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  1. Especially as society descends into anti-fundamental/hype/meme investing trends. Nothing burgers, to this point in the race, are still ahead. Long way to go though.
  2. You into Quant? Promising tech tied tightly to Ripple/XRP/ILP.
  3. This part of it is still somewhat difficult to fathom, at least for me. That value is going to incrementally/exponentially shift to the ledger and be measured in sats rather than dollars. I get that it, or something like it is going to happen. But it's along the lines of a genuinely new invented language emerging to replace english as a global language and all the others along the way. Like, what?
  4. Each new generation is becoming more and more willing to take risks though. Especially as talks of stimulus and UBI heat up. Millennials to a fairly large extent and the Zoomers after them will be all about risk. It won't be overnight, but it could happen faster than we think.
  5. This thread reads like a lot of "i told you so" and pointing the finger of blame at others for losing money on a speculative investment. Whole lotta using hindsight as proof lol
  6. They have the upper hand because they are suing Ripple, not the other way around. If they (SEC) lose or settle and Americans can freely and easily purchase and trade XRP again, then they will no longer have the upper hand. But until then, Ripple is piling up lawsuits to deal with, XRP is falling in market cap, and XRP is not easy to purchase as another round of stimmy checks get deposited to American accounts.
  7. As much as I want to believe this ends in a relatively quick settlement, the Hogans and the Hynes are bag holders with bias. The SEC holds the upper hand in this case until the moment a settlement is reached that allows XRP to be relisted as a tradeable currency on exchanges.
  8. what's best exchange for me to stare at XRP 1m charts instead of doing work today? TIA
  9. In a generally red day for the entire market, it was the only coin that also had a headline making news story with a negative sentiment...
  10. Those questions are as fair as any I could think of on this topic. But no one is interested in paying with crypto anyway I suppose. Just buying/hodling/selling. At least 1 of these 8,000+ projects has decided to focus on some sort of transactional utility...
  11. I'd go for 300 billion, but that is absolutely taking a positive SEC result into account. No chance of getting there without that IMHO.
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