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  1. rippledigital

    2018. The turn of the tide.

    Hang in there folks, we're almost out of the muck. Been through it all before; yes it sucks when you've already waded in too deep and can't see the edges on any side. But I believe we are now close to green pasture once more and this marks another turning point. Crazy... to think I posted back on Dec 8th ~$0.24 and the price shot up to almost $4 (!) and then... oof, slowly (painfully) back down to where we are now. I believe it's still pennies to what XRP ought to be, just like the days when I wasn't quite sure whether to buy more at ~$0.007 or wait for another dip to ~$0.005... Fundamentals/risks haven't changed at all, if anything forecast has improved with Codius, Xpring and Coil et al. I'm not selling a drop to these Wall St f**kers and Fund Managers; in fact, I've been adding to the portfolio again – as I do in times of despair. Our emotional spectrum is a sobering indicator. Don't let the propaganda get to you! They've been bashing XRP (and Ripple) since 2014. Still the best team and tech. Good luck out there. ---- "A sword day, a red day... and the Sun rises!" 🍻
  2. A tiny US-centric sample of what's happening just the past few weeks (not inc. things as yet in the shadows) just to PREPARE the market for the inevitable tidal wave: * http://www.businessinsider.com/blocktower-poaching-goldman-sachs-employees-for-crypto-hedge-fund-2018-4?IR=T * https://www.coindesk.com/bitgo-courts-wall-street-new-bitcoin-custody-products/ * https://www.coindesk.com/coinbase-rolls-out-crypto-custody-product-for-institutions/ * https://www.cnbc.com/2018/05/16/bitcoin-prices-will-surge-again-this-year-coinshares-chairman.html * https://cointelegraph.com/news/japan-nomura-bank-announces-crypto-custody-solution-for-institutional-investors (lots more going on quietly in Asia) * https://cointelegraph.com/news/nyses-plans-for-physical-delivery-of-bitcoin-pave-way-for-major-crypto-adoption-analysts-say * https://www.recode.net/2018/5/16/17358944/cryptocurrency-circle-jeremy-allaire-coinbase-apple-samsung-lucy-koh-uber-lyft-bill-gurley-graeber * https://www.coindesk.com/capital-markets-blockchains-finally-getting-go-live-dates ("A science experiment is not what we are interested in" – sound familiar?!) * https://www.reuters.com/article/us-new-york-cryptocurrency-gemini-winkle/winklevosses-bitcoin-exchange-wins-ny-approval-to-expand-services-idUSKCN1IF1YX * https://www.forbes.com/sites/panosmourdoukoutas/2018/05/16/bitcoin-ethereum-ripple-and-other-major-cryptocurrencies-to-get-a-boost-from-new-funds/#486d538c3210 * https://cointelegraph.com/news/japan-finance-giant-sbi-holdings-to-launch-crypto-exchange-in-summer-2018 (check out SBI's stock price) * http://www.ftseglobalmarkets.com/news/crypto-custody-solutions-for-institutional-investors.html Miguel Vias confident banks will start to hold/use XRP this year. Ripple entering China. XRP hedge funds. XRP-spevific exchange launches with fees subsidized and incentives, etc. Reports coming back from real-world cost savings. One new client per week. It goes on and on. Those claiming this is just fantasy or wishful thinking are just themselves delusional at this point. We're entering a completely new world – this year. XRP will be at the heart of it. https://www.express.co.uk/videos/528099/Head-of-XRP-markets-at-Ripple-Banks-will-use-Ripple-in-2018
  3. This market is just a playground for scams, pump-and-dumps, money laundering, hackers and well-meaning amateurs, as well as naive retail speculators/investors and those simply wanting to make a quick buck. It's the wild west. The real game hasn't really started yet so you can't judge future performance based on today's weird/suspicious market. When professionals enter the scene they will do proper due diligence; they'll be looking to projects with tight governance, a business/revenue model, etc. Ideally a company or group behind the tech building out the platform for enterprise scale.
  4. This is just the beginning. 2018 was always the year of: – Full suite product integration for RippleNet (now known as xCurrent, xRapid, xVia) – Custodial solutions allowing institutional flows – Scaling aka "decentralization" – Regulation If you've been keeping an eye on progress these past ~five years, you'd find it was actually fairly easy to forsee when things would click into place, albeit given some insight (which luckily I am privilege to via friends) into testing/pilot/installation/training times of the banking and corporate sectors when dealing with this technology (it's slooow!), as well as the behind-the-scenes work on regulation and custody solutions that's now coming to light. Liquidity will come somewhat naturally once custody and regulation/legality has absorbed properly into the market worldwide. Everything so far has just been the set-up, putting pieces into play; Ripple are way ahead of the game. There is an earth-shattering tsunami of capital waiting patiently (actually now quite impatiently!) for access into the crypto-asset market and they all now know (being in regular comms and sitting in each other's boardrooms, etc) that whoever's first to market eats the biggest lunch.
  5. Yoshi knows what's coming.
  6. rippledigital

