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  1. Yes! Only Ripple Data API is affected. The ledger itself is rock solid (as always).
  2. Capitalisation is not calculated correctly at the moment. Transaction history is also affected. We have notified Ripple's team about the issue last week and they are working on fixing it as soon as possible.
  3. My advices to avoid issues/delays: Ask your bank to do a transfer in USD instead of AUD when sending money from Australia. If deposit is wired in USD we can process it directly without having to wait for our bank to do the conversion first. You might also get a better exchange rate this way. Use correct reference number provided in the deposit screen. Do not attempt to make third party deposit as we will reject transaction.
  4. Hi @imbahzor, sorry it took me so long to reply here. Hopefully your BTC were successfully deposited in the meanwhile! Please read my other replies here where I will try to give more insight on what's happening. It's definitely not OK for you to have to wait so long for a reply! Please know we have been hiring new people ever since the hype started but the demand keeps growing exponentially. We are not stopping and are fully confident to catch up in the next couple of weeks. PS - Please send me your support ticket # and I'll see what I can do to speed things up. SWIFT is definitely not making our lives easier with high error rates on wire transfers (nor do the bitcoin / ethereum blockchains for that matter). I'll try to get some numbers together but the amount of funds GateHub is transferring to & from RCL is enormous. We are hitting limits everywhere ... GateHub (for better or for worse) is the most cutting edge "exchange" we have right now. The decentralized nature of how GateHub works makes it challenging for us to provide seamless experience like other "centralized" exchanges can. Examples: 1) When Ripple Data API servers are offline some functionalities won't work. Same goes for RippleD servers. We are working with Ripple's team on a daily basis to deploy better infrastructure all the time but sometimes the sheer amount of people using our Wallet can temporarily make it unusable. This is the problem we are focusing on the most (from technological perspective). 2) Our Wallet is currently not usable on Safari. The reason for this is that one of the ripple-lib libraries which GateHub Wallet uses (namely bignumber.js) is broken because of a bug in WebKit (which Safari uses). Here is a link: https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=170264 The same bug in WebKit also caused wallet generation issues (aka "Watch Only" wallets) for some users. We are still working on this problem together with Ripple and will continue to do so until all affected users have a fully functional wallet. 3) Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains has also been causing us some issues in the past. I won't get into details but you all know that bitcoin and it's unconfirmed transactions are causing problems not only on GateHub but other exchange/wallet providers. --- GateHub went from 50 daily registrations up to 6000 (record day last month). Our total capitalization on RCL is now almost $60M. No one could have anticipated this. Please know we are doing everything we can as fast as we can to keep up with the demand. We are 100% positive we will be able to improve in the next couple of weeks on all levels. All we ask is a little patience. It will be well worth it I promise!
  5. DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINKS. THE EMAIL HAS NOT BEEN SENT BY GATEHUB !!! Anyone who has an example of this email please forward it to security@gatehub.net so we can take a closer look and take appropriate actions to take the scamming domain offline. Thank you.
  6. No. BTC withdrawals are pending because bitcoin blockchain is flooded with unconfirmed transactions: https://blockchain.info/unconfirmed-transactions Bitcoin network can't handle the load unfortunately so we'll all have to wait until the air clears ...
  7. Data API servers are still synching with the network. You should be able to see all transactions soon.
  8. @Drjacobs transaction history issues should be resolved now. Please know that GateHub uses native ripple accounts. This means that transactions sent via the ripple network are instant in both directions. If you are missing XRP on Poloniex please contact their support as it might be a problem on their side.
  9. If Bitstamp uses Data API for transaction processing then the answer is yes. I suggest you contact them for more information.
  10. GateHub and Ripple Charts are experiencing issues displaying data. Affected Functionalities: Transaction History Price Charts Stats Problem: Ripple Data API (https://ripple.com/build/data-api-v2/) servers which both GateHub Wallet and Ripple Charts uses are currently not synched with the ripple network. We have notified Ripple team of the issue and they are working on resolving it as soon as possible. Payments, Deposits, Withdrawals Trading or Balances are not affected! We will get back to you as soon as the issues has been resolved.
  11. Yes - we actually use multiple endpoints (including s1.ripple.com). This enables a fallback in case one of the clusters is unavailable. Our engineers are working closely with Ripple team to make sure we have as many resources available as possible. Still the recent traffic caught as all by surprise...
  12. Because we were making ours more stable at the time. It was only temporary. Your BTC are definitely not lost. Technically transaction goes first to our BTC issuing address on RCL from where we then send BTC out to bitcoin network. If you click on this transaction you should be able to see the correct bitcoin address in the details. Also note that bitcoin network can be a lot slower than ripple: https://blockchain.info/unconfirmed-transactions
  13. enej

    GateHub Update

    There was no software or protocol problem whatsoever. Our wallet client has been connecting to public rippled instances (s1.ripple.com). There was simply not enough servers to handle all of the incoming websocket connections. With increased number of rippled's we can now handle more requests. Same goes for Data API endpoints.