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  1. A popular opinion has always been that BTC drives the entire crypto market. People have been waiting for a “decoupling” of XRP & BTC. I would argue that this has been a fallacy all along. For those that believe XRP is tied to BTC, I’d be curious to know what you make of this chart:
  2. This is pretty outdated data. Ripple shares were selling for ~$30/share during the peak of the last bull run and then dipped to ~$10/share during the 2018 low. I would imagine it’s trending back up but I haven’t spoken to Sharespost in a while.
  3. Totally fair. Blind squirrel. Nut.
  4. Nope not willing to risk it at all. I’m holding. Just mentally bracing myself for the possibility that we may have a little further to go before we hit bottom. I’m certainly hoping the bottom was in last fall though.
  5. Kind of makes me think we haven’t bottomed yet if there’s still this level of optimism at the current “bottom”
  6. I agree with this completely & it’s constantly overlooked. That said, it would be the same as people holding from $0.02 to the previous ATH of $3.31. There are people on this forum who have already done it... but the majority have not. Also, fwiw, if you held from $0.02 (or lower) all the way to $3.31, chances are, you didn’t get out at the top either.
  7. Fair, but no matter where you initially bought in, if XRP gets back to $3.31, then any new money invested today will give you 10x.
  8. No idea if it can hit $50 but I have real, objective data that says it can reach $3.31. Personally, I wouldn’t be angry about a 10x ROI.
  9. In fairness, Ripple initially tried to give away XRP but that quickly proved to be a poor dissemination plan so they had to resort to selling it.
  10. I took a hardware certification course in middle school in the 90s in which my teacher -- a very bright man -- explained to us what bits & bytes were. He then went on to talk about Kilobytes, Megabytes, & Gigabytes. He then paused for a second and said, "I'm going to keep going a bit more but you should know this is all theoretical at this point. You will NEVER encounter a situation in real life where you'll need to worry about Terabytes, Petabytes, etc..." I think of this often as a reminder to never say never when Moore's Law, inflation, & time are all hard at work trying to prove you wrong.
  11. This thread has gone off course. @Mercury @Morty @rootvegetable
  12. The purpose was to assuage the fears of the XRP community not to raise the price or even affect liquidity. I agree with everything else you said though.
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