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  1. Indeed look at the ALV thread. Did it and was able to retrieve the secret key.
  2. Although I agree that changing the name and symbol of 'Ripple' the currency does help to distinguish it from Ripple the company it still feels kind of artificial to me as long as there is not another entity or community taking XRP forward and using it for alternative use cases. Currently the XRP ledger is maintained and upgraded by Ripple. And the majority of nodes is still Ripple. For me that is (for the time being) a preferably situation. Why pretend the two are separated?
  3. Title is a bit over the top in my opinion. Happy with the addition though. Anycoin is very user friendly. This allows me to buy/sell XRP quickly for EUR. Literally in something like 2 minutes max. In the past I had to first go via BTC.
  4. @Allvor do I understand correctly that your airdrop is based on a snapshot from end of March? In other words if I send my XRP to another wallet can I still claim the ALV in the original wallet even if it has no longer XRP in it (except for the reserve and enough for the trustline)? Is there some kind of expiry date? In other words can I still claim ALV a few months from now?
  5. That's not my experience. Have extracted XRP from all three for the same price. Only GH lagged a bit before reaching same price level when price increases fast. Also I like to spread the risk.
  6. Kraken Bitstamp Gatehub (in my experience slower to reach same price level as Kraken/Bitstamp when price is moving fast) good experience with all 3
  7. It does. I believe there is third party software which allows you to extract the secret key based on the 24 word pass phrase but I am not willing to go that route (yet)
  8. Ok. So I guess it is not (yet) possible to obtain ALV for XRP 'on' the Nano S. The Nano does not give you the secret key. So I cannot import the wallet into e.g. Gatehub. Only transfer funds but that doesn't help in this case. Kind of a shame because the bulk of my XRP is 'on' my Nano. I don't think I am the only one. EDIT It is actually possible to obtain the ALV from a Nano account. Complicated but possible. See
  9. @LucidRain looking back what were your reasons for trolling? I have often asked myself this and would really like to understand. Not judging you at all. Also from your experience what is the best way to communicate with a troll? They often say don't feed the troll. Would you agree?
  10. Would like to understand that as well. It has always puzzled me why people are willing to spend time/energy on subjects they don't like. I would really appreciate the insight
  11. Not entirely sure what you mean? Jed bringing together Chris Larsen and David Schwartz (aka Joelkatz) in my opinion does qualify as pivotal in the history of Ripple. Still I think it is difficult to work with him. In that sense he is a risk to the success of Stellar.
  12. Really surprised by the negativity. I am aware of the history with Ripple and I can see why it would be difficult to work with him. Nevertheless he did play a pivotal role in starting Ripple and he is not stupid. If I heard correctly Jed mentions new partnerships in the near future. To me XLM is interesting from a speculation standpoint. The majority of my holdings is XRP but XLM is second.
  13. Very frustrating. Why is someone resigning from the white house more important than hearing from Ripple 😡 Also amazing as a non American to see the exaggerated negative reaction to this resignation. 1% down. The world is going to end