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  1. Please PM me your email. @ptk your XRP has been successfully refunded. Please check PM message. @aggnikhil your XRP has been successfully refunded. Please see your email.
  2. Please PM me your email and "watch only" wallet address. Thank you!
  3. Hi @AfroZepher, ETH processing service is operating normally at the moment. I will forward this transaction to GateHub Fifth so they can take a closer look. Please PM me your email so we can locate your account faster. Thank you!
  4. IMPORTANT NOTICE We are solving this issue case by case. Know that your XRP's are not lost and that we will refund all of the wallets. If you are still waiting to hear from us please PM me your email. If you have already contacted our support please wait until your case has been resolved. New GateHub accounts are NOT affected because we added additional integrity checks more than a month ago to prevent this error.
  5. Please PM me your email address so I can consult with our support to speed things up.
  6. We are sorry for the troubles. I too wish international transfers were faster and banks would operate 24/7 but it is what it is. One reason more why technologies like ripple or interledger are needed. GateHub increased the staff and will continue to do so until we can keep up with the demand. You have to understand that our daily registrations increased by a factor of 60 in just few days ...
  7. Hi @adrianmuresan. Please PM me and we'll take a look. We probably weren't able to match your deposit because you forgot to include the correct reference number. Kind regards, Enej
  8. DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINKS. THE EMAIL HAS NOT BEEN SENT BY GATEHUB !!! Anyone who has an example of this email please forward it to security@gatehub.net so we can take a closer look and take appropriate actions to take the scamming domain offline. Thank you.
  9. We are happy to report that Ripple team managed to resolve the Data API issues which were causing problems to GateHub Wallet and Ripple Charts. Please note that Data API servers are still synching with the ripple network (RCL). Once the synchronisation is completed all transaction history and price charts will be visible again. All other functionalities depending on Data API such as our exchange page and price tickers are fully operational.
  10. No. BTC withdrawals are pending because bitcoin blockchain is flooded with unconfirmed transactions: https://blockchain.info/unconfirmed-transactions Bitcoin network can't handle the load unfortunately so we'll all have to wait until the air clears ...
  11. Data API servers are still synching with the network. You should be able to see all transactions soon.
  12. @Drjacobs transaction history issues should be resolved now. Please know that GateHub uses native ripple accounts. This means that transactions sent via the ripple network are instant in both directions. If you are missing XRP on Poloniex please contact their support as it might be a problem on their side.
  13. Use Trade page instead and it should work. Exchange page pulls data from the Data API which is currently not up to date.