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  1. They are also nice comfy material this brought my hype to XRP because I HODL and ignored the price for a while edit: these were from the giveaway they did for the fifth anniversary managed to snag two
  2. It’s just a big connect the dots game and banks are a starting point for businesses
  3. the lower the price the more reason banks have a reason to buy such a great asset as XRP is how I see it and more XRP coming for me tommorrow pay day as well so im stoked for all these panic sellers
  4. I’ve decided to put crypto away for today I believe everyone should do the same and just HODL instead of looking at their investments edit: causes less stress and hair loss
  5. Ripple does have an employee from facebooks communications part so that kind of gives Ripple an upper hand if he left on good terms
  6. Western Union has millions of clients and if they partner it will make Ripple more heard of and a safehaven for people buying it. XRP sounds safe for people because it will be partnered with banks that's why I think it'll be the most trusted and valuable asset in the future
  7. coinbase is probs trying to prepare their services to satisfy the millions of people who will create an account just to buy Ripple when it does come out.
  8. excited for this dip because of the gains from TRX I can now double my XRP that i use to have
  9. they are doing an system update soon I believe thats why it is down
  10. I can't wait to show everyone my blabbing about XRP isnt a fairy tale and show them results this time around next year 100$ here we come
  11. The more the new people visit the forum the more recent advertisement for XRP is for the potential buyer is a good way to put what he is doing
  12. when I cash out I wanna start my own dispensary in cali
  13. I liked BTC until I had to pay 36$ transfer fee
  14. Not knowing the full potential is the best part
  15. I am in favor for takeoff to happen in the new year
  16. I am up and was bored so I did a lil design to kill time. XRP to the moon.
  17. http://www.forexlive.com/news/!/co-founder-of-bitcoincom-sells-all-his-bitcoins-says-20171218 found it
  18. I think the speculation of 9$ is short-term but I see XRP taking off and nobody will know where it will land in the long-term
  19. Vegas sounds real nice. I'm definitely in for this meetup.
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