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  1. Patience pays!!!! Such a good year end gift for 2017!!
  2. The trading seems just started a few hrs ago. So the volume may not be so high atm.
  3. Is that exchange this one? It's said it listed 2 hrs ago, the exchange is coinbase equivalent in Japan..any Japanese friend here?
  4. Imo, ETH's PoS is revolutionary, BTC's segwit2x is worrisome, BTG is just another airdrop which will have less short period impact on altcoin prices and the concept is not so bad actually if it allows home GPU n CPU mining.
  5. I support ur idea. Besides Japan, the company should give more focus on other Asian countries, spread their words abt the conference since it has a few milestone moves in Asia recently.
  6. U r on the point, one week china 19th party congress starts on 18th Oct. This is one of the biggest 5-year event in China. It's an equivalent to presidential election in other countries that the elected Chinese leaders for the next 5 years will be announced. A serious crack down of corruption on the high level is followed. BTC and other cryptos as one of the unregulated way of money laundering will definitely be temporary blocked until china is politically stable. So we will be having a very volatile 1-2 months from now on.
  7. Hired ppl know how to talk to banks. It looks like ripple style:)
  8. Am quite hesitate with crypto bank projects, there are a few similar projects like bankera. It seems that their intention is to use investors' money to get bank license instead of getting their license before ICO which am not sure if they can get it according to their roadmap. Any thoughts?
  9. It's true that Venezuela is a cutoff electricity or overturn government case. Milllions of ppl are desperate, turned to crypto mining for survival, but with scare of being arrested and lose their freedom. Am wondering how much is the electricity cost there...
  10. Imo, Ripple's strategy of embracing regulators is being more realistic. Satoshi's initial vision of decentralisation has failed somehow. Cryptos can't bypass the govenment in anyway. They can simply block you by asking you to stop, or unplug your internet cable, or to the most extreme, cut your electricity. Too bad that we are living in a centralised world.
  11. Someone posted this in a slack channel: "Cryptocurrency exchange platforms are not allowed to facilitate currency conversion among fiat currencies, tokens, and cryptocurrencies, as well as to provide pricing services for any cryptocurrencies or tokens, or act as information intermediaries." how should we interpret this sentence, all the ico tokens currently listed on Chinese exchanges will be delisted? I find this a good news to XRP, as XRP has nothing to do with the so called ICO.
  12. The sale of large amount XRP to institutional clients usually come with certain lock up agreements to ensure a stable XRP price. It will be added to the total circulating supply but I don't think it will have any real impact on open market price. Imo, the company has no intention to keep the price down, but to keep it stably gradually rise instead.
  13. I came across to this Binance announcement. https://binance.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001308592-Binance-Starts-Its-Community-Coin-per-Month-Program But I am not in their community, can't get the first hand info. It requires core team member to submit the request to list the coin. This should be a good opportunity for ripple's china expansion. Any thoughts?
  14. To materialize what ripple has announced will definitely a good news to clear the doubts of XRP observers who worry a sudden massive token dump by the company. This should reinforce the price uptrend.
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