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  1. It's already up and running we just need to get it listed
  2. You'll see GateHub's validators listed soon.
  3. We already wrote them an email asking if they can split the "Ripple Gateways" category into separate entries. If the community is willing to help and send them additional emails we might be able to get a reply from them ...
  4. You are welcome. Please ask your friend to double check his email in case his account got rejected.
  5. Hi @nightfall please PM me your email and we'll speed up the verification process so you'll be able to make a deposit. PS - We apologise to anyone waiting to get verified on GateHub. There was enormous influx of new users over the weekend and we are trying to get everyone verified as fast as we can.
  6. Please PM me your bitcoin transaction hash and we'll take a look right away. Thank you.
  7. Gotcha, so we would send them XRP directly... But then again, what if they want USD and not XRP
  8. Hi @Oligab, if you used our Exchange page then transaction should be immediately completed OR immediately cancelled (this is to protect you in case an exchange rate changes too much in a short period of time). I suggest you try again. If you used Trade page an open order will be placed to the orderbook and executed as soon as someone crosses your offer. PS - exchange page uses a special Hope this helps. Enej
  9. We fund all (first) wallets with a verified telephone number. Your suggestion would not work as GateHub would need to establish trustline before sending the USD which means we would have to know the secret keys... Current solution is much better as the trustline is established inside a browser right after connecting a USD gateway OR on the USD deposit screen.
  10. Thank you for a thorough report @ripplerm! A patch has been applied to our processing services and this exploit will not be possible anymore. No user has been affected by this issue. In the future we would prefer that vulnerabilities are reported to GateHub before public disclosure. We have an ongoing whitehat program available here: https://gatehub.net/whitehat
  11. Please note that we have no idea what @ripplerm is talking about. We contacted Ripple for their input but until we receive additional information we have no reasons to believe GateHub (or any other gateway for that matter) is affected.
  12. Please send me PM so we can review what "vulnerability" you are talking about. So far we have no reasons to believe GateHub's issuances are vulnerable in any way. We have contacted @ripplerm to provide more information about his statement. All GateHub's issuing addresses has been setup according to best practices and security guidelines written by Ripple.
  13. What seems to be the problem? All systems are up on our end ...
  14. Hi @pengler we just sent you 50 XRP. For the time being you only need to provide documents if you wish to deposit & withdraw fiat currencies.
  15. Ps.: We improved our Wallet a couple of days ago in a minor release. Wallet is now more stable and much faster. Try it out