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  1. Did notice that. Really like the look and user friendliness of this forum. Thx for hosting and maintaining it.
  2. Maybe I am missing something here but the Expertus guy is talking about implementing private ledgers. How is this connected to the RCL?
  3. Great. I am curious how Ripple plans to tackle the chicken and egg problem with respect to market makers and banks. Each one would like the other to be in place first. Will there be some concerted effort?
  4. @rippleric i see your point. Nevertheless I would still rather see ILP succeed
  5. @lucky agree that there will not be one blockchain to rule them all. That is the main reason for ILP. If GSL would be operating on the RCL level then I can live with that. If GSL however is a serious competitor to ILP I would be worried. I hope @Duke67 is right and they are too late.
  6. it seems similar to ILP. Would really like to have the view of e.g. @JoelKatz or @nikb on this. Wrote this reply to bring this post to the foreground again as I think this needs more attention.
  7. Thx all
  8. @winthan Thx. I am now the proud owner of some GCB. Just a small amount. It's good that I know how to setup trustlines now.
  9. not yet. Trying to find it. If you have it that would be nice.
  10. @winthan the trick is the ' advance' button which I just found before reading your post. Thx anyway. @Professor Hantzen also tried the Rippex wallet however it states I am offline which is not the case
  11. Fully aware of the most likely scammy nature of GCB. Nevertheless I would like to buy some. Tulo mentioned I should ' manually put the issuer' however I am not sure how to do this in Gatehub. I've tried to connect a gateway (not sure if this is what Tulo meant) however I cannot get past the phone verification. I've tried all formats I can think of yet it keeps returning ' Error saving phone number' Any assistance would be appreciated.
  12. Thx for your reply. A group of banks working together on a goal or a group of banks employing a company to work on a common goal doesn't seem to me a lot of difference.
  13. Why is it stated : first interbank group for global payments based on distributed financial technology Is R3 not trying to do the same thing? Of course GPSG is working with concrete technology. But my understanding is that the goal set is the same.
  14. Please let me know where my reasoning is flawed. For the 'bridge currency' functionality of XRP the price in any currency at a particular moment seems irrelevant. It could be 0.005, 0.5 or 5.0 USD. It really doesn't matter the for functionality. In the latter case you just need less XRP to bridge the same amount of USD Why then does Ripple not just peg the value of XRP at e.g. 1 SDR (= 'special drawing rights' from the IMF based on a basket of world currencies) and only sell at that level. The 'free' XRP's in the market would quickly follow. Why sell something for 0,005 USD when the majority XRP holder only sells at 1 SDR? Why buy higher than 1 SDR when you can buy for 1 SDR from Ripple. As stated under point 1, apart from the time needed to rebalance the system (which should not really take long as demand grows), it does not matter for a bank using XRP as bridge currency. A pegged price would probably be seen as a plus (no unforessen price fluctuations). I know this sounds to simple but I cannot see why this would not work. I am curious to hear your views on this.
  15. @nikb thx. Your replies answer my original question. Is quantum computing a threat for crypto currencies? -> Not yet. If so, are there ways to mitigate this threat? -> Yes there are.