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  1. The chances of BTC reaching $100 in the next 50 years would be so remote we would all have more chance of being struck by lightning , surviving and then winning powerball the following week . - said someone in 2012
  2. ChuckN

    I’m out!!

    Just playing devil's advocate but can't they just buy it from the monthly escrow release?
  3. ChuckN


    Yep anyone can cherry pick numbers but appears you have also. CMC shows XRP a high of 80c and a low of 72c (not 1.00) on Feb 8. https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ripple/historical-data/?start=20180207&end=20180210 Either way, the "lost big vs BTC" argument is a bit OTT. If anything they've performed equally poorly over the last 12 months.
  4. Not sure what all that gibberish was but my reference was towards long drawn out periods of not much happening. In that regard 2017 was no different to 2018.
  5. ChuckN

    I’m out!!

    Great post. I bought a lot of XRP mid 2017 and a bit in the Dec run. Won't make that mistake again. I've been buying every month since and especially sub 40c. Even Chuck Norris learns things.
  6. ChuckN

    I’m out!!

    Soooooo......you're not out?
  7. Oh, so you mean like the majority of 2017?
  8. @Truthbot sure are a lot of posts that confuse you huh?
  9. He was looking for validation on the fact that 589 eoy was ridiculous. Well it's just sad they are looking for any kind of validation on an anonymous forum.
  10. People that act smug on here that the price is down creating threads looking for validation - yeah pretty sure they have a huge stack of XRP. Yawn.
  11. Muppets like the OP are too dumb to actually purchase XRP.