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  1. Investors from 2015 and earlier. Amazing!

    In since 2014/15. Pivotal for me was a talk I listened to in the car from Chris Larsen about his vision for an Internet of value. Funny, I even remember where I was driving. The team, the use case, the technology, the strategy, (later realization the adaptability). All the fundamentals are there. XRP has been the major part of my crypto portfolio ever since. The long period hovering around 0,6 ct. was the most difficult. But acted on the belief that fundamentals are what counts in the end
  2. My mistake. When withdrawing to EUR it calculates the amount of XRP which you first have to select before clicking next. It now works.
  3. @bookworm your screendump is not legible. Can you upload a zoomed in or higher res picture?
  4. @Montoya thx for your explanation. It seems we differ on the question if you have to predict price behavior or if you can just act on the delta between actual price and target price. I believe the latter is possible. Of course this needs to be modeled. Using your ocean analogy are you aware of the device below? It provides a stable platform on a wavey sea for onboarding of offshore installations. It works in realtime. Doesn't need to predict the waves but can adjust fast enough in realtime
  5. @Montoya thx again. I don't want to oversimplify this but the cause (rational or irrational) of price movement is irrelevant. Just determine the delta between actual price and target price and change supply velocity accordingly. Equivalent to standard control technology as used in the industry. The most famous example maybe the centrifugal governor on steam engines. Of course you must choose the appropriate control philosophy (linear vs non-linear) but in principe not that complicated.
  6. @Montoya thank you for trying to answer my question. If I understand you correctly you are basically saying the market is too complex and that by interfering in it you may cause more harm than good. I am a simple thinker. Price is determined by supply and demand. You cannot control demand because of the complexity you describe. On the other hand Ripple can control supply and therefore in principle price. The market is interfered with all the time when starting up new (sustainable) technologies in the form of grants and subsidies. If this is done temporarily until the technology is mature I don't have any problem with that.
  7. It is not boring that is for sure
  8. That is exactly why I would like to hear from Ripple if everything is still going according to plan. I don't need the confidential details. With respect for all the posters. One doesn't think the market is manipulated. The other does. Both with compelling arguments. I do not know what to make of that.
  9. I just used your qoute as an example of the belief of many here that we should not interfere in the open and free market. For a healthy and mature market I would agree Maybe not for kick-starting a new technology which is in the ramp-up phase and is vulnerable to third party manipulation (because the market is still shallow) Please explain me why my proposal is detrimental. I would like to understand why. Just stating that not interfering is better doesn't explain anything
  10. The bulk of the growth will be paid by increasing utility and demand. Ripple only 'guides' the process. Mind you with my 8% example I am much more conservative than many on this forum
  11. 8% is just an example. We are in a ramp up phase. Why not make it a controlled growth attracting more investors and banks?
  12. Until now nobody has explained me (also not in March) why my proposal would not work. So I fail this see how your chewing gum analogy is applicable
  13. That why further modeling is required to make sure the system is sustainable Ponzi schemes are not based on real world usage but on the next persons paying for the earlier ones. When the system implodes a lot of people are damaged. What I propose is a reputable company making sure price developes in a controlled and transparent manner. Not much different from how Central Banks control inflation rate.