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  1. This is 95% of crypto! This is why the bitcoinmaxis MUST push the "store of value" narrative. Because a narrative is all there is. Satoshi said bitcoin was meant for PAYMENTS not to emulate gold or something. So by changing the narrative post-hoc to SoV, they are implicitly admitting that bitcoin's architecture has failed as a p2p payments vehicle.
  2. Great discussion, thanks guys. The "just ban lobbying" argument is attractive because it's simplistic and just kind of sounds right, at first. But in practice it's not simple at all. It's a bit like the war on drugs. On the one hand, no one really wants gangster getting away with selling drugs to kids or something. On the other hand, they're going to do it anyway so what does an expensive violent war achieve if the drugs are still sold, but now at higher prices, lower quality, and distrubted by more and more dangerous heavily armed criminals and powerful cartels and sociopaths? I th
  3. Same as every other defi system out there probably like uniswap, sushi, bla bla. I don't buy into their tokenomics personally and 90% of defi seems completely unsustainable.
  4. Poor man's Flare. The lock-up and access to private keys sounds like a big red flag to me; massive potential to be hacked to pieces. Probably an intentional competitor backed by the CCP; they tend to just steal all IP coming out of the West and rush out a cheaper version to steal market share. F*ck that. Flare is specifically designed to use with XRP and doesn't lock any assets. I'll just wait and use Flare, since I don't see any advantage and only massive risks and downsides vs what Flare is offering. I suppose in the meantime you could earn some yield with it (I won't touch it, I'd rat
  5. Sounds like the cheap Chinese rip-off version of Flare. (China tends to steal every new idea and try to rush things out quicker, it's part of their tech war on the West.) Not ever going to use it given that we have Flare coming in June and it's superior in literally every aspect without any tradeoff (except potentially the 5% creation fee).
  6. I think that having a position in almost any hard asset like commodities for the next 5-10 years isn't the worst idea. Personally I'm not interested in silver and prefer things like energy/oil plays, uranium miners, helium explorers, even real estate – over silver – but pretty much everything in commodities is just... number go up, right now and silver mining should do just as well as gold or copper or lithium or diamonds or anything else. My natgas positions have been soaring. Actually as soon as I've exited some (not all) of my XRP position this and next year it's going to get reinveste
  7. I was a bit of a sceptic that this bull run would be as sharp and violent as the end of the 2017 one, however, if you look at the overpriced stocks sucking up more and more speculative money for what are really tentative businesses, you realise that with the enormous quantity of stimulus and FED/CB money sloshing about since the COVID recovery took off globally, that if anything we now have an unprecedented oversupply of liquidity pouring into a highly volatile (and still reasonably small, relatively speaking) crypto market. Rick Rule says it's like forcing a river (of capital) through a
  8. Explain for lay persons please, Master @yxxyun!
  9. I guess you'd be ok with XRPgateway if it's available and you'd want to keep something similar and swap it.
  10. Agree. This is great news, but it does concern me that it's such a huge proportion of the XRP ecosystem in a few hands. I was hoping for news on the now-mythical "market making incentive" mechanism that was supposed to be an open (to all users/markets), fair, ungameable, XRPL-based distributed solution to XRP distribution while adding liquidity. Years later... still nothing. Maybe they wanted to keep it proprietary and private for now. Or maybe there are bugs to iron, or even missing pieces like Flare/stablecoins were required.
  11. Yeah, that's their unique "flywheel" mechanism, which XRP lacks. It's sort of designed as a win-win for everyone but we're given the golden tickets.
  12. Now I think about it more... the genius move Flare made was in using the Ethereum EVM because, while it may or may not be technically inferior to alternatives like Michelson (Tezos) and so on, Solidity/EVM IS the defacto standard now. NOT the Ethereum chain itself, but the language and methods – takeup, users, marketing, familiarity, extensions/libraries, etc. It's already become the "VHS" to potentially "Betamax" platforms out there. It's established. Why is this crucial? Because Codius isn't a competitor to any language standard – it's the shipping container for the code/app ("smart con
  13. Not sure if you were around way back when but in the early days Stefan Thomas talked a lot about use cases (potential or realised) for Codius. In fact there are still some good videos around like this one: My personal take is that Ripple foresaw both issues with smart contracts AND with oracles and were trying to write a new layer for "smart oracles" to sit on so things weren't "held back" by the very limited tech of 2013-2018 period (still limited in many ways i.e. scaling for value problem). But also simple ideas like one could pay for automation modules like hosting and uploa
  14. That said, to take the "other side of the bet" as it were, SOME might say "screw traditional business models", XRP really IS the secret sauce and it's the future the bridge currency the Chosen One bla bla... and that's a very GOOD thing for Ripple to just focus on and build other revenue streams around. Just playing angel's advocate...
  15. Also critical for investors to know whether or not that company is profitable without XRP sales (even *if* they come out of the court case unscathed). Ripple is a VERY different company if they are subsidised by XRP. From Wiki: Not saying this is totally accurate, but even if it's half-true it looks pretty bad. That said, look at the WeWork debacle, overpriced crap like Peloton, the countless Tesla-inspired electrical vehicle scams and endless empty SPACs being launched all designed to flease the gullible public and enrich billionaire early-investor elites like Chamath and
  16. They should be yes! In time other networks will. But I believe the gas fees are part of the design, part of the "long con" of the Ethereum cabal. The power is in the hands of the OGs/insiders and the miners. The miners want high gas fees, they make a killing. Eth-maximalists will thus say anything to anyone to force Ethereum into the dominant position (which they've been very successful at) in order to profit from the wealth transfer from the average user to the miners and insiders.
  17. Not even joking! $10 easy! EASY!!!
  18. Youtubers are all OVER this HUUUGE news already!
  19. If SBI are paying out dividends in XRP, I wonder if when Ripple go public they'll do the same?
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