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    XRP meme competition?

  2. MemberBerry

    XRP meme competition?

  3. MemberBerry

    XRP meme competition?

  4. Bumping this thread. Any updates?
  5. I want to havesecretkey but i dont want to use toastwallet or something else (for now) As i feel safe with the ledger itself BUT it would be nice to geta secretkey to that.
  6. MemberBerry

    XRP meme competition?

  7. MemberBerry

    OneZero and it's many ties to Ripple/xrp/crypto

    BUMPING this thread. http://video.foxbusiness.com/v/5791511983001/ "200 bln volume per day" CEO of LMAX
  8. That account is really strange. Lots and lots and lots of IOUs and activities.
  9. Aree there some meetups for community too. Or do i needto pay 1k then 2 k then 1 k again for all the conferences? would love to see mr schwartz. Once in hamburg or berlin or amsterdam, can someone tell me if there will be something like that? Bagholder Berry wants to participate