarters.
  11. You need to consider what is Libra's target market? Then look at what is Ripple's target market. Once you answered these two questions. Things should clear up.
  12. No. Disinformation IMO. from Binance support page, partial quote. "XRP deposits and withdrawals will be suspended starting from 2020/12/11 10:00 PM (UTC). We will then take a snapshot of all XRP tokens held by Binance users at the time of the above ledger index number. Deposits and withdrawals will be reopened after the snapshot is complete. Please note that trading of XRP will not be affected during the airdrop."
  13. Sure it has. You are 2 years older and still the dummy. You haven't learn much about Ripple, what Ripple has accomplish over these past 2 years. Lets have a discussion about this job listing by Ripple. Sr. Director, Central Bank Engagements THE ROLE: Ripple is looking for a proven leader to lead our strategy, partnerships and project work with central banks around the world with an initial focus on supporting their central bank digital currency (CBDC) initiatives on XRP Ledger. In this role, you will define and lead Ripple’s strategy with central banks, build relationships wi
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