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  1. Thanks for letting me know where you were posting. I appreciate reading your insight!
  2. Cellphones are over. Heart transplants are over. The internet is over. Satellites are over.
  3. Can you link to your thought when you get a chance? I am interested in your insight. @Hodor Keep up the good work sir! I can't speak for everyone but I greatly appreciate it.
  4. Lol this only confirms more conspiracy theories of entities suppressing XRP and ripple
  5. Random thought as I tried to summarize XRP to a friend - We all might sound crazy. Haha. SCENARIO Me on the couch of my therapist " yes so I find connection to the world through an online community of zerpers. We consistently talk about the moon, lambos, real use cases of xrp solving trillion dollar problems for real customers. A lot of different folks talk. I listen a lot to the bull, the chicken, the pickle, the 50 dollar bill guy, that guy that yelled Hold the Door in Game of Thrones, and many others. Haha just today the chicken asked us a riddle but then answered it himself. I
  6. I know that your profile is a whale and a scuba diver, but everytime I see it quickly I think it is a statute with an erect ummmm rocket.
  7. This is why I love XRPChat. I had no clue Japan's fiscal year started on April 1. Great insight. Thanks!
  8. Unrelated but somewhat funny - when I read this quote all I heard was Brad G saying "we are solving a real problem for real customers"
  9. Anybody that thinks their money is lost and who keeps it in XRP isn't paying attention. XRapid Beta was just created this fall. There are 5 major organizations confirmed testing it. There could be untold countless more testing it without wanting the test to go public. When those companies go live, when SBI goes live, when X partner is announced and goes live, etc. Then you will see how much its all worth.
  10. Nicely stated. Having said that can't coin base list xrp without ripple's consent as ripple does not own xrp the digital asset?
  11. Haha. "Fidelity Investments here. How can I help" "I need you to HODL my Roth IRA for long term but sell my capital gains fund on the moon then rebuy it back on the dip, I need to stack lambos ASAP." "Sir, seek mental help. Good bye"
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