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  1. Judging by his quotes this guy has about as much authority on XRP as the dregs and downrampers that hang out on these pages.
  2. It's been this way for the entirety of 2019. Most of these accounts should be banned. Moderation on here is a total joke.
  3. XRP gave a great return for those who held it from 2016 to now. What a ridiculous comparison.
  4. Bye Greg. All the best. P.S. Don't be Greg.
  5. Sure. Sound advice. Except how is this any different from being robbed at gunpoint for your bank account PIN, or a retina/fingerprint scan for access to your online banking app?
  6. 2bn volume isn't exactly "low", in terms of XRP's historical volume.
  7. The entire market rose, so, there goes that theory.
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