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  1. Bump https://www.finextra.com/newsarticle/33866/card-issuing-firm-marqeta-raises-260m Any other updates so far ?
  2. Sir, plese feel not offended but u remind me of women. Always want to have the last word and always demanding to be right in the end. U won sir.
  3. A coin always has two sides. So does the community sir!
  4. Sir, plese consider this : 188 people is at least a few nutbutts who share this with 'forbescrypto- bloombergcrypto' and so on AND suddenly there are a few media outlets spinning this really really negative and all of u will be 'scam! Fakenews!'
  5. Why are underwater bagholders always so 'concerned' about the well beingof other fellow underwater bagholders? Ignore and block is always the option of people who like to be in theirown chamber of echoes sir
  6. When people put others on ignore or block wont make topics like this go away. There is much talk aboutit on twitter and on other channels so do as u all think.
  7. We should all calm down and start to hodl hands together. We can sit at a fireplace and comfort each other with our underwater bags. Same same sir
  8. As long as topics like this exist there wont be any significant developments in price. Thank u sirs for reading.
  9. Plese close topic sir. This in front of the page all the time is looking nuts sir.
  10. Any updates on this sirs? Im interested as a bagholder
  11. Textbook example of gazette We also could put dailyhoden as serious source 😂 I hope i wont trigger some of u. Take it eazy sirs
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