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  1. Interesting post, I was also involved in WCG – great project. If they could find a way to do it securely and fairly, I'd be supportive of anything that can help fight COVID.
  2. Good video IMO on how to trade the IPO (and/or XRP):
  3. Honestly I feel like this has more of an impact on investors in Ripple equity than on XRP speculation.
  4. Yes you are absolutely right, I stand corrected. (Though they could in future and that's part of a speculative calculation.) I suppose my point was really just that crypto/stock comparisons don't work too well for fundamental/business reasons.
  5. I don't think it's a good comparison personally. Amazon provides profits and dividends, XRP if anything acts more like a commodity, so maybe in future it's worth comparing to gold, wheat, oil, uranium, etc. The only thing that would change my mind on that is if holding or using XRP itself, for the average person and somewhat like a dividend-paying stock, could provide some kind of income incentive – but I am not a fan of arbitrary proof of stake type token-printing systems that provide rewards for staking/mining etc. So the only thing left is, really, what XRP should be a tool for anyway, that is: providing liquidity and rewarding liquidity providers. Where are the liquidity incentives promised years ago?!
  6. When we gaze at clouds we often see animals and faces, i.e. we tend to see what we know or imagine, not what's actually there.
  7. I felt a bit disappointed as well that this seemed like a step backwards, when compared to the idea of ILP and streaming nano-payments. Paying for a song is on the way out, the subscription model reigns currently, and the future will likely go towards minute nanopayments via the browser to "rent" content in real-time, as it's being downloaded/played.
  8. Question: is the XRP auto-converted at point of sale? If so, doesn't that hinder adoption simply for tax efficiency reasons? For example, in many western nations the conversion of crypto to fiat incurs a taxable event – a capital gain for instance. In the US I believe it is so even for trades between non fiat currencies, e.g. BTC/XRP (correct me if I'm wrong). If so, I prefer the route someone like Nexo is taking where you essentially tap into an instant crypto "credit line" in fiat, but of course, that incurs interest/fees also (although possibly lower than your tax, depending on your country, laws, etc.) I cannot understand the blurb on their website: What on Earth is TERN?! (I'm also curious about the upcoming Sologenic project, with regards to the categorisation of securities (e.g. stocks) on the XRP ledger and whether trading of them incurs taxable events or whether they represent some kind of crypto-derivative with a separate legal category (but how would dividends work, etc?).)
  9. I'm something of an "OG" I suppose, so I remember when Hodor was only a plucky young upstart around these parts! But he quickly became a staple of the XRP community and I've followed some of his blogs. Hope he's doing well, wherever he is now.
  10. I'm someone who panicked when the price dropped from highs of 0.006 to 0.003/4 during Jedmaggedon (or Armajeddon, there was even a thread on what to call it!). So... some of us old timers are not at all sensitive as we're used to bigger and badder FUD-fish than this. Anyway. No particular point, just a little perspective on FUD/doubt etc. Carry on.
  11. Lol, these crypto blogs just repeat whatever the previous one posted last week! #PumpThePrice
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