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  1. Sooooo. Yoshitaka Kitao just re-tweeted an article about your theory hmmmmm
  2. As much as Ripple the company has been on FIRE lately, I think the gains for XRP will need more time. More than a lot of us expect. I believe that we will likely be in the $5-$7 range by end of year if we can somehow catch that bull run we are all waiting for. I do however believe 2019 will be HUGE...and I imagine/hope/expect that once some of these projects really get legs that will be the year we make the strides to $50-$100.
  3. I can't believe this is the first time I'm hearing about the island where all the top crypto billionaires are moving to. Why do I always feel like I'm behind the 8-ball? Edit: Read with an incredible amount of sarcasm.
  4. Because it's what's going to mark our launch to the stratosphere.
  5. Started reading from Page 1 and was so confused. I hope...nay...pray, that we are fortunate enough to be referenced 2-3 years from now as saying "I can't see XRP ever hitting $250, yada yada yada", while the price of XRP sits at $267.00.
  6. It would make a difference by the fact that it would help increase liquidity - would it not?
  7. Cleaning out my desktop and found this screen shot. January 3rd @ 9:03pm EST. What a beautiful sight this was. We will be back! Edit: spelling
  8. Thrilled to see and read this. I couldn't be happier that @Hodor's contributions are being recognized at the corporate level - much deserved. Hodor, you've played such a large part in my zerp education. My family, and the future generations of my family salute you fine sir!
  9. The Rippening will be the result of The Winkening. Don't anyone forget - The Winkening happened, and it will be BIG.
  10. This. For one reason or another there is a delay that happens when it comes to good XRP news and the effect on XRP's price. As @John_Buh points out there was a 4 day delay after the escrow announcement...and furthermore, look how long it took for the AMEX news to make a difference! I'm as anxious to see green as all of you, but at the end of the day I've got nothing but time, patience, and the knowledge that we've bet on the right horse. She will pop when she's ready! And she WILL pop. Any further announcements between now and then will only increase the magnitude at which XRP cli
  11. Did someone call my name? Patience. Soon. Soon, I will be let out of the bag. T.W.
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