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  1. flanman

    Clean up the forum

    You could say that about literally every link in this forum: https://www.xrpchat.com/forum/109-other-press/ There are like 300 links to "todaysgazette.com"
  2. flanman

    Clean up the forum

    Counterpoint: tr0lley has a significant following on his blog, twitter & reddit and his blog posts about XRP should be critiqued in the "other press" forum, which is designated for blogs. Banning his site would be an embarrassment for this community. tr0lley's posts are often referenced in no-coiner and crypto communities on Reddit, Rationalwiki and Twitter, as well as by Bitcoin critics like David Gerard and Bitfinexed. They're one retweet away from mainstream media, and that has institutional investor impact. Banning their discussion here does not make them disappear on th
  3. Here's a thread calling for me to be banned, complete with a conspiracy theory that I'm profiting somehow: It did occur to me to wonder, and here's what I think: A lot of people are using this forum as therapy for a bad decision they made last year. Personally, I should have sold more at 2.75. I feel guilty I didn't, and will sometimes come to this forum hoping for positive news, any sign of a new bull run. When I post a blog article that is no less ridiculous or credulous than the ones spammed here daily from "Crypto-gazette-XRP69-420-daily.co.uk", but is instead cri
  4. https://www.forbes.com/sites/thomassilkjaer/2019/02/05/blockchain-and-graphs-pattern-detection-and-fraud-investigation/#73d0c4a84a6f
  5. Yeah, he's clearly full of **** here. He either hasn't heard of Ripple's non-xrp products (which I find hard to believe, considering he's been writing about the company for months) or he's lying. An intelligent response, thank you. And as always, happy to see a bunch of posts calling for me to be censored/banned.
  6. http://www.tr0lly.com/ripple/how-ripple-is-screwing-xrp-bagholders/
  7. When posting a link that's critical of Ripple, you must denounce it. Totally normal investment community.
  8. I'm still waiting to see if you can quote me having issue with people who disagree with the blog post. My issue is with those who want to censor blasphemy, and those who put words in my mouth.
  9. My proposal is to not ban me for posting a link about XRP being discussed on social media. I need to pledge allegiance before posting now? Pretty cultish. What planet did this happen on? Can you point out where I had issue with people who disagree with the article, rather than those who are upset with the messenger?
  10. a) look at the forum: "Other Press: Blog posts, articles from new websites etc" The reason I posted it here is because I understand the difference between a blog from a new website and a reputable news source. Perhaps you should put this entire section on ignore? d) The error of my ways? I posted a link my dude. Here's the first response: Keep in mind I have shared no opinion on Ripple nor its partnerships in this entire thread. My responses are for the people who think I should be banned for posting a link to "FUD".
  11. I'm not at all bothered by any critiques of the article. I'm more concerned with those asking me to be banned for sharing it.
  12. If this website is only for positive articles, mods just let me know and I'll go elsewhere. I have an interest in xrp and don't invest with blinders on.
  13. Such hostility! Is this forum about XRP or about worshipping Ripple?
  14. http://www.tr0lly.com/ripple/ripples-lie-about-its-santander-partnership/
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