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  1. I'll be back soon for another installment of Beer O Clock. Hope you're all doing well?
  2. Hi @enej IoTA are looking for a reputable exchange to list their M2M token this year. I think it's worth getting in touch with those guys via their Slack channel, or through their forum. A good point of contact may be Dominik Schiener: It might be Gatehub lacks the volume right now, but possibly worth a shot as you have the right direction (enabling IoV, wallet/gateway hybrid).
  3. Thanks for popping in. How's the incentives scheme coming along?
  4. Yep this is the big one. When this goes, people go hungry. And it's inevitable unfortunately, no way out of it I can see. The "fourth industrial revolution" (a bulls**t term designed to give temporary market confidence while the billionaires build bunkers) will only alleviate the inevitable pain for another few years, maybe even a couple of decades. But winter is coming.
  5. Holy s**t, that intro was an absolute DISASTER!!!
  6. Ah right-o, thanks Rob.
  7. Are they winding down their gateway now they use XRP on their main exchange? Was there anything official on this? It seems another gateway bites the dust. I wouldn't mind if the main exchange had decent volumes but... again today: Oi oi oi.
  8. Bitstamp today, yeesh:
  9. I never said anonymous. Anonymous is a problem, not a solution. I said private. Private is better than anonymous. Your money should be secure, private, but should you use it for criminal activity, it should be able to be stopped.
  10. True, but neither is digital cash. We trade in old notes, and get digital versions 1:1. (Or use a debit card (even bitcoin perhaps!) if you have it.) Understood, but again – in theory you'd just swap your cash for a digital version. No account required. No blockchain/validation either.
  11. Oh and also just to say, I agree with the issue about being screwed by the banking system. But again, that's not IMO an argument contra-cash, but an argument against the financial (and larger economic) system in general, which is a public policy / political debate to be had for sure.
  12. I just think you can have your cake and eat it, without worry. If there's a digital money rollout (and I don't mean account-based money, or blockchain/Ripple, I mean true value-based digital "cash" proper, with the serial identifiers etc), then your money is protected exactly like cash. It's on your phone, tied to your ID, and sends in seconds over WiFi, bluetooth, whatever you like, because it's just an encrypted bit-string. The only difference to physical notes I can see is, the law courts could hypothetically order certain serial numbers cannot be redeemed, or must be tracked upon redemption. But this is surely a good thing to fight serious crime and corruption! And they could hypothetically try this with cash notes anyway, and make tellers note ID numbers. But it wouldn't be effective. I dunno, I see central banks as fundamentally "good" entities trying hard to protect citizens from private and public infilitrated crime networks, who predominantly use cash. I get some of the counter arguments, but really the positives outweigh the negatives so incredibly much, I can't understand the resistance. Of course, yes I agree with your and @Haydentiff's arguments about authoritarian regimes. But realistically, they're gonna screw you anyway, and cash isn't ever going to help you. And even then, surely the libertarians would prefer gold, copper or food supplies as a store of value!
  13. But they "print" cash notes too, no? Yet you may deem that to be more decentralised. I still think digital cash is the answer. Then you only need a phone/device wallet, not even a bank account, and your privacy is ensured.