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  1. @JoelKatz, @Michael are you willing to comment on how Ripple sees these developments with SWIFT / Hyperledger and the Circle announcement? Maybe you could provide a comparison table like you did for the differences between XRP, ETH and BTC. I am not convinced that multiple solutions will exist next to each other if they all serve the same exact use case and one of them is superior in e.g. speed or cost saving. (Before anyone accuses me of FUD I have been following Ripple since 2014 and have been holding XRP since. I am genuinely interested in how this space is developing)
  2. Not sure how to understand the news about SWIFT having an instant payment gateway ready end of this year. Does anyone have more info about this?
  3. @xrpwallet. How as a layman can i be sure the code is really generating a random and valid keypair and not just issuing key pairs from a predefined list? This doubt has held me back from setting up cold storage. Some people have pointed me to the relevant parts in the code of a key pair generator however I do not understand the code. 98% sure it is safe but would like to have the 2% doubt removed as well. A Ripple issued or verified wallet would do the trick for me.
  4. Looks nice. Will you also release an IOS version?
  5. But how as a layman can I be sure that, however unlikely, these wallets don't send the secret key to the programmer of the wallet? Is there a way in which you can test that the public and the secret key match on an offline computer? The whole purpose of cold storage is the offline aspect. On the other hand you don't want to find out that you have send a large amount of money to the RCL which you cannot access because the keys don't match.
  6. @JoelKatz I want to express my appreciation for how you stay factual, transparent and to the point in a discussion with someone who is insulting you and simply not willing to change his mind. This is not about facts. This is psychological. I guess you try to educate the other readers in that thread. Don't let the ones saying it cannot be done stand in the way of the ones doing it. Keep up the good work.
  7. Maybe covered already. But why is there no arbitrage between CoinOne (0,42) and Poloniex (0,32)? You would expect some english speaking korean person would make use of this opportunity. Probably I am missing something. Don't like the price development on Poloniex. Seems fishy to me. Also the DDOS attacks when there is a rally. Glad more exchanges are coming online.
  8. @karlos XRPchat is the place to be to keep up to scratch with Ripple developments. I can understand it takes significant effort and resources to keep it tidy. As the ecosystem grows this will only become a bigger task. I really appreciate your (and the others moderators) time and effort. I would be open for a monthly subscription fee to keep the site running full force. I think this site contributes to XRP 's growth and that's in all our interests. Please consider @lucky 's proposal if you are no longer able (or willing) to maintain the entire site.
  9. Curious. Do you know how it was compromised?
  10. @Duke67 thank you for going through the trouble of making screenshots. Much appreciated. I will check it out when I am home again. Is this the jatchili's minimal ripple wallet?
  11. @JoelKatz thank you for the quick reply. Obviously you do have the programming skills to verify the code. Can you tell me which piece of the code I should look at to be sure it is linked to Ripple-lib and not some pre defined set of key-pairs? Forgive my ignorance but is there a way to check if the code is not compromised by some hacker? I don't have the technical knowledge (yet) to verify this for myself but I would like to be certain as serious money is at stake. I would really appreciate it if you could point me to the relevant piece of the code and explain in layman's terms what it does.
  12. With the increasing value of my XRP holdings I am contemplating of setting up some cold wallets. I know the drill. Generate a key pair on an offline computer. Store the secret key on a USB stick and on paper. Transfer funds to the public key. Here is my question. I don't have the programming skills to verify the code on the key pair generators offered. How can I be sure they are not simply generating key pairs from a pre-defined (and therefore compromised) set? It would be really nice if Ripple could supply a key pair generator. Most likely the others are trustworthy as well but I have no way to verify this.
  13. En?

    Rijk is kwaliteit van relaties, rust, vrede, vrijheid, eten in overvloed. Een paar XRP erbij kan natuurlijk geen kwaad. zolang de pleuries maar niet belangrijker worden dan die andere zaken. Dit was de preek voor deze zondag 😀
  14. Great news. I read it on Ripple Insights. I like that Ripple is becoming so bold in promoting XRP. Now we just need a lockup scheme in place and the biggest arguments against XRP from the BTC community are taken care of. Add to that the superior technology and speed of the RCL and some additional XRP exchanges and there are no sensible reasons anymore to stay in BTC.
  15. Ripplecharts website