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  1. Lubin 100% corrupted Vitalik. And not that Vitalik has done too much wrong, but he literally only speaks bad about Ripple and XRP. I have no doubts that is from Lubin's influence. Vitalik's project could come crashing down due to the corrupt partners he chose. Oh well.
  2. There is no better time to start calling ethereum the banker's scam coin than NOW. When the miners start to speak up publicly against the motives of Vitalik and ConsenSys, ALL of Crypto Twitter is going to need to carry that torch with them. The fact we have the media sniffing around ethereum already is HUGE becuase they will sense the backlash that arises and be able to quickly follow up on the story by piecing it all together. Miners + Crypto Twitter + some % of mainstream media is going to make this hell for them as they try to complete this utter scam job.
  3. This is it, and I've seen it mentioned before, and I have parroted it on here. They are going to eff over the eth miners and it is all going to become hyper centralized with Eth2.0 Don't know how but you can see it coming.
  4. Love it. So much pressure on the SEC. Just hope they can't pull a Rocky IV with all the punches they are taking.
  5. My view is still that if Ripple needed better at this moment, then they would have it. When or if they need better, they will get it.
  6. Both China and the USA taking a hard stance is kind of a big deal. Utility tokens are under pressure to prove their case as utility tokens, commodities, or whatever it needs to be in order to separate them from the 99% of crypto tokens that are useless, unregistered securities. This was always going to be the case. The NFT space is going to be filled with fraud and scams and insider trading soon enough, which will also draw the attention of regulators. BTC will have its road blocks but can carry on doing its thing. I think every other token in existence still needs further protection in order to be safe from regulators, including ethereum.
  7. Can't believe this is all actually playing out like this. Clayton was running scared on cnbc today in my opinion. Something in me still believes Gensler is a better chess player than Clayton here. He accepted the role with a bird's eye view of the situation. The only aspect of this whole case that I can imagine Gensler would not have foreseen is the amount of evidence brought forth by the XRP army. I can also imagine Gensler seeing that ahead of time as a way to back Clayton and Hinman into a corner and to avoid all of the lawsuits that WOULD come if the SEC went back on ether's status. I think it's possible that the corruption, if exposed, gives cover for the potential of lawsuits over ethereum. I think Gensler and Warren could be playing a hand like that, and I think Warren's mention of the ethereum gas fees was the clue. This story below about spiraling (upwards) gas fees on ethereum was just dropped this afternoon as well. https://www.coindesk.com/business/2021/09/23/chaotic-time-magazine-nft-launch-sends-gas-fees-spiraling/ Seriously guys, I get more enthralled with this story by the day. It is incredible. And Ripple seem to be going on a bit of a PR blitz lately too.
  8. Jay Clayton was on cnbc today to make a statement about not having a conflict of interest. This is all so real. The army is (hopefully) giving Ripple's legal team an amazing assist with all of the public investigation. Hopefully it hasn't burned any of their own leverage now that so much is out in the open haha. I doubt it because something going on official court record is much different than Twitter still.
  9. Just look at this mess. No wonder he knew he had protect his investment by any means necessary. The blockchain is a MESS. https://www.coindesk.com/business/2021/09/23/chaotic-time-magazine-nft-launch-sends-gas-fees-spiraling/
  10. Private ledgers based on the XRPL have some really really great potential. With successful pilots like this one and some others in the future hopefully, Ripple may be able to catch up to the field (R3) in a big way.
  11. To this point, I meant to also add that during his testimony, he and Elizabeth Warren had what appeared to be a very scripted exchange. In that exchange, Senator Warren specifically named ethereum and their high fees as something harmful to consumers and investors. There is just something to that I believe. And no, I am in no way ready to believe that Gensler/Warren will be my saviors. I just sense that there was a reason behind her namedropping ethereum in that moment with all eyes watching. Including and especially Joe Lubin.
  12. I am questioning my use of bullet points. Normal spacing makes for an easier read (or my eyes are just starting to go), but I apologize.
  13. There are so many dots to connect out there. Like SBI and R3 also work together, but to the extent again that Ripple and XRP are involved is just speculation (but the kind of speculation I like!) Somewhat exhausted from connecting dots for the last 4 years, but I think we're getting much closer to seeing how it will all come together.
  14. I desperately want to believe that, and I'm sure there are some connection points. But I do believe R3 is working mostly independently from Ripple / XRPL / XRP. I do believe that XRP is a tool that has been vetted and CAN be used as a cross border settlement mechanism via R3's Corda settler, but not that XRP WILL be used as such. I am certain that I have some of that information incorrect.
  15. If and when vulnerabilities are found in the Lightning Network, "BTC as a currency" will take yet another hit. There are many major countries running pilots on CBDCs, and I believe R3 is behind most of those designs on private chains. IMO, Ripple still has some catching up to do in the CBDC space.
