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  1. It also wasn’t the case in 2017. In fact, if you look at the XRPBTC chart you’ll see it’s never been the case but, for some reason, people continue to repeat it as canon.
  2. What are these buy/sell tags? Are those manually placed or based on an indicator? Cause they’re spot on 🤔
  3. Here are 3 instances of BTC being “dry and lifeless during the beginning of the last bull run. Each one of these spells lasted like 5-7 months. It can be easy to let day to day emotion cloud the bigger picture. When that happens, I like to zoom out, and then zoom back in to moments in the past that probably felt pretty bleak as well. Obviously history won’t repeat itself exactly... but just offering some perspective.
  4. I use https://www.cryptotrader.tax/ as well. Their online support is amazing as well. I found a bug and they patched it within 30 mins.
  5. Update: Ripple is videoing the events and will post to Ripple Insights later on. https://www.ripple.com/insights/
  6. Sorry I didn’t see this sooner. I trust you found your answer though. Aside from official Ripple channels, there are a lot of community members attending this year as well so I’m sure they will be giving updates on their social media accounts
  7. @Tinyaccount is correct. The burden of proof lies with you. For the sake of argument though... let’s say I did have proof. Would you even believe it?
  8. I had a limit order set for $8600 but I removed it and just bought back in at $9300. Looks too bullish to me to play the waiting game.
  9. My updated EWT chart (assuming one last dip to ~$0.27
  10. Curious how you calculated your targets? I’ve got a similar looking chart with my wave (5) target being $0.45106
  11. Ya know, I don't really have a top end target. I'd like to think I'll pay a little more attention to indicators of market exhaustion and play things a little more conservatively this time around. Psychologically, I think I'll struggle to hit the SELL button on anything below the previous ATH but either way, I'll be laddering my sales and doubt I'll ever 100% cash out. Sorry, that may not be the direct answer you were looking for but I think it's a constant re-evaluation game. But I'll throw you a bone. I'll start selling at 30 bananas ($3) and hope to see 200 bananas ($20) within a few years.
  12. I’ve held XRP since 2014. I remember lurking around a different forum at the time where people were dreaming of a steady price above 1¢ and moon shot speculation was measured in dancing bananas. (1 banana = 10¢). I honestly never believed XRP would rise to even 1 banana. And when it first popped to like 7¢ I was in utter disbelief.
  13. I just realized you asked about May 2017 and I told you about December. Doh! My memory is a bit more fuzzy surrounding the May events but I believe it was similar to December. I remember ETH and LTC had been enjoying steady growth for a few months before XRP popped. And when XRP launched, it did so with much greater vigor than the aforementioned coins.
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