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  1. Perfectly fine to have that opinion..but yea Forbes and CNBC and New York Times and CBS News are running stories/airing interviews that lean heavily in favor of Ripple and XRP holders. Weird to think that a nonexistent following - meaning no Deaton case, no petition sent to Gensler, no 4,000 attendees limits being hit during hearings, etc. etc. etc. - isn't having an effect.
  2. This is beautiful. Part of me still thinks Gensler wants to double down as this is the biggest hammer he could throw at crypto. But it is amazing the pressure that the XRP community has put right back onto the SEC. What a juicy story. Wish I could write it...wouldn't mind collaborating with others to write this epic story.
  3. Guys, my brain must get bigger before I try to do any of this stuff. Is there any function of the flare network that expands brain size?
  4. I'm losing my mind little by little over this shit.
  5. Silicon Valley trying to replace/become Wall Street? They seem to all want to become banks in one way or another.
  6. Polysign is awake and now starting to stretch its legs...
  7. Well they certainly didn't come up with the concept to put the time in to build all the rails yet. But I wouldn't put anything beyond the reach of that warchest. Zuckerberg does seem to already have a target on his back from regulators though. It still begs the question...why not Ripple's XRPL?
  8. It's a tall task, but the absurdity with ETH fees is certainly going to give the Flare platform every opportunity they need to eat into that giant market share.
  9. Maybe it's naïve of me, but I feel confident the FLR will drop into my Coinbase account. From that point though, there are several steps to take over the matter of a few weeks in order to take full advantage of the opportunities. I literally watched my first youtube video on it today so don't have much info. Know this forum has some good info to dig through also which I will be doing.
  10. It's time for me to stop procrastinating on my airdrop homework. The FLR snapshot for DFLR airdrop is exciting, and I feel like I could mess it up.
  11. Yea the censorship is something that bugs me.
  12. I generally feel the same way. But also, a ponzi scheme is a ponzi scheme and should be labeled and prosecuted as such.
  13. Don't want to speak for him, but I would say he is along the lines of what could be a viable process...but add that it may not be the SEC making this determination. I loathe the thought of yet another government agency, but we currently do not have one capable of monitoring and pushing forward the blockchain/crypto space. So maybe this approach or something like it could work, but not through the SEC exclusively.
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