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  1. price action without any news, this will probably go down in the history of xrp as nothing but a small blip.
  2. WU would be a great step in adoption but it don't think it matters if they decide to continue living in the cretaceous period If we believe the cost savings of XRP are real, there is profit to made out there and when there is profit someone will make it work .
  3. there seems to be a correlation between price and trolls out to gloat.
  4. Yes, yes. Unfortunately, this dip came at a bad time, I have other priorities for my fiat at this time.
  5. I have a target price in mind but if i don’t need the liquidty im not selling my stack. I’ll probably cash some out to reward myself and use a portion for downpayment on a property.
  6. I’ll reevaluate my position when we break ath , might cash out the capital but it all depends on how the fundementals are when we break that ath.
  7. Tempted to take profit ? Sure, multiple times. But im hodling for the long run.
  8. 4 million bucks for publicity on a show broadcasted in multiple countries including China? ill take that kind of publicity anyday.
  9. Interesting and regulations just happened in Thailand, recognising crypto as digital assets https://www.straitstimes.com/asia/se-asia/thailand-enacts-tough-cryptocurrency-law-including-fines-and-jail-terms
  10. If there is another crypto with as strong partnerships as Ripple, this is it. https://www.dnvgl.com/news/dnv-gl-buys-stake-in-leading-public-blockchain-service-provider-vechain-as-it-strengthens-commitment-to-raising-trust-and-transparency-through-digital-solutions-119749
  11. What a way to start the week. Anyone noticed the logo on the X?
  12. Depends on which corridor and which FI imo. A small FI in a small corridor will not move the price much. If multiple corridors go live with big FI and prices are not moving, I would be disappointed.
  13. Changed my mind from bullish to more bullish if anything. If i wanted short term gains, I would have dabbled in tons of “**** coins” instead
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