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  1. Just kidding. Jed is part of starting this adventure so he deserves credit
  2. Or pay to lock him up
  3. Agreed. 9 bln is a 'significant' amount
  4. Fisrst of all @JoelKatz @miguel thx for sharing your thoughts with us. Your transparency and openness inspires trust. Regarding the price getting out of control please consider a price driven distribution strategy as proposed by me in this thread. That is supply of XRP linked to a desired price growth percentage. Maybe I am overlooking something but until now I haven't seen any real argument against it. To fulfill your need for flexibility you could set aside some 'free' XRP. As long as it is within limits. It's the bigger amount that creates uncertainty.
  5. Don't think I agree. Just like @will4star explained is it how you setup the negative feedback loop. You don't base it on a fixed price but on price growth. This is where the analogy with the steam machine regulator breaks down as it is based on a fixed RPM not an increasing RPM.
  6. Just like the regulator on the steam machine keep it simple and elegant. If the RPM is above the desired level the centrifugal force will force the weights further outwards which chokes the steam inlet. If the RPM is below the desired level steam inlet is automatically increased. The system keeps itself in balance. So for example if a third party tries to flood the market with XRP to negatively impact the price automatically the XRP supply by Ripple is lowered to counteract the effect. Still think the principle could work. Of course I understand you need to do some serious financial modeling to choose the correct parameters.
  7. Would really like to understand why a price driven escrow distribution would not work. Generally speaking as long as supply lags behind demand I would think there is an upward pressure on price. If price rises to fast you increase supply untill growth is within the desired bandwidth again. This could be automated. But maybe I am missing something here. In any case as I stated in the other thread. The uncertainty about distribution is more killing than the specifics of a distribution system.
  8. sells XRP. You can even pay with IDEAL. Same as Anycoin only the latter does not sell/buy XRP. Used Anycoin recently to sell some ETH for EUR. Send the ETH Saturday late afternoon. Money was in my bank account Monday. Just be sure to go to level 5 account level to be able to sell large amounts just in case XRP goes to the moon.
  9. I am not sure I am following you. A fixed amount over time gives predictably on the supply side. Not on demand side development. Both elements are essential for price development. Ripple cannot disclose partnership etc. still underway. A price driven supply velocity covers both aspects. You can set a desirable price growth percentage and let the escrow based distribution system automatically control the XRP supply to keep it at the desired level.
  10. In the 'countering the Damocles effect' thread I proposed the idea of linking the supply of XRP to price development. If the price rises to fast, the supply increases and vice versa. Of course in an automated Escrow construction. Linking to the price also factors in the demand development. A pure time driven Escrow does not. Thinking about it I like the analogy of the steam regulator on a steam machine which increases/decreased steam dependent on RPM. It somewhat even resembles the Ripple logo with the balls.
  11. Maybe but I honestly believe that transparency (in a sensible way) will be beneficial for RL as well as for investors. RL is not just a larger stakeholder in a free market. With the amount of XRP RL owns they are more like a government who can decide how much money they want to put into circulation. Nothing wrong with that. It's their technology. I only hope (expect) that they will do this in a sensible and transparent way benefitting all stakeholder incl. themselves. I think a price driven escrow distribution plan can serve that purpose.
  12. Not sure I follow you. It is as much in RL interest to increase price of XRP as it is for investors. Don't see a conflict of interest here.
  13. Probably there is more than one way to skin the cat. The main goal is to take the uncertainty of huge amounts of XRP suddenly hitting the market out of the equation. My hypothesis is that as long as this Sword of Damocles is above the market (or perceived that way) that this will not help XRP price development. The whole Jed thing is unfortunate but more or less under control as it is limited and pegged to trade volume. I don’t know about the charity mechanics but I assume something similar is in place. The OTC part is under lockup agreements (would like to know the details BTW). This leaves the huge amount of ‘free’ XRP in the hands of Ripple. A pure time driven distribution plan, although providing some transparency, has the disadvantage of being only one part of the equation. If for example the supply for any given period is twice the market demand you will still see the price go down. That’s why I propose a price driven distribution plan. Maybe instead of a tier based approach you could even make it a continuum in which supply velocity is determined by the rate of price change. For example if the price change per week (or whatever period) is equal or smaller than X% supply of XPR is halted (or even bought back). Between X% and the desired Y% it will be 100% of Z amount/period. Above Y% the supply will double, triple etc. until price changes is again within the desired bandwidth. Setting the right parameters of course will take some calculating by people smarter than me (and with inside information) especially if afterwards you are going to set it in stone (Escrow). But I think such a principle could work. In any case XRP distribution (Jed, charity, OTC, the rest) should be transparent. Uncertainty is more killing than the specifics of the distribution system.
  14. Based on a discussion in another thread I would like to propose the following idea to @Tim, @miguel, @nikb, @JoelKatz, @Vinnie Price is determined by Supply and Demand. As long as both of these are unclear the market as a whole will not invest into XRP. After all a sudden large inflow of XRP could significantly affect XRP price. The so-called Sword of Damocles effect. We understand that Ripple cannot disclose what’s happening behind the scenes in terms of new partnerships, parties about to live, OTC schemes etc. thus limiting investor view on Demand development. You could disclose a time based distribution plan giving insight into the Supply side however as long as Demand development is unclear it is still impossible to take a view on price development. If the Supply rate is more than Demand growth the price will still be negatively affected. Therefore please consider a price driven distribution plan. If XRP price reaches X USD (or EUR, JPY, whatever.) then Y amount of XRP will be released. Then to the next price point etc. This way Supply will track Demand without Ripple needing to disclose sensitive information. This gives the market a good idea of how the price can develop. Preferably this distribution plan is automated in an Escrow format. To fund your operations you can reserve a fixed amount of XRP for ‘free’ distribution. This amount should however be small enough not to disturb the above dynamic. What do you guys think?
  15. If you mean by fund management the ability to fund the company then I still think a combination could be made. Set apart a disclosed amount for funding. In a price driven distribution system there will always be a perceived scarcity (assuming demand grows) thus I rising price as well. Which means less and less of the fund XRP's need to be used. In other words the XRP fund can stay small enough not to influence the price dynamic too much. Thinking and discussing about it I am starting to like the idea more and more. I will start a new thread rewording and summarizing the idea and see if we can get some of the Ripple guys to react