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  1. Honestly, if they decide to follow up on all Ico's ... then americans will simply miss out on the crypto run. When crypto has reached it highs, americans can buy from asians making them rich in the process. By the time the xrp lawsuit is over, xrp will probably be $7 and coinbase will just be reopening trading. Sucks to be an american. If you know of any public VPN providers... buy stocks, cuz damn.
  2. I don't think the lawsuit is bullshit. Since we could never find anyone actually admitting to using or wanting to use xrp, NDA's or not, I have to say there's more to the story than we are told. Meanwhile ripple and company get rich. Western union didn't want to touch it. Ripple paid moneygram to touch it, and others to list it. They have really been using xrp sales to shill it. With all the good news over the last 3 years, xrp should have been a huge success based on that alone. But good news never moved the price, because maybe the good news was fake news.
  3. I think jed should put all his xrp on the market right now, and sell it all as fast as people can buy it. For two reasons. First, lets get it over with, even if markets temporarily tank. He's done. Good riddance. and 2. Being able to sell slowly over time, means that he benefits from any increase in price. So he's going to be selling huge amounts at 1.00 or 4.00 ... this long game is only benefitting him.
  4. I'm completely confused... Can someone tell me what I'm supposed to do to collect these airdrops?
  5. https://flare.ghost.io/theflarenetwork/ https://flare.xyz/ If you read these links... I have no reason to speak.
  6. Ripple makes progress everywhere... but still, no one knows if it includes xrp use. Ripple can be partners with every bank in the world and provide services that don't include xrp. All we can do is hope that xrp at some point in the future, comes into the picture.
  7. I hope you don't plan on activating that account... ever... lol
  8. Think about how early we still are guys. No one is using xrp yet. They're only getting ready to use it. Give it a couple more years.
  9. Amazing how, we are talking about cashing out our xrp with wire transfers when xrp is literally designed to eliminate the need for wire transfers.
  10. Your math is off, the fee would be 450 dollars at 0.09%
  11. I'm gonna say this in big capital letters for those that didn't see my first comment. THE ARTICLES LITERALLY SAYS THE PAYIT APP WAS BUILT USING XRAPID TECHNOLOGY. So now if you guys could kindly please, re-read the article, and see where it says this, because it does say it.\ " United Arab Emirates bank, First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB), launched the Payit digital asset wallet earlier on Tuesday much to the delight of users of the financial institution. A report from Gulf News, a technological news website in the region confirms a partnership between FAB and MoneyGram to improve the cash transfer across countries while reducing the fees to a minimum. Owing to the recent 10% acquisition of the remittance agent by Ripple Inc. Payit payment systems are built on xRapid technology."
  12. It says right there in the article, that payit is built on xrapid technology.
  13. So you're telling me I should be buying Augur....
  14. I think it'll take a few months for moneygram and ripple to get setup for use on a mass scale. This isn't about how fast they can get up and running, the point here, is that they are actually adopting xrp.
  15. lol, you're forgetting the crypto market is manipulated and isn't a stock nor does it react like a stock. XRP will fly when the manipulators let it fly. Right now, everyone is focused on bitcoins rise, just like in 2017, bitcoin rose for months, while alts did nothing, then in dec 2017 / jan2018.... bam... every going hit new all time highs. The exact same thing is happening now. ALL coins will be heading to new all time highs soon. When? Soon. Just look at the charts, every coin is in an uptrend. It's coming. Be patient!
  16. Hitbtc is tough to deal with, I dealt with them... you just need time and patience, they do tend to give the money back, just might take weeks.
  17. I would like to understand western unions settlement system, because if it is 5x cheaper than using xrp, then what is xrp doing? I'd like to see the real facts, so we can see who is full of crap.
  18. Soon... I've only been waiting since 2017. Soon's gotta be ...... soon.
  19. Only 300 people are eligible to get it... next time it's 1000, so only a few people will actually get the airdrop.
  20. Ripple is getting into gaming because of QUILT. It may not be directly related. BUT.... lets think about the word interoperability for a moment. ..... XRP will be the blood between blockchains. It doesn't matter how many gaming tokens exist.... What is bridging games on neo, with games on tron with games on wax with games on enjin? XRP.....ILP..... interoperability. XRP can be the bridge for the entire foundation of not just the gaming economy, but of every digital payment, micro payment, first world, third world.... anywhere, anyone..... interoperable despite what currency you're using. This is just their visible effort to make the gaming industry interoperable. It won't matter what coins a game is using, when they can cash out those coins from that particular game, and shift into xrp, and load them into another game with that game's particular currency. XRP enables that to be possible with ideas like hyper ledgers QUILT. I've said for a long time that QUILT is bigger than xrapid because of the huge potential it has in making B2B interoperable. It's a much larger use case than banks and cross border.
  21. uh.... 10,000? And here I thought 589 dollars was insane.... I wonder when the 1 million dollar xrp talk will start.
  22. The only question I have about banks creating their own currencies and using them for everything without touching cryptocurrencies.... Is.... How will they get their liquidity? Without a liquidity pool, a global market buying and selling a currency, banks will be back to their prefunded digital nostro accounts. Which in the end doesn't solve the problem. So It's all fine and dandy that banks create their own coins, but where will the liquidity come from? If they can't provide their own liquidity pool for all corridors around the globe, then, they're gonna need a coin like XRP. XRP can get instant liquidity anywhere, thus no friction no matter where you want to send money to/from. So my question stands.... How will banks get their liquidity for their own digital currencies? If someone comes up with an answer that scares me... I'm selling my XRP lol
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