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    ChuckN reacted to B088IN in How much volume will be lost from US exchanges?   
    Those that want to buy XRP will, VPN’s make it possible. I really can’t see it making a huge difference 
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    ChuckN reacted to Karl in Action plan after SEC complaint   
    The XRP market is currently in panic mode and panic is never a good advisor for any action.
    I guess everyone should make their own conclusion about the SEC impact.
    My bullet points:
    No final decision has been made yet, it's just a complaint XRP is a registered virtual currency in the USA The SEC complaint makes false assumptions about XRP, which are not based on the needed Howey test  The SEC just invented "digital asset securities" on their own instead of basing them on a law The SEC complaint is restricted to US soil, whereas the majority of XRP trading volume is made in Asia, Europe and wherever. The problem is the extrem FUD sentiment right now that drives the price irrational downwards. We all know there are a lot of anarchist and XRP haters out there, this is just another spark for their hatred.
    The whole circumstance may continue as long as there is no clear situation in sight.
    Nobody likes insecurities. This is especially true for the moody Mr. Market.
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    ChuckN reacted to Baka in Action plan after SEC complaint   
    Because they are greedy mofos ; that's simple.
    Jed left Ripple for a reason too
    Do you remember the party they organized , inviting some celebrities like Snoop dog? or the cring publicity?
    The day they invited some cringe XRP moon youtubers ? all those were signs , and. there are many more.
    I stayed because I'm here to make $ like I did in the 2017 bull run , but I'm not that surprised to sell all that today
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    ChuckN reacted to buh in Action plan after SEC complaint   
    Sold my holdings and not entering xrp anymore. Also, will likely take my profits and leave crypto for good (tether printing was already causing me a lot to digest, the day bitfinex goes down, this will shake all the market).
    regarding the law suit, i honestly have to agree with the majority of it. It just fells short that it came this long for the SEC to move. Also, i can see this took quite a lot of time for the SEC to put out all of it.
    like you, i feel Brad and Larssen stabbed us literally. I undertsand selling some proceedings, but again, 600m$ sells.. that is a lot! also, the SEC states they sold sometimes into..bitcoin. i guess that is how Brad gets his bitcoin.
    The lawsuit is very clear in the sense, they present ripple as operating a ponzi scheme. We can actually see that the sales of xCurrent and xVia are not sufficient for the running costs of riple  (about 250m$ year, while products give something around 50m$). So they sold xrp. I was honestly (and still am) fine with the idea of ripple selling xrp to finance and boost the xrp ecosystem. But that said, somethings were straight kringy like the shadowy deals of 5-30% discounts to large investors with almost no limitations on selling.
    the more i read, the more baffled i became.
    I can see several things, but none is good and/or shiny:
    xrp "past" transactions will likely be declared as security infrignment from Ripple and CEOs, and they will pay huge fines. Ripple will likely have to burn all their holdings and so does Larssen and Brad. This sounds good initially but.. then again, ripple iwll be likely destroyed by then, and not sure if they can be the - again - champion of xrp space. xrp completely transforms into something completely different, outside ripple's holding. The time all the lawsuit will take place the xrp market ill reach lows and new lows. ODl will be a thing of the past, because - as shown by the SEC - it is run with huge heavy costs payed by ripple to the market makers. The new credit line won't happen also. Not sure what will happen to the UNL, but likely the foundation will mandate a new one.
    it sounds weird that the best crypto tech will fail becuase of the initial founders distribution for xrp. unbelievable.
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    ChuckN reacted to Teslaza in #XRP The Security   
    Insightful video from Charles Hoskinson (Cardano) where he shares his thoughts on the matter :
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    ChuckN reacted to Karl in #XRP The Security   
    Independent organizations also use XRP as a utility token for their products, directly and indirectly (e.g. R3 Corda / Xpring projects). So how can XRP even be a security? But I think we've had the discussion here in the forum a thousand times.
    The sloppy part is that Ripple is the only organization in the crypto market that was and is open to regulators. It cannot be the fault of Ripple or XRP investors if there has been no clarity regarding the regulation of digital assets now and in the past.
    I can understand Brad's excitement. It's like petting the silverback gorilla humbly every day, but in the end it leans against you and takes you hard on the kitchen table.
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    ChuckN reacted to XLogic in #XRP The Security   
    I actually believe that a possible lawsuit  is a good omen for the xrp. This may be the way to officially establish that the XRP is not a security. Since it is the Ripple Labs that informed about this "planned" lawsuit (which is quite unusual to be honest to inform that the lawsuit may happen), maybe Ripple Labs is playing along with the SEC? Maybe this is the way to obtain a official ruling. I havent heard about any other oficial proceeding aimed at ruling whether ones asset is a security or not, you either file for securities issuance if you want to sell them or not - if you dont. Theres no motion for declaring you non security - so the lawsuit may be some kind of a workaround.
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    ChuckN reacted to Kiwi in #XRP The Security   
    At least we know why ODL went to 0 couple of days ago.
    1) xrp got clarity
    2) it will be intresting time
    3) that happens when you pay Clinton to dance for you on a party lol
    4) dump and pump imo
    5) stay safe everyone
    6) 10000p salty comments and posts incoming, gl to mods
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    ChuckN reacted to Karl in #XRP The Security   
    Just another FUD attempt right in front of the holidays ...
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    ChuckN reacted to kenrino in #XRP The Security   
    This story is getting old, two years and a half I hear about this. Hundred of discussions pages ZzZ... who cares, in the end Ripple will maybe pay a fine and voila. Ready for 100 more pages.
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    ChuckN reacted to Kiwi in #XRP The Security   
    Who cares what americans think? They are not the center of this world.
    Yes, they can deem all alts coins as a security which will make america certain loser in the crypto space.
    Ripple can always move the headquarter or burn the tokens..
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    ChuckN reacted to Flintstone in #XRP The Security   
    After blowing smoke up our arses of how influential Gorgeous Gary is, I see the article missed out the part where he also opined that Ethereum is a security.
    TA on Gary’s opinions are bearish.
  13. Haha
    ChuckN reacted to Zerpiet in #XRP The Security   
    Forgot about this topic you reacted on three days ago? 
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    ChuckN reacted to Babelly in Does the SEC lawsuit mean jail time?   
    wont watch, but title confirms idiotic.  Everyone move along. 
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    ChuckN reacted to JJJ2 in Charting the course of XRP   
    Hi Julian,
    unfortunately I use very basic TA patterns for my TA. Such a pattern as I have shown have good chance to become true, but they do not give a secure prediction and this is still ore true with crypto.
    Concerning the top, well the theory says: you take the first leg and double it:

