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  1. The fellowship ended when Boromir gave in to his personal need (defending his people) over the mission of the fellowship. I sold my XRP last year due to difficult financial straits including dealing with a medical condition - job loss - career shift etc. Glad to have contributed to the journey and hope the moon party is a fun one p.s. anyone looking to build a home in Hawaii need an architect?
  2. That's about when I sold all my 600k zerps to pay rent. Timing.
  3. I always get skeptical around the word 'assume' in white papers.
  4. Ripple's core product is settlement. DTC is contracts and financing. DTC is opportunity for Ripple.
  5. Born in Paris, grew up in Philly, live in Honolulu.
  6. Not sure cult of personality is a campaign that rings true for me. A 3d version of Ripple's current network topography contrasted against the classic decentralization models would be cool though. Ideally it would be updated realtime, perhaps fed by ripplecharts or the as yet nonexistent UNL indexing foundation.
  7. Mmm, indeed, one of. Looks like I could liquidate a little more to help with rent this month. What kind of work does @miguel need? I do freelance architectural and sculptural design as well as conceptual and theoretical tech writing (i.e. translate geek into layman) Recently completed a collaborative installation (#4) with Korean artist Choi Jeong-Hwa in the courtyard of Honolulu's historic city hall (Honolulu Hale). I was the project lead, which included coordinating and performing design, fabrication and installation. Awesome work, would love to do more like it.
  8. Regretting even more my decision to liquidate XRP holdings earlier this year to fund my artistic ambitions ... whoops.
  9. Easy one. BTC: Nonfungible. Undependable confirmation times >10minutes. Fractured, political, unprofessional, decentralized Dev team is nightmare to work with or depend on. Toxic asset = Bad PR for stodgy reputables (seriously, Bitcoin brand is super tainted) RCL: 20% is an ownership stake in the value of the network, not a fee or cost associated with using or purchasing XRP. That network requires operational maintenance and continued development from competent and reliable Dev team to stay competitive, current and live. Replicating RCL as it exist today is not a negligible cost (with a less predictable outcome) requiring hiring or diverting internal devs to the project as well as infrastructure and partnerships to achieve the distributed and decentralized topology which RCL is slowly progressing on. Compare those costs to paying the license fee for RippleConnect to interface your systems using the rock solid RCL with institutionally prominent distributed and decentralized validators. I could see banks perhaps migrating away from RippleConnect by directly integrating their own DLT with ILP but at some point they will need to do business which would require fast liquid regulated forex service and XRP is designed to be the best option technologically for this express purpose. Not payments, not regulatory arbitrage, not energy intensive "security". One thing, done well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. It means there's a history of coordinated altcoin pump/dumps on this exchange. "ignore" was hardly the sentiment. 2 days after warning ... here comes big pump and it looks like some got caught buying into the dump before price settling back into steady rise.
  11. Seriously, beware the Polo pump Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I haven't researched this more but it is VERY interesting. ILP integration should be on the radar. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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