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  1. Not entirely sure what you mean? Jed bringing together Chris Larsen and David Schwartz (aka Joelkatz) in my opinion does qualify as pivotal in the history of Ripple. Still I think it is difficult to work with him. In that sense he is a risk to the success of Stellar.
  2. Really surprised by the negativity. I am aware of the history with Ripple and I can see why it would be difficult to work with him. Nevertheless he did play a pivotal role in starting Ripple and he is not stupid. If I heard correctly Jed mentions new partnerships in the near future. To me XLM is interesting from a speculation standpoint. The majority of my holdings is XRP but XLM is second.
  3. Very frustrating. Why is someone resigning from the white house more important than hearing from Ripple 😡 Also amazing as a non American to see the exaggerated negative reaction to this resignation. 1% down. The world is going to end
  4. Maybe I should be switching back to Rabobank 😀 Well only a matter of time before all banks directly or indirectly use XRP
  5. https://cointelegraph.com/news/major-dutch-bank-rabobank-exploring-idea-of-launching-own-cryptocurrency-wallet Not a crypto exchange but a major bank contemplating of offering a crypto wallet. Mainstream adoption op cryptos. Only a matter of time
  6. Bad advice from my trader?

    Believe me you will feel even more sick if you sell now and the price surpasses 20 USD as calculated by JoelKatz once.
  7. Full list of Ripple names?

    My ~username addresses still work in Gatehub and Ripplecharts. So it seems it is not only GH still supporting it. Would be nice to have this feature reinstated for new addresses. Would love to give my Nano adress a telling name
  8. For my older Ripple addresses I have next to my keypairs ~usernames. These are recognized for example by Ripple Charts and Gatehub Is it still possible to attach a ~label to a key pair? Where are these ~labels maintained? In or outside the RCL? When outside will this functionality remain available?
  9. Posted 4 hours ago 8 hours ago, DKleijer said: Any more insights? You must be a billionaire by now with that clear view.. Wow that is so cool. I am actually working on my second billion now. Unfortunately the first one failed
  10. Coping with market turmoil

    In general I agree that people should take more responsibility for their own decisions and actions. Our society is full of 'victims' and 'entitlement' On the other hand everyone makes mistakes. So there is nothing wrong with empathy and helping others. You could be next In the case of XRP just HODL. This show is far from over. We are only getting started. I have been in crypto for a couple of years now and I am no longer phased by these temporary dips. I do have an issue though with the concept of Darwinism. That I am able to share ideas with people all over the world using a mobile phone in my car is an amazing feat of technology which took a lot of directed effort and intelligence. The idea that this universe with its galaxies, suns, planets, animals, nature, humans but also the laws of physics and mathematics, music and beauty just happened by undirected random processes to me is ludicrous. It is counter intuitive to our daily experience. It means there is no such thing as right and wrong only survival of the fittest, no purpose to life whatsoever. If you really want to become depressed dwell on that. Most people know when they search their heart or are moved by beautiful music this is simply not true. Despite what they told us in school there is no scientific evidence for macro evolution. Variation within already existing genetic information (like varying beak sizes in Darwins finches) is no proof for macro evolution. Never has any undirected random process been observed producing new meaningful information. If you can name one please let me know. Natural selection acting on chance random mutations only destroys information. Not meaning to hijack this thread so I am open to discuss the subject of Darwinism in a separate thread. Again for the people currently panicking because of price development. Hold! As long as you don't sell you haven't lost money. I would be very surprised if XRP is not well above 5usd by the end of this year. No guarantees of course
  11. They Fooled Us

    The question is do you believe that XRP will be successful with the Ripple team behind it and the use case they are trying to solve? If they are then 20usd per XRP is not unreasonable. So even if you bought at the ATH it will still be a very nice return. I have been holding XRP since 2014/15 and it was low for a very long time. Stepped into it because of the team and the vision. So don't listen to others telling you to hold or sell. You can find both groups at any time. Do your own research and decide accordingly
  12. Explanation from Weiss

    Following the the stated criteria Ripple should be an A by the end of the year being more decentralized and having greater market depth decreasing volatility. I do think they should reconsider their criteria if the outcome is that Ripple is in the same category as Dogecoin. Just doesn't make sense
  13. Feedback gevraagd uitleg ripple voor vrienden en familie

    Weet waaraan je begint. Voor elke nitty gritty vraag gaan ze jou bellen. Wees heel duidelijk dat ze op eigen verantwoordelijkheid instappen. Jou niet scheef moeten aankijken als de koers tegenzit of ze gehacked worden etc. Succes
  14. Feedback gevraagd uitleg ripple voor vrienden en familie

    Mooi overzicht. Kun je XRP kopen op coinbase? Vgl mij nl niet