    But for instance if one looks the weekly TF it is already extremely overbought. So the TA based on 1h or 5H TF as above may not become true.

  16. Haha
    ChuckN reacted to Troote in Charting the course of XRP   
    We made great gains this week but I'm not feeling the bull tingle anymore. I think we topped.
    I have the fin on the sell button, ready to exit at the first sign of a break down. Can always buy back and rejoin the shoal if BTC/XRP spring back to life.
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    ChuckN reacted to LetHerRip in Haha where are the hodlers now   
    Where all these funny guys from 2018 at?

    @Sceptic cheers to you good sir

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    ChuckN reacted to RegalChicken in Haha where are the hodlers now   
    OK I started shorting at $.22.  when should I stop.
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    ChuckN reacted to Caracappa in Michael Arrington and December 3   
    Perhaps Ripple IPO, or 3 household names together with a dozen of banks.

    Glad to finally see you around during a bullmarket without all the crap that 'it will never be'.
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    ChuckN reacted to Julian_Williams in Charting the course of XRP   
    I have been accumulating for 3 years and never seen green, although a few months ago it might have tripped into green when I was sleeping.  Right now my DCA is .39, so perhaps this will be my first green moment after all this waiting.   
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    ChuckN reacted to Julian_Williams in Charting the course of XRP   
    Let Her Rip spent so much energy sapping their confidence so they would panic sell. 
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    ChuckN reacted to Moonraker in Charting the course of XRP   
    Needs to break $3 for me to be happy
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    ChuckN reacted to LetHerRip in Charting the course of XRP   
    Needs to break .50 for me to be happy
  24. Haha
    ChuckN reacted to Hopium in Charting the course of XRP   
    Daily dose of hopium (Tuesday special, Hallucination flavored)
    1. If the gains can hold for this week, we will officially have a reverse head and shoulders pattern.
    2. A support/resistance level can only be tested so many times (at 30c), just like when you're having an intimate session, you can only go in and out so many times, eventually your juices will come out. Now we're itching to challenge that most visited price point again.
    3. With point 1 in mind, the likelihood of ejaculating breaking the major price point is higher.
    4. Next stop is 50c (after rounding up).
    5. Next moonshot target is $10 to $14, it'd be wise to unload your bags at those level, 2nd final target is coincidentally around $100, if it were me, i have an exit plan, 87% at $10 (never know, could be only 1 alt season as per analysis), 1% at $50, 8% at $100, remaining 4% for forever HODL in case many many years later it went to $1000 or $2000, I'd suicide if i dont have a tiny bag that time.
    Despite i'm a distributor of hopium, i smoke it too, i still remember the time i inhaled it was 27c, the next day i woke up it is close to 30c as of now, i cant even differentiate anymore if this is still hallucination or reality, seems like my stuffs can twist dimensions and convert dreams to reality, now get your doses and move on.

  25. Haha
    ChuckN reacted to Neurotoxin in Epic Pennant on BTC Chart   
    Man, I used to think you were alright and everybody was just being a bit of a *****, but I gotta agree with Jascoder. You've been a real sourpuss for a long time. I think you need a puff or two.
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