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  1. That's fine. Of course they don't have to be "his" XRP. If exchange A market marker sold 100k XRP how can he get it back, say within the hour? Because he wishes to recycle them. He doesn't care if the XRP are not "his". He just wants 100k XRP back in his account. How is that accomplished?
  2. Thank you. btw: All other buying and selling reasons aside. ODL has to get about 1.5% of CMC. Why? because under current agreement Jed is allowed to sell 1.5% of total daily XRP volume. So you see the demand from ODL has to be greater than Jed's potential daily sales. ODL Mexico corridor reached new highs today. Yet again.
  3. I was addressing the often question of, if xrp is so fast (5-10 secs), it gets recycled. Why the need for massive amounts of xrp. So I submitted the question, "How is market maker on exchange A going to get back his XRP from exchange B, so that he can recycle it?" Specifically, how does market maker on exchange A gets his XRP back to recycle? I'm looking for specific answers to questions. Broad generalize answers are missing relevant details.
  4. I was breaking down ODL process into steps. My point was to illustrate how ODL can impact price upward. Too often we talk too high level, like ODL sends payments in 10 seconds. Then ask the question, if it goes that fast, how will price rise? We are then mislead to the conclusion if payments go in 10 second, therefore price did not have a chance to rise. This conclusion is incorrect.
  5. I read the required specs.. what sort of internet bandwidth do I need? 50 mbps up/down sufficient?
  6. As a trader, WHENEVER YOU BOUGHT, some one is Selling to you. It could be a bot's sell order. Grow up with trading. 1) you should've figured out xrp was not a trading vehicle. As such, xrp should be viewed as an investment. This you will be ok, even with price drops. Now if you bought into the hype, that's your fault for following your emotions. NOBODY TWISTED YOUR ARM. You did it yourself.
  7. Psst.. the "massive losses Support Group" is down the hall. Hurry over , they just got started.
  8. Looks like you dropped in to unload some fud on us. This we don't not appreciate. Now your trying to play "boo-ho I have massive losses" "Is this how you all talk to people wich have massive losses in an investment not bought at a good time?" - You expect me to take you for real.
  9. So what you're saying is you're upset with massive losses, not bought at a good time? Who are you blaming for your actions? no one twisted your arm to buy did they?
  10. Here's a bucket, starting bailing water out.. faster..faster..faster. TO THE LIFEBOATS..
  11. and Ripple just got $20 oh I mean $200 million Series funding. VCs must've done poor job researching Ripple. Erh.. NOT I'm betting with the smart money. haha Scout
  12. Disagree. ODL in your face buddy.
  13. Don't wait, sell all your xrp. Be done with it. go to some bitcoin chat forum. Make that your new home. I will never follow you to sell. Never.
  14. This might put things in perspective. Using CMC xrp total daily volume is $2.4 billion. We won't need 6-7 billion utility volume per day. Keep in mind, CMC is also over-reporting daily volume. Because a certain percentage is wash trade volume. How high is wash trade volume, I don't know. Personally I'm watching ODL to reach $150 million per day.
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