    2018. The turn of the tide.

    OK ladies and gentleman. Hold on to your butts. Been in the game since 2013. Any old-timers left here (?) may recall I'd harp on like a broken record about 2018, ever since XRPtalk. Well, Dec/Jan I was pretty much on the mark as we all saw out 2017 with some fizz and pop. But... That was just some end of year speculation – Xmas FOMO money. Well, 2018's truly underway and business rolling – things are about to get really crazy. Forget the pennies. Hold on to your butts, and your zerps. Be good to each other. And most of all, remember: the Schwartz is with us.
  7. There are few who'd argue that Ripple's XRP distrubution policies thus far have been anything short of a disaster. That so much XRP is in so few hands while they're trying to develop a serious and "neutral" international bridge asset, is a bad joke. That said, they are fast making it up, starting to put the pieces in place and treading their steps far more carefully, so that they're not breaking things as they go along, like a big stupid oaf! The incredible rise in value of XRP has little to do with RIpple policy and much more to do with the pump-and-dump market we're in, where any coin can see many thousand percentage gains in a short period. But if Ripple can keep to a sensible distribution plan now and not make any more "Oops we gave away 5 billion to a bad actor and now we want it back" type screw-ups, we should be fine – because what's absolutely amazing is, in despite of Ripple's awful history of distributing "uncontrollable" XRP (Jed, etc), they have somewhat miraculously still gained traction within financial circles with xRapid et al. That really is nothing short of sensational. It's like being 5–0 down with 10 mins left to play, and then winning the game. IMO we haven't even started seeing a true XRP market emerge yet. This is all just play money, speculators and amateurs. For a mature market, we need serious institutional players with proper custody and security solutions on professionally managed funds, a better distributed RippleNet topology, a live use case and liquid strategic corridors. Those of you who know/remember me, will recall I always said 2018 was the big year. It's coming. The stepping stones have been hazardous and slippy, and sometimes it's been two forward, three back, but we're almost across the first major hurdle. I predict some major announcements with central banks by the end of the year, especially regarding regulatory clearance and support for banks holding XRP directly. Watch this space, it's going to explode.
  8. rippledigital

    Coinbase will USE ripple/xrp by default??

    Well, here's what's interesting. Marcus Treacher came from CHAPS (Clearing House Automated Payment System), and in fact still sits on the board. Now he works in a senior position at Ripple. The UK is looking to increase capacity and efficiency, as well as operational capability – especially with Brexit looming and foreign trade concerns. So we could put two and two together...
  9. rippledigital

    Brad is working his .. off for us :)

    Jesus Christ, those cameras! EDIT: Anyway, good job, Brad!
  10. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/powering-up-crypto-cash-society-central-bank-money-jeremy-light/ Great read by Jeremy Light. Hope you are all very well?
  11. When do ripple’s consumer restrictions set by the SEC end?
  12. rippledigital

    CBOE Contracts Expired Today

    Not plausible IMO. They simply called the bubble, they were right. It had to pop. This is healthy readjustment. Next comes the institutional money.
  13. Ha, definitely not! I noticed this earlier and thought the same thing. I messaged some Ripple people who said they were already aware.
  14. rippledigital

    My Story

    Thank you. And well done. If you ever need any support from an old timer, shoot me a DM. You can be proud. Feel proud.