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  1. There are few who'd argue that Ripple's XRP distrubution policies thus far have been anything short of a disaster. That so much XRP is in so few hands while they're trying to develop a serious and "neutral" international bridge asset, is a bad joke. That said, they are fast making it up, starting to put the pieces in place and treading their steps far more carefully, so that they're not breaking things as they go along, like a big stupid oaf! The incredible rise in value of XRP has little to do with RIpple policy and much more to do with the pump-and-dump market we're in, where any coin can see many thousand percentage gains in a short period. But if Ripple can keep to a sensible distribution plan now and not make any more "Oops we gave away 5 billion to a bad actor and now we want it back" type screw-ups, we should be fine – because what's absolutely amazing is, in despite of Ripple's awful history of distributing "uncontrollable" XRP (Jed, etc), they have somewhat miraculously still gained traction within financial circles with xRapid et al. That really is nothing short of sensational. It's like being 5–0 down with 10 mins left to play, and then winning the game. IMO we haven't even started seeing a true XRP market emerge yet. This is all just play money, speculators and amateurs. For a mature market, we need serious institutional players with proper custody and security solutions on professionally managed funds, a better distributed RippleNet topology, a live use case and liquid strategic corridors. Those of you who know/remember me, will recall I always said 2018 was the big year. It's coming. The stepping stones have been hazardous and slippy, and sometimes it's been two forward, three back, but we're almost across the first major hurdle. I predict some major announcements with central banks by the end of the year, especially regarding regulatory clearance and support for banks holding XRP directly. Watch this space, it's going to explode.
  2. Coinbase will USE ripple/xrp by default??

    Well, here's what's interesting. Marcus Treacher came from CHAPS (Clearing House Automated Payment System), and in fact still sits on the board. Now he works in a senior position at Ripple. The UK is looking to increase capacity and efficiency, as well as operational capability – especially with Brexit looming and foreign trade concerns. So we could put two and two together...
  3. Brad is working his .. off for us :)

    Jesus Christ, those cameras! EDIT: Anyway, good job, Brad!
  4. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/powering-up-crypto-cash-society-central-bank-money-jeremy-light/ Great read by Jeremy Light. Hope you are all very well?
  5. When do ripple’s consumer restrictions set by the SEC end?
  6. CBOE Contracts Expired Today

    Not plausible IMO. They simply called the bubble, they were right. It had to pop. This is healthy readjustment. Next comes the institutional money.
  7. Ha, definitely not! I noticed this earlier and thought the same thing. I messaged some Ripple people who said they were already aware.
  8. My Story

    Thank you. And well done. If you ever need any support from an old timer, shoot me a DM. You can be proud. Feel proud.
  9. Ripple - South Korea

    Link no worky for me but here’s the Ripple Insights post: https://ripple.com/insights/top-korean-banks-work-japan-bank-consortium-modernize-cross-border-payments/
  10. Ripple - South Korea

    For those of you newbs who don’t know [mention=1440]mars75[/mention] - pay attention! Dude knows his stuff. Great post as always mate.
  11. Guys, ripdig here. For the newbs who don’t know the cold winter of jedmaggeddon, nor the lonely days of 0.005, there’s something I’d like to say. I posted recently saying this was the turning of the tide: starting with the lockup. But, this single tweet, and what it now implies, is the single biggest positive news event we have EVER received for XRP to date. Brad Garlinghouse just told us unambiguously that Ripple already has lined up three of the biggest money transfer companies in the world for real world usage of XRP. Think about that for a few minutes. This is arguably as big a news as we’ve ever had in crypto-currency since the Satoshi whitepaper. It means that XRP stands upon the brink of utter global dominance; it will receive institutional interest that makes the current volumes / market cap look like pocket change; and it means for the first time in world history, a math-based currency will solve a huge real world problem potentially to the tune of many hundreds of trillions of dollars. Take a deep breath. Re-read the tweets. Re-read Ripple’s game plan. Right now forget about single digit price. We are looking at the next Apple or Google, and we are holding something even better than the winning stock. All you need... is patience. “I come back to you now at the turn of the tide.” Ripdig
  12. Ripple freezes Jed's XRP

    It's doubly misleading by the OP because XRP cannot be frozen anyway, and the article clearly states "Bitstamp funds" were frozen. Not sure what the game is here.
  13. Rock On

    Welcome aboard!
  14. This entire article is a paid attack. Outside of the dubious "evidence" which is probably just made-up FUD, look at this part: That's never been their goal. Couldn't be further from the truth. They are targetting exotic corridors.