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  1. Geoff gollberg is a specialist in harassment and cyberstalking. I would report every tweet of him if i could what i always did but unfortunately he blocked me a few days ago. Now its up to you fellow xrpsoldiers. another fact about geoff, he is giving all those cyberstalking information to totalitarian regimes about dissidents so there are lifes on the line. Dangerous behaviour! Report it when you see it
  2. Its NOW OR NEVER LOL at all the partnerships not recognising XRP as IBM recognises XLM FML
  3. Hello sir old topic https://www.finextra.com/newsarticle/33544/fis-to-buy-worldpay-for-35-billion Worldpay just got bought for 35 bln sir!
  4. Always report accusers and specialists in harassment like geoff golberg. He is waging a war against xrpcommunity and is threatening individual users. He also collects informations on twitter users and starts harassing them. Do your duty and report GeoffGolberg for abusive behaviour and/or harassment!
  5. Programmatical sales is a nice word for "ripple is dumping xrp" 😂
  6. Sir....stellar became big with IBM. And IBM makes it clear they use stellar not like some partners somewhere who say "no we dont use xrp" Makes me think
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