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  1. If America could trade XRP, the pump could sustain itself, at least to find a higher support. Calling it a worthless pump without the whole disclaimer about the wealthiest economy in the world (where the company happens to be located) being barred from trading it doesn't tell the whole story.
  2. So this is copied from the white paper... Epoch 3 – Launch: On launch, 2,580,480 Evers will be airdropped to XRP holders like the Flare Networks airdrop (ie, in proportion to all holders through wallets and participating exchanges while excluding accounts Ripple and its founders);
  3. I don't know much about all of this stuff, but from just a general perspective all these new projects is making the XRPL look a bit more like ethereum. It just looks like a significant spike in the amount of development happening on and around the XRPL. That feels promising.
  4. Among other things, it looks like Ripple's tie up in the courts has allowed SWIFT just enough time to launch some Ripple competition. Odd how that works.
  5. Things are moving fast. I know some here can help to explain. Feels like yet another possible airdrop. Do we hold cheat codes? Is patience the cheat code?
  6. Hinman Depo Day! I imagine it will take a little time before any tidbits come out from this so probably another slow news day. But I hope the ****** is ******.
  7. Arthur gets a lot of mention around Polysign (as he should of course). But I feel like a reveal may happen relatively soon. I'm just not sure you can keep putting someone's name out there like this without a plan to reveal. It's weird and I love it.
  8. This is all likely NSA protected to some extent if we're being honest. Jed seems somewhat invincible. Arthur Britto is unnamed and completely anonymous. Do we even know how much XRP was gifted to him? If it was gifted to him, we don't know if he's ever sold it? These things seem to be uncovered quite easily with blockchain, but somehow not with him. And trust me, I am intrigued in the best ways possible around his anonymity and the origins of all this stuff. It does not turn me off in any way. I believe BTC and then XRPL and probably a few other things could be traced back to NSA or something like that. Not that they ever will be.
  9. I just meant I'm unsure which was the bigger target from Ripple's perspective - Hinman or the docs. Hinman could be the preferred choice of the two from the SEC perspective.
  10. Considering the refusal to hand any of them over, you have to think there is as much, if not more, incriminating info in the docs as there would be with the Hinman depo.
  11. Pretty sure Currencycloud is still a Ripplenet partner. VISA is throwing its weight around the industry in a big way. https://www.reuters.com/business/finance/visa-acquire-currencycloud-700-million-pounds-valuation-2021-07-22/?taid=60f957ea9f257b0001a5e585&utm_campaign=trueAnthem:+Trending+Content&utm_medium=trueAnthem&utm_source=twitter
  12. Jed got one of the biggest hush money payouts in history, certainly the biggest we'll likely see in crypto for a while. An early stage startup (one he was involved a great deal in to be fair) effectively paid him a billion dollars to get out and keep his mouth shut about something. Not that worried about Jed. If David Schwartz and Britto had left the company, that would've sunk Ripple I bet. They're doing fine without Jed (and the other likely snitch Tiff Hayden). Look at the Board of Directors again if you need to remind yourself. Look at who the Chief Economist at Ripple is.
  13. You don't seem to feel sorry for anyone but yourself. Debbie Downer innit.
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