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  1. Yeah. It looks like a manipulated Shi* SHOW by Big Traders and Tether.
  2. "I despise people who tell other people to "HODL" as a sign of faith and consider rational de-risking a betrayal or something. " HE IS SAYING: DO NOT LISTEN TO OTHERS. PERIOD. He is not saying you should or your should not hodl. What if he said: Yeah, hold it....and it goes down...again personal attacks. His position is smart and clear....but obviously not clear enough.
  3. That is exactly why xrp will be used. Swift will not stay messaging system in that case. What other reason can it be behind partnership? I cannot think of any
  4. Please show me where SWIFT costs 20 to 40 cents if you are refering to SWIFT ? They cost 25 dollars to transfer 150 usd from Europe to USA
  5. Whatever. Should i let next time the guys on the forum click the link and pay BTC, or you rather have miss-information and still save your money?
  6. Better safe then sorry. Posted it , so Uphold pips know this
  7. UPHOLD has been hacked. This is attack email. It points to attackers btc adress
  8. if we can work with Swift to do that...then that is great
  9. That is what i am implying. Swiftgpi + Ripplenet would be a Win-win scenario. No installement fee for Ripplenet as it is an Api connector ( plugin ir whatever word you want to use/ it is plug and play servuce ) and using existing service. When they try it, they can go to Ripplenet 100% if they are happy with numbers. That is why i am interested in cost Swiftgpi + Ripplenet
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