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  1. Agree with all of this...especially the parts about BTC and moreso Ethereum actually becoming more centralized over time, as the XRPL becomes more decentralized. This of course because the banks are taking over control of those two networks as much as possible. The mining economy is as scammy as any ponzi scheme I have ever seen. Makes Lularoe look like child's play. Something in my head/heart still tells me that Ripple have two of the absolute top minds in this space, and that if all of these companies put their top minds into a room together, Ripple may have the top two with Britto and Schwartz. This of course does not mean that they will be the most successful, I just happen to think they know more than almost all of the rest of them. And to me (could be naivety) they seem less corrupted. Vitalik was corrupted long ago by Lubin and Co.
  2. I don't want to go to trial. Maybe Ripple does, but damnit I don't want that. And I don't mean because of the timeline. I just mean I wouldn't trust a fair process.
  3. It is independent, so it's not like it was sanctioned by the government. I don't know anything about electroneum, but I do know Quant is a major major up and comer. Their founder is deeply tied into the British/European/Australian banking and security sectors. It makes me happy to see Ripple and Quant working together.
  4. What investment bank is going to run the Ripple IPO...considering they all seem to harbor so much resentment (to put it lightly) towards Ripple?
  5. The other point I wanted to make was that I can't figure out if it is just the SEC case or if there is some deeper reason that Ripple seem to have very little support among American industry peers. Like you pointed out to start this thread, ethereum was very open about skirting the rules, organizing overseas, avoiding regulators...while Ripple was the exact opposite...and yet VISA, JPM and other heavy hitters are happy to stand with ethereum. There is just so so little vocal support for Ripple among the crypto/blockchain community, and it's something I have not quite figured out. But it frustrates me. Outside of America though, we see new partnerships on a seemingly weekly basis throughout the Middle East and Asia. Today, they officially announced their involvement with the Digital Pound Foundation. So it's great to see this type of support overseas. But still absolutely bewildering to me that we see none of it here in America.
  6. It's the same case with Coinbase and Binance among a few other I'm sure too. I'm not even holding my breath that they are going to distribute the FLR that was promised at this point...let alone the Songbird that never came.
  7. Thanks for starting this. I've thought to myself recently that I need to start getting more familiar with the XRPL tools like the DEX myself.
  8. Yes, I'm as beginner as they come with gaming, but I have been looking for a way to dive into this world. This Bloktopia thing is blowing my mind. Will join a gaming thread.
  9. Thanks man. I feel you on this. One of the most frustrating parts about this case / stalled movement on XRP is that you can see the next pockets of opportunity forming (like gaming)...but you just know that you have to wait out this case now in order to make this now 4 year hodl worth it. Time being money of course. The lessons I am learning while not being able to recklessly trade / blow money I hope will be valuable for me down the road. Having this level of patience forced upon me alone will make me a better long term investor down the road...I think.
  10. Yep and literal beacons of industry shilling this bullshit. And beyond just DOGE, it's Mark effing Cuban saying that the #2 large cap token (hundreds of millions of dollars ahead of the next in total market cap!) has the most upside. Like it's just actually stupid.
  11. I'm convinced that I am absolutely doomed to be *relatively* poor while the entire idiocracy surrounding me gets rich.
  12. How do I always find myself working against mainstream plebs (which seems to be where all the money always is)?? https://www.cnbc.com/2021/10/13/mark-cuban-ethereum-has-the-most-upside-as-a-crypto-investment.html Bitcoin, ether, doge...how ******* intuitive of you, Cubes.
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