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    Mbetti reacted to 0083041 in Ripples Trillion Dollar Man   
    I spent 20 minutes on this and I'm not spending more.

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    Mbetti reacted to RippleGambler in Concerns about Coil data collection   
    This is absolutely correct. All third party data processors need to be individually named. 
    Since from the response from Coil this shouldn't be a problem as it won't be happening. Let's await the updated terms. 
  3. Haha
    Mbetti reacted to Trickery in Bitcoin To $96,000, XRP To $0.01 By 2023, ICO Advisor Satis Group Estimates   
    I especially liked this comment;
    “(T)he high velocity of these applications combined with a lack of value-retaining construct will result in them either: 1) being not used and sinking in value, or 2) having high use, and in turn lower value as a result of the high velocity.”
    I can conclude from this that they have done little to no research whatsoever.
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    Mbetti got a reaction from Paradigm in Bitcoin To $96,000, XRP To $0.01 By 2023, ICO Advisor Satis Group Estimates   
    Hahahahaha ? I can't believe this idiots. Hey i just might apply for news reporter, or prediction analyst because i have Access to internet :):) ahahaha 
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    Mbetti reacted to Benchmark in John McAfee's 'Unhackable' Bitfi Wallet Got Hacked -- Again   
    When will people learn that calling something 'unhackable' is a guarantee that thousands of security enthusiasts will test your statement and eventually prove it wrong?
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    Mbetti reacted to tulo in Concerns about Coil data collection   
    YEah...the fines are up to 10M€....not a small amount for a startup.
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    Mbetti got a reaction from xrphilosophy in Concerns about Coil data collection   
    @justmoon CHECK OPT in / OPT out
    Any company operating in EU / visitor from Eu has to have EU compilant terms even if it is not based in EU. 
    This is not something to be delayed 
    @Sukrim is right 
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    Mbetti reacted to Sukrim in Concerns about Coil data collection   
    Great, where is the explicit list and opt-in switches for their data sharing partners on their website in accordance to GDPR?
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    Mbetti got a reaction from Rchopra in CBOE to Launch Ethereum Futures   
    Bitcoin slammed down because of many things, but also because of futures. 
    I don't like futures at all. If you want to trade Crypto / trade crypto. Period. 
    But, they claim stability for market / but in my opinion it is totally dishonest and oposite. 
    Butcoin futures bumped the price down when launcher 
    I think Etherium futures must bring the price up for a month or market will be totally against it. 
    So my personal opinion is that next features will bring price a little bit up before dump. Just to keep public hapoy. 
    I hope to god that xrp does not get any features
    SO to answer: Features influence prices on market, and sentiment. That is why it is important to xrp 
    By the way: I may be very wrong, i only know basics of features and how they work. 
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    Mbetti got a reaction from Rchopra in Monero Headed to $18k, Ripple Price Primed for 97% Crash: Research   
    Read about Author background. It's even more funny. The article is proof that any idiot can call any move on the market and make it to the news 
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    Mbetti reacted to justmoon in Concerns about Coil data collection   
    Hey all - thanks for the feedback, especially for breaking down the doc and highlighting the problematic sections. I just read through the thread and will be looking into this. The ToS were prepared by our external counsel and I wasn't part of that process, so I'll find out why those terms were included and if we can take them out. There may be some justification that I'm just not aware of.
    We have zero interest in selling user data or running ads - those are crappy, backwards ways of making money and the whole point of Coil is that those monetization workarounds are no longer necessary. We are paid directly by our users, so we don't need any other revenue stream.
    Expect a more full-fledged reply once I've had a chance to meet with the lawyers.
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    Mbetti reacted to XRPRJB in Which XRP Use Case Will Be First? Coil or xRapid?   
    And when the $5 runs out? Perhaps I'm too cynical but I can see this turning into another ever growing bill. You'll still be paying for your broadband but now you have to pay to use it or they will quadruple how many adverts you see?
    I can ignore an advert for a few seconds. They don't really bother me at present. I'm sure there's a plus side to this proposal but I'll certainly not be an early adopter.
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    Mbetti reacted to 46and2- in Which XRP Use Case Will Be First? Coil or xRapid?   
    Imagine when all the cam girls find out about this
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    Mbetti reacted to Benchmark in XRP and privacy   
    Anything with too much privacy will be attacked by 100s of gov agencies.
    Monero is one of those things.
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    Mbetti got a reaction from Benchmark in Ripple Not Included: New Morgan Creek Fund Excludes Pre-Mined Cryptocurrencies   
    The only Crypto getting mainstream in my opinion will be premind. It is ecology unsustainable to mine crypto. Mining Crypto is also an old concept. Premind is the future with consensus and not "proof of work" 
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    Mbetti reacted to VanGogh in massive money moved on XRP ledger...   
    It seems like not long ago on this forum that there was a story that Stellar was broke. If that is true, it could make sense for Jed to sell in order to more fully support his project.
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    Mbetti reacted to Amigo in Bitcoin Mining Now Accounts For Almost One Percent of the World's Energy Consumption   
    People will get it at some point

