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  1. Quick hypothetical. Could Flare not only observe/digest the state of an external ledger (e.g. XRPL), but control it? I don't mean by constantly opening/closing accounts. I mean, at the start (or perhaps by code modification later?), so that one could open an activated XRPL account, then somehow* (??) provably pass over the secret key to a Flare smart contract WITHOUT exposing or compromising it, and have Flare control this single account (initiate transactions, etc). *This would be staggeringly powerful, if possible – but it's a big ask I know. I believe there are promising technologies on the horizon like ZKPs etc that might manage this? If so, one could imagine the 'agents' really just being those sending XRP into, or requesting from, the same Flare-XRPL account and address (perhaps using destination tags for identification, but Flare being essentially AI might not even need that to keep track!), and therein Flare itself controls the actual collateral & redemption process, which it "guarantees" programmatically (trustlessly) just as how it guarantees the present f-asset system (in terms of monitoring the mechanics of f-asset vs Spark supply/demand and required collateral). But more so, since agents have some responsibility removed. That would take it almost to a sort of Qredo-like system, except with only one provate key being controlled per external ledger, rather than the private keys going into a 'magic box' on the network itself.
  2. Funny as I thought about this, a kind of hunch, when some of these decisions started going against Ripple/XRP and I didn't grasp the reasoning. Now I'm a just a schmuck on legal matters – but I was thinking from the devil's advocate view of, well, *if* the judge is competent (she seems to be), and *if* she sees through the utter nonsense the SEC is spewing (surely she does), then *why* would she keep ruling in their favor on key (if arguably minor) points? And I also thought (with zero legal training)... yeah, maybe she's doing this so when the case is inevitably studied and analyzed with a fine-toothed comb in future (she knows how big a deal this all is), it won't seem like she was unfair to the SEC and gave them every chance to put forward their (sh*tty) case. We can hope anyway.
  3. You can use https://www.namebase.io (like the Coinbase of HNS domains, for now). I'll DM you a reflink as I think it's against forum etiquette to post here. They provide a free random domain for you to get started just to play around before buying anything.
  4. Think of the possibilities... thanks.jed neverforget.jed ilovexrp.jed ...
  5. For you old skool who remember the Jedmaggeddon, the Armajeddon... If you're on Handshake Network (google it if you're unsure), type in the Top Level Domain (TLD) of 'jed'... yep, that's it... no dotcom, nothing before it... I have secured the very top level domain, for 'jed'. See what happens when you visit it... Aaah sweet revenge at last!
  6. AMM on Stellar: https://www.stellar.org/blog/introducing-automated-market-makers-on-stellar Just in case it's relevant.
  7. You got it. I call this Flare's ability to "breathe" in and out, or be "elastic" to the supply and demand of f-assets relative to Spark.
  8. I believe Hugo did confirm, as many of us suspected, that the 5% was only an example figure for the sake of simple math in the paper (and blog post, which had 5% too) and in reality the fees will be much smaller (probably less than 1%, but don't quote me on that).
  9. There is always downwards pressure on any asset. The idea is that this will be offset by an equal or greater deflationary (upwards) pressure coming via the f-asset integrations (locked collateral) and users holding to earn rewards. Whether it will be successful or not, is to be seen.
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