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  1. Is it trolling when i lmao when this a disappointment? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
  2. Are we ok with this? When the first group of people standing outside ripple hq demanding them to #STOPDUMPINGXRP ? It appears to be diversifying away from crypto in general! @miguel ffs stop dumping xrp. I dont want those companies to be funded, i dont want 'period poverty' funded by bag holders money and the scam exchange binance. Why are you working with Binance? There are rumors that its suppressing XRP since start of 2019 to pump its own scam coin BNB. I hope that the SEC is going to raid binance offices with the feds.
  3. Seรฑor Brad also talked about dozens of banks EOY 2019... whats about all this talk?
  4. Working out plans to get funding from ripple AKA the xripcommunity R3 is dumping how much XRP tokeep the lights on?
  5. Looks like we get Jeffrey Skilling and brad and Miguel join him at the stage
  6. I have something to say: #stopdumpingxrp
  7. How did all the updates of the ryppel partners go? I mean we all thought they went in maintenance trough the weekend because of -all benks updating their system to ryppel. ๐Ÿ˜‚
  8. Well, it seems that their work together has stopped. Ripple should update their past partners and remove all of them who didn't join after their trials . Other POV: SEE! I told you, the powers dont want youto know about ryppel, so they delete every trace of it! XRP teh stenderd!
  9. That post is very offensive. I report it to the mods, what do you mean i can suck? I love the delusion that is going on. I wasnt specifically pointing at you with my comment it was the thrill about the behaviour of people who see dots everywhere. Its monday Seรฑor not one of those banks is using xrp sorry to crash the mental sports Im gonna take my 25 XRP and stick it up my hole ok sir. @Pablo senor please
  10. Well, you guys like to give away some of that hopium for free so the next dosing cost something hm? Ive retweeted that yesterday just to show how much ofa disappointment the twitter community is. PS. Plese do not feel offended and plese do not call mods because memberberry is a bad guy again
  11. Remember reading this and really believing that its true? I member, especially after we were told that major benks will be online 2018 eoy... Its 2019, ive read that we get a dozens by eoy 2019
  12. Sorry to disappoint you frens, but McDonald's is the official sponsor of whale Sergey from chainlink. 1 link = 1 big mac
  13. No Seรฑor. Even @Benchmark asked for my fud expert opinion! With all respect.
  14. WTF exit scam? Really kitao san just resigned? The seppukku is real. Bring the ropes guys im selling two ropes for the price of one
  15. Just not, sir plese. U bought low u should sell high not buy more while its high ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Ripple always dumps on the 1st every month. Wait until the EOY so you can buy below 0.008 again
  16. Apparently some very important members are missing, sir.
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