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  1. Remind them that the world is going digital, including money. Explain how Ripple's tech connects all payment networks together using a common standard, like the web or email. Let that soak in for a bit. Tell them this includes a digital 'reserve currency' that sits in between all these systems, ledgers and currencies and is designed somewhat like the euro, connecting all of Europe, except we all carry on using dollars or euro or whatever we like! Keep the language light and simple. No fancy words. Don't have to be 100% technically accurate, just paint them a picture. Maybe use an analogy about trade, e.g. shipping containers. Focus on features not current problems. 'Digital currencies' will reduce fees, enable tiny payments and new biz models, reach new markets and places, enhance security and transparency, etc.
  2. Dimension Data on BrightTalk

    Guys this is really great stuff! Thanks for finding it and posting these slides, hope you don't mind but I tweeted some of these pics. Incredible progress Ripple have made.
  3. IOTA discussion

    Convert it back to XRP...
  4. Quick question for the og zerpers

    Oh my god, ZipZap! Forgot all about them! Haha, thanks for that!
  5. Quick question for the og zerpers

    Actually this is a great point. The old timers have seen the absolute worst; we've been through the depths of despair – only a really deep understanding of the company, tech and vision has kept us going (and for many that "faith" has been rewarded). It is indeed exactly why this forum (and its predecessor XRPTalk) are/were such a great resource and community – the harshness has shaped a diamond, a rarity not seen elsewhere IMO. It's not just a pump/dump forum, far from it; there's a real sense of purpose around here and, as you say, patience with and support for newcomers and a desire to help or educate where possible. We were all newbies once! Great thread.
  6. ripple challenge to swift

    Great points@CryptoCredit
  7. ripple challenge to swift

    Curious - how was it superior to Ripple at this time?
  8. What is your personality type?

    Always hungry!
  9. Just thought this was funny and summed up the recent situation so well! (Hi everyone, hope you're well – I never did update that beer topic did?)
  10. Just say hello!

    I remember you! Funny that we both checked back tonight too. Thanks for posting. I organised one local meetup, got 6 'yes' but one guy showed up. We pretty much just drank beer.
  11. Memories-the first 4 years

    Oh my god... that guy. Oh yeah, @brianwalden – loved his posts back in the day!
  12. Memories-the first 4 years

    Some memories (no chronological order): Hurukan losing his temper (a lot) in the old XRPTalk chat, still, we owed him one Karlos starting this new one and me posting first! Jai Chai's bizarre and awesome drunken rants from afar Tommy Train's analytical epics restoring confidence Jedmaggeddon... or was it ArmaJeddon... or the Jedpocalypse? That endless year (or two?!) of 0.004/5/6/7 Really old school: first discovering Ripple after Bitcoin and being like... WOAH Watching those first clunky, cheesy Ripple vids then frantically discovering XRP Talk... and there was like 10 people there but I was like... I'M NOT ALONE Talking about beer and Ireland with Nikb at 3am once So many members have come and gone... and come again... Ripple Dividends, that was awesome The old Ripple Trade wallet, SnapSwap, thinking account names would be valuable one day...
  13. Yeah I've been watching too much Game of Thrones... Glad you've stuck around! Things should get interesting this/next year... (I always said 2018's the big year! Old timers will back me up on that! ) Winter is coming!
  14. Oh, my sweet summer child, you know only hope. What do you know of fear? Fear is for the winter, my little lord, when the prices fall a hundred feet deep and the Jedmaggeddon comes howling out of the north. Fear is for the Long Night of 0.005-6, when David Schwartz hides his face for years at a time, and little traders are born and live and die all in liquidity darkness while the direwolves of Wall St grow gaunt and hungry, and the white walkers at Bitcointalk move through the woods ... HI EVERYONE!