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  1. Except it's actually nothing like that. But nice try.
  2. It's not if you don't try to outsmart the market, which a simple perusing of XRPchat over the past 3 years would show you is rife amongst users. Investing in any of the top 10 coins over the last 10 years and holding would have made anyone stinking rich. Much richer than holding blue chip stocks or index funds over the same time.
  3. Most definitely (a). It's XRP's turn and over the next few months I would expect to see it push up around previous ATH, similar to every other coin right now.
  4. Wasn't discussing possibility or probability. Was discussing money entering the market not being exactly correlated with the last sale price of XRP (or any other crypto). There's no golden rule that says X amount of money entering market = XRP at $100 (again, an example). This is kind of what you inferred.
  5. Purely an extreme example. The fallacy of believing Market Cap has any true bearing on anything.
  6. If nobody decided to ever sell any more XRP. What do you think the price does? Stay at 50c? If every sell order at every exchange is put in at $500, and 1 person decided to buy, how much money moved the price to $500?
  7. Your post never referred to a month, their post did. "Maybe a month" Regardless, your post inferred that sort of move wasn't possible, irrespective of timeframe. It definitely is possible, and the amount of money to get there is irrelevant.
  8. ETH went from around $7.80 to a peak of $1400 odd by mid Jan 2018. It went up more than 17,000%. The amount of money didn't matter so much then?
  9. This guy's been fudding on here for 3 years ever since he bought all his XRP at $3+. Still has NFI what XRP does or how Ripple operate. Same tired old lines. You'd think after 3 years he would have actually done some research.
  10. They're not keeping your crypto, you just can't cash out.
  11. Judging by his quotes this guy has about as much authority on XRP as the dregs and downrampers that hang out on these pages.
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