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  1. Hi @Vertigo, thank you for letting us know. We'll take a look right away. EU Bank withdrawal can take 1-3 workdays (usually less than 24h).
  2. Hi @Fossse, 31 XRP is enough to get started.
  3. Hi @rohanneal we apologize for the wait. Please PM me your email and we'll speed things up. Thank you!
  4. Same can be said for ethereum But I agree! It should be fairly easy to pull that data from the history if someone has 5 minutes to spend on this.
  5. Hi @Live4xrp, these are network transactions stats. Not all transactions on ripple happen via GateHub (although vast majority does). This is a win for Ripple and our community While I hope GateHub is helping a bit it would be unfair to say it's our achievement. It belongs to all of us!
  6. Hi @Wilbur14 you will not be able to send USD to Coinbase directly. You could buy BTC and send BTC to Coinbase. Or you could withdraw USD directly to your bank account via international wire transfer (Send payment > Bank). Please PM me your email and we'll speed up the verification for you.
  7. Hi @madisonlurker, please send an email to support@gatehub.net and ask them to disable your account so you can create a new one. Once the new one has been setup you will be able to re-import the old ripple wallet using the secret key that you have.
  8. Hi @uswad we are resolving this case by case. Expect to hear from me later today.
  9. Looks like you are ready to go
  10. Please note that GateHub fee was only $15. Any additional fees were charged by intermediary bank before the money even hit our bank account. That said, I agree with @Rchopra that if you have the option to buy BTC locally that might be the best way to deposit money to GateHub from NZ.
  11. Tagging our CTO @gregor
  12. @namini nice catch! It's actually just the text that's wrong. We'll update it in our next release.
  13. You don't need one (when sending to ripple wallet which is automatically created). Please write to Poloniex so they can fix their withdrawal process. Meanwhile simply copy your ripple address and use any number as a destination tag.
  14. Hi @Dayo looks like you are ready to go. Kind regards, Enej
  15. Hi Tim. Looks like this only affect your account. Please send us an email to support@gatehub.net from the same email your account is registered with and we'll get someone to help you. Thank you!