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  1. Kind of looks like a retrace to ~0.26 is imminent based on this chart, yeah? We've got two trendlines that should push us down... at which point, we'll hopefully bounce off the lower bound of the green channel to propel us through the long-term blue trend. Exciting times!
  2. I see a sideways channel about to crash into the upward trend line XRPUSD has been following since Sept 24. These should collide at around 9am PDT tomorrow. My prediction is that we’ll see a surge to about 28¢ where it will then bounce off the upper part of that light blue channel.
  3. I think it’s all about sharpening your eye. By nature you’re going to get more cracks at short term TA, and the more times you practice, the better equipped you become at spotting the larger trends.
  4. I know you want to get out of the short term charting game but I love when you make calls like this -- right or wrong they're fun to follow along to. Many thanks!
  5. Yeah, $80K is just the 1.618 target for wave 3. Wave 5 target (which, a LOT can change between now and the end of wave 4) is $234K. This is also assumes that neither wave 3 nor 5 have an extension. If that happens, who knows how high things could go.
  6. If anybody is interested in the opposite viewpoint. This has been Robert Prechter's analysis since the peak in 2017. Paints quite a glum picture of this bear market continuing until BTC hits ~$150
  7. @baobeiiiii Unfortunately, XRP still hasn't shown us a clear bottom from the Jan 4, 2018 high. We need to see that established first before we can start projecting future targets. @Molten Lol, it seems like a pretty astronomical target on the surface, doesn't it?! But based off wave (1) that's what we're supposed to expect.
  8. Elliott Wave Analysis: I'm looking for BTCUSD to retrace to the golden zone of 0.618 ($7231.73) to end wave (2). If that occurs, target for wave (3) should be ~$80,830. I'm laddering my buy orders starting now down to $7250. And if it does hit that low, I'll probably get fairly aggressive.
  9. If I understand this correctly, that technique seems to jibe with elliott wave theory where after a fifth wave is completed, it usually retraces to the previous wave 4 levels before continuing the motive trend. Maslow’s Hammer or not, that’s what I’m seeing 🤷‍♂️
  10. For those who enjoy Elliott Wave Theory, https://www.elliottwave.com/ has a free week going on right now where you can get all of their analysis on myriad markets. For your convenience, here are their charts for BTC. They're calling the bottom of wave (2) on August 28. If that's the case, should be a fun ride up to wave (3) of ((5)) from here!
  11. This resonates with me big time. I had to stop trading for the same reason. How in the world do you successful day-trade a 24 hour market?!?
  12. Definitely the exception not the rule though. Don't you think? I have lots of friends invested in crypto... none of them even know how it really works outside of what I've explained to them.
  13. I'm in the same boat as you. I used to trade quite a bit but stopped in mid 2018 and now everything qualifies for long term cap gains as well. As such, I've been VERY hesitant to pull the trigger on any trades. I've passed on a handful of opportunities that I've seen purely because I'm not sure it's worth it to lose out on LTCG. It also makes taxes like a bagillion times easier if you don't have thousands of trades. Haha.
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