  16. Good thread and hugely important topic. I also have the ambition to pursue an idea in this space once I can pull a little money out to fund it. I happen to think a few of us here could pull off the proof of concept with one very good blockchain / NFT developer. But that is besides the point here. Several excellent points are made. Ethereum and BTC - because they work on a model that CAN be easily centralized with money - are the darlings of Wall Street and big banksters. The ethereum-Consensys-JP Morgan partnership is all you need to look at in my opinion. Ripple was purposefully slowed down with the intention to corruptly capture market share for ethereum - and by extension JP Morgan. I don't believe this is simply to keep the payments on the ethereum so that it can work as it does today i.e. in a reasonably decentralized manner considering the miners / validators / nodes / what have you. I do believe that with the golden ticket they have been given, their end goal will be to squeeze out all the operators that make it decentralized today, and eventually to control all of those operations themselves - or through their own banking network. This would ensure that they make the lion's share of all the transactional fees on ethereum / BTC, just like they do now in the banking system. I largely agree on Gasparino in that he saw an opportunity for clicks and took it. Though it should be said he did notice something about this years ago when reporting on the Working Group that was feeding Hinman their rules. Hopefully other journalists / reporters willing to do a deeper dive will see the same opportunity. There is something in my mind that tells me the Gensler story is still developing in a big way. This could be mostly naivety, I do not believe that his ultimate intentions are worn on his sleeve. What he says regarding the SEC's broad reach today is largely true. He has also been sending very clear messages to Congress that he will use that brush (stifle innovation) until Congress deems otherwise (frees up innovation). I am reminded of course that he often backs up the work of Clayton as previous Chair, but I don't think he can undermine a $1.3B lawsuit by doing otherwise yet. I am also reminded that both he and Mary Jo White are Democrats, nominated by Obama to work together as heads of the two major financial oversight agencies. I happen to believe that the two of them see eye to eye in a much more concerted way than Gensler and Clayton do. At the same time Hinman and Clayton were deeming ethereum a commodity, Gensler was calling it a security. So there is reason to believe (depending on how corruptible he would have been as Chair then) that Gensler would NOT have given ethereum the free pass. He knows they were once a security, he knows they do have a central hub of organizers, and he knows that the 2.0 launch is a centralized effort. And now, a legal team including his long time colleague Mary Jo White, is making all of this information public in court. When you couple that with the work being done by the XRP Army to make all of this public...I just think that ethereum is not yet completely in the clear. Now we know that JP Morgan is in the ethereum corner, but if any of my hunches are true, I can't figure out what big backers might be in Ripple's corner if there is soon to be regulatory heat on ethereum / Consesnys / Lubin. TLDR: I guess I think that we are looking at this as a Ripple v. SEC chess match, but I think we may have one of the opponents wrong. I think the SEC is a chess piece, and the game is being played by Ripple (but with some shadowy support) and ethereum / BTC (with support of JPM and by extension the legacy banking system) Or maybe Ripple actually is David in a David v Goliath battle. Just think there is so much more going on in the background.
  17. That's pretty much me as well. I want that Britto/Schwartz Polysign custody man.
  18. Plenty of other trials and projects out there, but definitely nice to see Ripple involved with one of them. Hope it leads to more Ripple trials soon. Interoperability will be the key to all of this.
  19. It must have been a comment on Twitter or Youtube, but I noticed someone said that this ethereum free pass thing is linked to JPM, Goldman and USA Banks because they feel they can monopolize the mining fees and keep all of those in house. My little brain was thinking about how ETH2.0 is said to be disadvantageous for miners (for multiple reasons I'm sure) but one being that it will obviously cut the mining fees considerably. Can you see a world where Consensys / Ethereum Alliance / etc. (and all the greedy corporate banking elites attached to them) are building a COMPLETELY centralized system where they will collect all the mining fees? My guess is the fight between the foundation (with Lubin as mouthpieceofshit) and the miners as they approach 2.0 is going to be nasty. And their goal will be to push the miners out. The strategy would have been to make yourself too big to fail when that shit hits the fan. A strategy known all too well by the banking elites tied in with ethereum. I don't use twitter, but it is time to start calling ethereum the banker's coin.
  20. Is there a blockchain ecosystem with more to lose from Gensler's regulatory hammer than ethereum? How many CMC Top 100 projects were built after a token launch on ethereum? I genuinely don't know that answer, maybe it is much fewer than I think.
  21. Just watching for a bounce off of 37K like a lot are calling now.
  22. Really great thread here from Raoul. He holds plenty of digital assets including XRP. Thread reader link here if you prefer
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