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  1. So my question now is – can you do this but with only XRP backing the price of a "synthetic" USD?
  2. I was under the impression it started out as 10% as a strong incentive but then was adjusted down (or this could be voted upon) to reduce the inflation rate?
  3. I hope you're right! I'll re-read all the docs tomorrow once I've had a coffee. Of course it's further complicated by the Flare Finance airdrop as well... thanks for the correction if so. Gladly be wrong (although I still feel the comms aren't great on this from Flare and/or exchanges!).
  4. No, that's the whole point. They don't. Some only support the 15% allocation, not the full 100% like e.g. if you're using using a Ledger Nano or Xumm. Which means not only do you not get access to all your FLR tokens from day one, and instead have them dripped over 36 months (the bull market will be long over by then!), but you also miss out on 85% of the DFLR (Flare FInance) tokens too. I feel like the communication was not very clear on this either from Flare or from participating exchanges. On top of that, exchanges like Poloniex (XFLR) will have to do a swap of XFLR to FLR in a high
  5. Do they FULLY support the airdrop? Or just the first 15% upon launch? Anyone know? I left a few XRP on there, not much but enough to make it worthwhile knowing.
  6. Agree 100% – selling to retail with informaitonal advantage to fund their operations was a big no no. RIpple screwed up, they should get a slap on the wrist, then this might all work out well for XRP holders longer term.
  7. Agreed. I believe Chris did even try to get the Founders to agree to give back some XRP at one point, obviously forseeing the burden it would become. Either eway, he was the true visionary. Brad's the "peanut butter manifesto" Yahoo! guy.
  8. I guess the first question is, can you lock up XRP (or any other asset) on Flare and instead of having FXRP/FBTC/FLTC, have synthetic USD (USD-peg collateralized by XRP, on Flare)? "FXUSD", "FBUSD", etc.
  9. Yes but that locked XRP is useless. And is always a "dumping" threat and regulatory threat as we now see with the SEC. Having an automated liquidity solution, where you don't need to hold volatile XRP and worry about it losing 50% in a week (lol!), means you actually utilise XRP to suck in liquidity onto the DEX in a way that means a fully distributed DEX not reliant on third party gateways.
  10. Right. However, the value is already present (to a certain degree) in XRP but much of it sitting idle ("bootstrapping"). Ripple would otherwise have to buy Spark (FLR) (they surely won't) then port that back to the XRPL as a stablecoin and still have idle XRP. THis way they actually have utility for the XRP they hold without dumping (it only gets sold if there's an issue with the collateralisation process). On the one hand, it seems inefficient as you say, to lock up more assets than needed for the "same job". However, the net affect of doubling the Spark will lock the Spark tokens away
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