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  1. Power is all they care about, so voting them out is our biggest weapon.
  2. Is it kind of weird that there is all of a sudden this focus on the Hinman speech about BTC and ETH (not even about XRP)? Like others have said, ultimately Ripple needs to get a ruling on XRP. Weirdly, I have almost lost sight of Ripple being the defendant here, and it almost seems like all the work Deaton, DAI and others have done to uncover corruption may actually be coming to light. Ripple just got access to notes from the meetings literally with Consensys and the DA Working Group that are on the timeline. I can't pretend to know what's going on behind the scenes. It just seems like the judge has agreed to look into some of this stuff.
  3. Rest assured, even if Gensler isn't that stressed over throwing Hinman under the bus, this order will be keeping certain enemies awake at night. Hinman and the Eth Foundation/Alliance/whatever the feck name they use to break rules, Lubin and some of his cronies, the Andreesen peeps involved. Feck them all. I know we need resolution with the SEC as opposed to any of those scumbags, but that will come if we are patient. In the meantime, no qualms at all about throwing a world of hurt (or legal fees) at the feet of all these other dirtbags. Feck em. It looks like legal battles are starting to pile up for Consensys too, so the VISA news was clearly a PR move to counter all of that.
  4. I assume the email chain will give light to how "his own opinion" was constructed. As in how many instances are there in writing of other SEC employees agreeing/green lighting/signing off on this speech. I guess they will still argue personal opinion, but that becomes a weak argument at trial, to say the least, if Ripple can show in writing that it was clearly not his own opinion.
  5. Ok ok ok...seem to be some juicy things in there. Valerie Szepanick is now in the spotlight, and the email chain containing the draft of Hinman's speech must be turned over. Juicy juicy!
  6. Makes me even more inclined to accidentally trip or headbutt one of these SEC officials should I happen to pass them by.
  7. need to learn more about this Quant QRC-20 token update. Could be very big if that will no longer be considered an ERC-20 token.
  8. I have been out of touch for a week or two. Is XRP price movement just related to this SOLO airdrop?
  9. "create our own reality through words" is a familiar Joe Lubin quote that comes to mind here...
  10. hahahaha coinbase showing XRP at $4,523,177.72. These mfers are just trolling us aren't they.
  11. Yea there is definitely something around the Consensys, Quorum, JPM deal that isn't right. Early Consensys shareholders are already suing over what they claim was an artificially low asset valuation around this deal. Something along the lines of Consensys selling a bunch of ETH, UNI, etc. to JPM at a much lower than market price in a deal that would move these assets from Zurich back to the USA. All to allow for JPM to run Consensys' eventual IPO.
  12. Nice. I have never listened to this guy's show, will have to look for this one.
  13. Man, that is another killer thread by Deaton. Clayton and the 2 commisioners who voted FOR this action are dirty dirty rats. I'd find it hard not to headbutt Clayton if I saw him.
  14. Yes, it's beautifully put. Our collective sense making apparatus is broken down, largely due to the effects of social media and the algorithms that run the platforms. Reversing it is going to be incredibly difficult but monumentally important at the same time. I find it as a positive sign that it's not THAT hard to find people who agree that these things have broken down. It may be a somewhat obvious observation, but so what. Admitting there is a problem always needs to be step 1. In a sense though, that's just like looking at a car with no engine and understanding it won't work. But if you're not a mechanic, you wouldn't know how to get it running again. I believe the majority of people (no matter what they think politically) could have a conversation about this and come to an agreement that it needs to be fixed. But how? I think a shift away from the social media platforms will help, but they have essentially infected the heavy users. If we had societal doctors, I think the prescription would be a heavy dose of listening. Not to the people you disagree with (as that would be torture at first). But listening to a range of voices who discuss the root causes of these issues, and not just the symptoms. I have personally found it wildly helpful to listen to conversations (podcasts) where the people are open to having their minds changed, and excited to have their own thoughts challenged by others. I think it is vital, in western culture at least, that my generation (millennials) with young kids (and the education system quickly turn this corner, so that our youngest generations can be positively influenced. I don't have kids personally, so maybe schools are already doing this, but I would be supportive of more classes on civil discourse and culture, even if it took time away from some of the traditional coursework.
  15. Whether anything comes from it, I don't know. But what I do know is this is democracy in action, and this is citizens heaping political pressure onto its government for actions they deem undemocratic. It's beautiful really.
  16. Too broad a brush, IMO, and shows some inherent bias. Just one example...until recently progressive liberalism would have promoted strict immigration - as that would have been seen as a PRO-Labor stance. Conservatives maybe can't really believe their luck as they find themselves able to pluck off and leverage some of the most hardened ideals of American progressivism from the past - many of which are very pro-liberty, pro-democracy, etc. We are in the middle of a phase of political distortion or permeability, not unlike similar periods in the past, where party tenants are being traded and morphed. Ultimately, there are still 2 parties fighting for the same things which highlights our stagnation.
  17. While I think some of what you say is true, I also think what you see is politics as usual. If the Republicans were in control, I have a pretty good feeling the messaging would be different, if not entirely flipped. They're out there winning votes, but let's not forget Jay Clayton's tenure as SEC chair, Trump calling bitcoin a scam against the dollar, etc. The reason America is (potentially) too far gone is that too many people are still stuck within the walls of a game of pong, thinking it's always the other side to blame. From outside that game, you can find a more honest perspective.
  18. Not saying it's a case defining moment (could be but I wouldn't know), but it seems that in terms of those particular documents/files, Mr. Solomon has beautifully backed the SEC into a corner here.
  19. Also wish someone would have asked the Stellar rep how Stellar was funded and what makes it different from Ripple and XRP, considering XRP sales have done more to fund Stellar development than XRPL development.
  20. One would think the Republicans would take less of a heavy handed approach with regulation, so in part it is not surprising. Though the cynic in me thinks that it's the obvious position for them to take in terms of winning votes. However, having seen much of today's hearing, I do think there were signs that Congress is coming around on crypto. I think the hearing skewed more towards where we would hope (but maybe would not have expected). And I think through many of the reps, Congress came across as more understanding of the tech and both the risks and opportunities it brings. - I would really love to know if Ripple was extended an invitation - I would also love to know if I just happened to miss the part where absurd "gas fees" were discussed. I would be surprised if it was never brought up, having heard the rest of it.
  21. ...for example: The Stellar representative just explained the tool that THEY built with Moneygram. Just LOL. I hate this.
  22. I can't help but say it...I've been listening to quite a bit of this congressional hearing on crypto today. Considering that Stellar is there answering many of the questions Ripple would, considering the ways many of the witnesses have followed a script developed by Ripple long ago about the Internet of Value, considering Ripple's position in this space domestically...it is quite astonishing that Ripple is not represented actually. I wonder if it was not offered to them or if they declined due to the case. The SEC and Gensler have really been taken to task several times throughout the hearing.
  23. This is the scary part. ...and seemingly insurmountable at this point. They've put us at war with ourselves over no single, dominant issue in particular. We're just so disagreeable as a society that we're headed towards civil war because of it (people can call me crazy). It's either this or they'll find a way to galvanize us in a non-lethal, new cold war of sorts against China. If they can't figure out how to deliver that message, then it's already over.
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