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  1. Just say hello!

    I remember you! Funny that we both checked back tonight too. Thanks for posting. I organised one local meetup, got 6 'yes' but one guy showed up. We pretty much just drank beer.
  2. Memories-the first 4 years

    Oh my god... that guy. Oh yeah, @brianwalden – loved his posts back in the day!
  3. Memories-the first 4 years

    Some memories (no chronological order): Hurukan losing his temper (a lot) in the old XRPTalk chat, still, we owed him one Karlos starting this new one and me posting first! Jai Chai's bizarre and awesome drunken rants from afar Tommy Train's analytical epics restoring confidence Jedmaggeddon... or was it ArmaJeddon... or the Jedpocalypse? That endless year (or two?!) of 0.004/5/6/7 Really old school: first discovering Ripple after Bitcoin and being like... WOAH Watching those first clunky, cheesy Ripple vids then frantically discovering XRP Talk... and there was like 10 people there but I was like... I'M NOT ALONE Talking about beer and Ireland with Nikb at 3am once So many members have come and gone... and come again... Ripple Dividends, that was awesome The old Ripple Trade wallet, SnapSwap, thinking account names would be valuable one day...
  4. Yeah I've been watching too much Game of Thrones... Glad you've stuck around! Things should get interesting this/next year... (I always said 2018's the big year! Old timers will back me up on that! ) Winter is coming!
  5. Oh, my sweet summer child, you know only hope. What do you know of fear? Fear is for the winter, my little lord, when the prices fall a hundred feet deep and the Jedmaggeddon comes howling out of the north. Fear is for the Long Night of 0.005-6, when David Schwartz hides his face for years at a time, and little traders are born and live and die all in liquidity darkness while the direwolves of Wall St grow gaunt and hungry, and the white walkers at Bitcointalk move through the woods ... HI EVERYONE!
  6. An ICO on RCL? Why not! Announcing PRX.

    This is a really fantastic innovation – very grateful.
  7. XRP oldtimers - lumen giveaway?

    Hi – yep got mine, immediately dumped for XRP. Glad it's all over, feels like the end of a long road!
  8. Refactoring money

    Agreed, governments add a legal/moral aspect to the otherwise entirely functional purpose of money. I concluded a while ago that many societal standards require enforcement, and that the final agent of that enforcement is government. Finality ultimately gets achieved by force or threat of it, like it or not. That's just nature. However, the upside to enforcing standards is that, well, standards are if not necessary for a certain stage of human development then certainly incredibly helpful to the point of being world changing, e.g. rail tracks, shipping containers, law itself, etc. Human beings will inevitably gather around agreed standards whether those later be considered moral or immoral through the course of history. Since we therefore must have a standard of justice, etc, then we should probably apply it to money too, as a public utility. That's my take anyway.
  9. Why do we pay taxes?

    Right. Which is precisely the reason central banks and economic policy arise, because trying to tame the wild beast of money is so incredibly mind-bendingly complex. I think the libertarians have far too simplistic view of money and monetary policy, personally, and that they like to paint governments and banks as necessarily complicit in some kind of vague evil conspiracy to exploit the masses. Maybe in some countries, but in general they are good people trying to protect the public. So I think that it is a bit naive. Yet these anarchist folks are also unwittingly acting as a very necessary check on power (which will occur in ANY system – but I would say ESPECIALLY in a libertarian/anarchist society) in a similar way that the press does (or should). Money also acts like a product – libertarians never seem to take issue with a company "creating products out of thin air" and "diluting" the scarcity, and thus value, of say, their individual bottle of wine or fidget spinner! I understand the counter arguments here, i.e. that money is fundamentally different when it acts as a unit of account; but that is precisely my point – money must also expand and scale to keep up with new people (birth/death rate) and growth cycles, endless economic challenges (theft, hoarding, cost of production, etc) and constant new demand (welfare, military, couch potatoes, whatever). Its network effect can ONLY be achieved by a nation state monopoly converted to a public utility, and not purely by market forces. Inflation and QE etc also seem to get a bad rep because people think of them like a kind of dilution of value or even outright fraud/crime. I don't see it that way. I blame Alex Jones style YouTube videos with "amateur economist" theories for that. Money (as in fiat) is a public utility, like it or not; it is secured by its nation's tax collateral and backed by economic activity, as well as its military and intelligence agencies working to protect their civilians from foreign threats. When there are libertarian attempts at "private" money systems, e.g. bitcoin, they are inevitably fraught with the same similar distribution/inequality type issues that nations struggle with! That's the great irony. Or Austrians will worship gold – without any clue as to how manipulated the gold markets are, and how much rests in so few hands, etc. Understanding is all about context, never about ideology. There are times inflation/deflation are good, and times when they're bad. Finding the sweet spot is incredibly difficult – for the most part I trust the professionals.
  10. Ha! Side note: In general, really like reading The Atlantic. Good stuff on there.
  11. It is proof! XRP price.

    You just broke my eyes
  12. Memories-the first 4 years

    The day that @heartbit_io first predicted that... well, you know the rest.
  13. It is proof! XRP price.

    Can someone please draw a few colourful triangles on a chart, just to totally 100% convince me?
  14. I can rephrase the entire article as, "Technology can lead to abuses of power" – stunning revelation! Anarchist societies would break down and produce governments anyway, so it's all two sides of the same coin. The Ring of Power cannot be destroyed, only resisted for a time.
  15. News: Bitbank Live (confirmed)

    Looks like they started trading: https://bitbank.cc/trade/xrp_jpy Nice to see more markets coming online.