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    Mbetti reacted to Hodor in Brad Garlinghouse Is Right: It's About the Use Case   
    The use case for XRP rests on a large business use case that provides value for all stakeholders concerned: the businesses that implement it will save 50-70% on their current ForEx channels, and customers will reap the rewards with real-time money transfers that settle in seconds instead of days.  
    In this latest blog post, I also cover some of the latest news, including Brad Garlinghouse's AMA, and David Schwartz's dramatic statements about Bitcoin and Ethereum's increasing levels of centralization.  
    Also, there's a Coil meetup, and the XRP Tip Bot just received one of two amazing upgrades.  
    I hope you enjoy the read: Feel free to share my blog with a friend - or on any other platform - and thank you for doing so! 
    Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/CryptoCurrency Reddit r/CryptoMarkets Reddit r/xrp Reddit r/RippleTalk Reddit r/alternativecoin Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread  
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    Mbetti reacted to itcdominic in My Ripple Shirt.....Discovery   
    Here is an interesting challenge.
    First,  this past week I attended a Real Estate Agent conference for 3 days(attendance was estimated to be 1000).  During my off time at the conference I hung around the convention center wearing my Ripple t-shirt.  After 6-7 people approached me asking about crypto currency and Ripple, XRP, and the market, I started keeping a log.  I washed the shirt daily so I could were it every chance I could.
    the conference was 2 days but I stayed 3 days.
    During this 3 day period I was approached by 191 people.
    61 wanted to know how to buy
    27 asked in some way if this was bitcoin. 
    16 told me they also owned XRP.  One told me he was able to leave his 9-5 job to pursue real estate because he gut in very early and sold half his holdings to quit his job.
    102 asked if I could point them to more info (I recommended this forum)
    11 told me I’d probobly lose all my money. 
    43 said they were going to buy XRP soon.
    Go wear your XRP shirts!!!  Get the word out,  help others. 

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    Mbetti reacted to Chris_Reeves in I'm a member of the Association for Financial Professionals and I just got this email...   
    Hi Christopher,
    Interested in how you can reduce your cross-border payments inefficiencies? Then download the new AFP Payments Guide, underwritten by MUFG Union Bank.
    In this guide you’ll learn:
    • About some of the prominent systems in cross-border payments
    • How to determine if you should consider a new payments system
    • The pros and the cons of new technology available in the payments space
    Efficiency, transparency and optimization should be your top concerns when it comes to cross-border payments. While new technologies can help in these facets, no one system is perfect for everyone. Find out what is best for you and your organization in this new guide.
    You must sign up to download the full white-paper and I'm unable to attach PDFs so I've taken some screenshots to assist.


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    Mbetti reacted to Talinos in Bearableguy123's Heart-Picture   
    Last info I have : Rachel lee got it ... something about the number 6558Xxx look at her Twitter ... but she is gone since 3 weeks .. so please care. 
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    Mbetti reacted to Benchmark in Time changes all things   
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    Mbetti reacted to Hodor in Time changes all things   
    The amount of research you put into this was dizzying! 
    I loved that graphic at the end that shows the progression of POW systems BTW - awesome blog post. 
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    Mbetti reacted to Fazzyfocus in Time changes all things   
    Thanks Mbetti. Turning out to be something of a method for me now. Its an almost university approach of writing by reference. 
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    Mbetti got a reaction from Cesar1810 in Time changes all things   
    Love the analysis! Very smart way to prove centralisation vs decentralisation by tech analysis
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