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  1. BTC hourly vs current XRP minute. Not trading advice but interesting correlation.
  2. @Cesar1810, I found the chart that he published: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/XRPUSD/6Trn9YlZ-XRP-FRACTAL/ He has LOTS of XRP charts on Tradingview if you're interested in looking at more!
  3. Just kidding, obviously. I don't like putting time tables on my charts, generally, but I would say August of 2021, maybe? Though I'm also not into betting. I chart for fun.
  4. You want to bet 100 XRP regardless of the date I select? August, 1, 3000.
  5. Maybe you're just paying attention to the wrong TA...
  6. These are the three possible scenarios I see us in right now, fwiw.
  7. This is the only resistance that matters. We're through it. Game over. See you at $3+ (Charts below are from Aug 3 & Today, respectively)
  8. Robinhood is free & Binance.us takes 0.1% per trade. Those are the best 2 in the US, asfaik. Not sure where you're located though.
  9. It also wasn’t the case in 2017. In fact, if you look at the XRPBTC chart you’ll see it’s never been the case but, for some reason, people continue to repeat it as canon.
  10. What are these buy/sell tags? Are those manually placed or based on an indicator? Cause they’re spot on 🤔
  11. Here are 3 instances of BTC being “dry and lifeless during the beginning of the last bull run. Each one of these spells lasted like 5-7 months. It can be easy to let day to day emotion cloud the bigger picture. When that happens, I like to zoom out, and then zoom back in to moments in the past that probably felt pretty bleak as well. Obviously history won’t repeat itself exactly... but just offering some perspective.
  12. I use https://www.cryptotrader.tax/ as well. Their online support is amazing as well. I found a bug and they patched it within 30 mins.
  13. Update: Ripple is videoing the events and will post to Ripple Insights later on. https://www.ripple.com/insights/
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