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  1. this market is going to get so boring the longer it's all tied to the bitcorn house of cards
  2. Think you are right. Any tax increase at all was going to be met with opposition and drama. Ask for a lot, get a little will be the plan. The meeting in the middle could then be seen as a boost. Big money sells the news and buys back in lower anyway.
  3. BTC stalling. ETH and BNB passing or about to pass ATHs. Things may be starting to flow downhill from the top. But I think this is likely just a brief pump. But also I think ATH this weekend.
  4. Hahaha that's really cool, but very different vibes from the retro technicolor benz.
  5. Oh man that car is fkn amazing. Would buy after XRP hits targets.
  6. BTC just really looks like it wants to crash doesn't it
  7. Signed by Mary Jo White, former Chair of the SEC. I knew she was on the defense team, but it's still something else to see her name signing a document like that.
  8. the more clicks these articles, the more publications will follow the trend to report on this story. meaning the more pressure heaped on Gensler and team to get to a resolution. This is great to see.
  9. I do now wish monetary and judicial harm upon those at the SEC trying to crush an company for their own personal gain.
  10. Hey quick questions and I don't want to derail from XRP. But 1) are you American and if so 2) where do you trade TRX? That is all.
  11. Internet culture. We know how quickly things get tossed aside for the next thing.
  12. Yes. He wants to be his own Federal Reserve. Inflate and deflate as he sees fit.
  13. That feels like an eternity. And then some.
  14. God I want this to all end so badly, in a legal sense, for these crooks.
  15. XRP is glowing right now. The movement looks so healthy almost effortless.
  16. Yea I think it's going to quickly turn into a nice buying opportunity like you say. Not to over conflate everything with XRP, but they do still have the relisting in their back pocket. And with the sheer volume of trades that XRP brings, they will be able to show those boosted revenues in Q2/Q3 depending when it happens.
  17. Let's all pile into the Coinbase IPO...as DeFi takes off, Binance continues to grow rapidly, and right before Gensler finally approves the first bitcoin ETF and all the major institutions can start listing crypto assets.
  18. That's all much more likely and reasonable than my line of thinking. I think the BTC elevator is nearing capacity right now, and will go over capacity relatively soon. When a big institution makes their move out, I think the others will desperately jump out with them and grab the first few lifelines available as the cables begin to snap. This was my second big analogy today.
  19. We knew this correction was coming. All part of the ride we've waited in that long line for.
  20. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/04/14/gary-gensler-has-a-full-agenda-as-he-gets-set-to-take-over-the-sec.html didn't mention that ongoing case that he's been handed that, you know, could define his term and the future of the industry...I don't actually understand it when things like this are so blatantly left out. Conspiracy part of me thinks there is a reason. Cynical part of me just thinks these mfers are too stupid to know. But it does baffle me. It gives Ripple such a Voldemort feel.
  21. I would imagine those people that you can copy-trade on certain exchanges are going to become quite popular (and wealthy) too.
  22. This is a great point...but so scary to think about managing someone else's money in crypto with it being so incredibly volatile. Would take a large set of gonads to weather that storm now. But volatility should peak at some point in the not too distant future and then taper off some more. Definitely a new class of financial advisors will come from this. And they'll never have to wear a suit.
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