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  1. Position XRP for consumers through marketing, easy accessibility and ability to use in online shopping. XRP can do everything BTC can but better and faster. Why not position it that way. Keep the Internet of value angle with the FI. Just add a 'consumer' branch to your company
  2. @rippledigital @thunderw thx.
  3. @rippledigital thx for trying to clarify. I am afraid I still don't get it. Thinking aloud. Assuming a bank is interested in using XRP. It can either buy them or lend them. If the bank expects XRP to increase in value it seems logical to buy. If the bank assumes XRP will decrease in value (or isn't sure about price development) lending would be the better option. In either case XRP is used with most of the benefits you mention. So why does Ripple expect that the option to borrow will facilitate enhanced participation in XRP markets and deeper and more stable markets? Is it because it will attract parties who otherwise would not take the risk of buying XRP?
  4. Just trying to understand. What are the benefits of being able to loan XRP? How is this better than buying XRP? It's not like banks are short on cash. Can someone please elaborate?
  5. The entering of new partners into the XRP ecosystem as institutional investors (evidenced by the willingness to accept sales restrictions) is significant to me. I would like to better understand the benefits of of enabling market participants to borrow XRP. Can someone shed some light on that?
  6. Did notice that. Really like the look and user friendliness of this forum. Thx for hosting and maintaining it.
  7. Maybe I am missing something here but the Expertus guy is talking about implementing private ledgers. How is this connected to the RCL?
  8. Great. I am curious how Ripple plans to tackle the chicken and egg problem with respect to market makers and banks. Each one would like the other to be in place first. Will there be some concerted effort?
  9. @rippleric i see your point. Nevertheless I would still rather see ILP succeed
  10. @lucky agree that there will not be one blockchain to rule them all. That is the main reason for ILP. If GSL would be operating on the RCL level then I can live with that. If GSL however is a serious competitor to ILP I would be worried. I hope @Duke67 is right and they are too late.
  11. it seems similar to ILP. Would really like to have the view of e.g. @JoelKatz or @nikb on this. Wrote this reply to bring this post to the foreground again as I think this needs more attention.
  12. Thx all
  13. @winthan Thx. I am now the proud owner of some GCB. Just a small amount. It's good that I know how to setup trustlines now.
  14. not yet. Trying to find it. If you have it that would be nice.
  15. @winthan the trick is the ' advance' button which I just found before reading your post. Thx anyway. @Professor Hantzen also tried the Rippex wallet however it states I am offline which is not the case