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  1. That’s what happens when your bank account ends in Billion.
  2. Each move upwards gets steeper and steeper. Can’t wait to see the next jump!
  3. This would seemingly make a lot of sense for CB to take this type of approach - multiple currencies listed at the same time. It would be smart on their behalf as it would likely help mitigate the risk of repeating the BCH fiasco. Obviously this would affect the impact of XRP making a big solo splash, but I'm trying to convince myself that this would be a healthier way to do it...for XRP (which would no doubt still see massive demand), but also for CB and market optics. If I'm CB I pre-announce my 3-4 future listings and roll with it. T.W.
  4. Crap. Nearly 3:30am here. Just woke up bc my son was crying and I obviously had to check in to see how things were going. Niiiice! $3.28 on Bittrex...you guys have been busy! i guess there’s zero chance I fall back asleep now bc there’s about 30 pages here to catch up on....
  5. I live in the Northeast of the US and we are getting a big snow storm tomorrow morning - work told me to work from home tomorrow. Looks like a full day of chart gazing for Winkening tomorrow! I haven't been this happy for a snow day since grade school. Edit: And by "chart gazing" I mean hitting refresh on XRPChat about a billions times.
  6. Guys, XRP's market cap is $126 Billion right now. On Christmas, a mere 8 days ago it was $80 Billion. Let that sink in for a second.
  7. This is the best day of my crypto-life since, well...let me think about it...we've got to go way back in time now...since 3 weeks ago when XRP jumped from .25 to .75
  8. If you've run out of 'Likes' today on xrpChat, send over 100xrp's and I'll reset your Reactions count. PM for wallet details.
  9. Strange I know but this is probably my favorite post today. Why? Well, partly because I can picture some dentist drilling away on Chicken (while Chicken dreams of XRP), but mostly because it snapped me out of the $3/XRP fog that my head's been in for seemingly hours while I constantly hit refresh on XRPChat/BITTREX/CMC...and reminded me that no matter how crazy this gets, and how high the value XRP goes, life goes on. At least that's how it's suppose to work. Don't get too caught up in this stuff. Take care of yourself. Stay grounded. Be humble. Don't stop doing what you've been doing up to this point simply because you've got a few extra $$. (Ok, maybe a LOT more $$) And go to the Dentist. Sorry, my rant is over.
  10. "Consolidating phases will be when I do work pushes." ...I really need to follow your advice before I get canned from my job. Then again if XRP keeps this up I'll be able to can my job voluntarily!
  11. Perhaps I should invest in TheWinkening.com, as once the 'winkening' comes to fruition it will be of such monumental, earth shattering significance (XRP>$50), it would have deserved the right to live on in the webisphere of the interwebs for all time. T.W.
  12. Guys and Gals, let's not forget that there are other threads to ask questions like these. In fact, there is already a discussion that addresses this particular one. There are a lot of questions being posted here; I love this thread for what it is, but let's not lose sight of what makes XRPChat great and easily referenced. Now, I'm not a moderator (far from!), but I thought this might be worth mentioning. T.W.
  13. I'm afraid to go to bed tonight...I mean, checking CMC for the first time tomorrow morning is going to be something! I may have to excuse myself and check it in privacy.
  14. @Hodor Has been so quiet for the last 24 hours I am starting to worry for his well being. I fear he has lost consciousness from all of this. Hodor, if you require assistance just shine the Bat Light and I will be there. T.W.
  15. Just watched it go from $2.22 to $2.27 on Bittrex in about 5 mins flat. Absolutely insane right now. Edit: jumped to $2.31 literally after I submitted this. NUTSO
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