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  1. Agree. Don't throw away your note card. It is a nice backup plan though. And fun to learn this method to amaze friends and family
  2. This week I setup my Ledger Nano S and within 2 minutes memorized the 24 recovery words using a technique which I once read about in a book about how memory works. I thought it would be nice to share this technique with you. It is a great way to impress people at birthday parties as well. Let someone compile a list of e.g. 30 random objects and read them out to you once after which you are able to recite the entire list from beginning to end or even the other way around. It is also possible to let them call a number (e.g. 12) and you tell them the twelfth word in the list. People will be impressed and assume you have some sort of photographic memory. The fact is everyone can do it and it requires minimal effort. Interested? Let’s get started. Most people when memorizing a list will do so by repeating the list over and over until it sticks which costs a lot of mental effort. The technique I am talking about uses another parts of the brain and is called the loci method. I is a very old technique and work by visual association which for our brains somehow requires very little mental effort. It consists of 2 steps. The first step is preparation which you have to do only the first time when you start using this technique. In your mind walk a few times through a location you know very well. For example the house where you grew up. In each room going from left to right (to make sure the order is always the same) mark 3 or 4 locations. For example in the living room you choose the bookshelf, the fireplace, the TV and the sofa. After that go to the next room. Make sure to use the same order every time. To make it even more impressive number the locations. Do this until you have like 30 locations (you could also do e.g. 50 if want to). Now the fun part. The second step. Each time an object is read out make a visual picture in your mind of that object in combination with a location you memorized in step 1 going through each of the locations. Each object a new location. So for example you are in the laundry room and someone mentions ‘elephant’. Your location is the washing machine. Make a mental picture of an elephant behind the glass in the washing machine. The more absurd the picture the better. Then say ok and let them mention the next object. Don’t try to remember the ‘elephant’ but just focus on making the next mental picture. That’s it. After they went through the entire list just walk the route in your mind. Laundry room, washing machine. You just see the ‘elephant’. To do the list in reverse just walk the route in the opposite order. Even two day later (without practicing) you will still see the ‘elephant’ in the washing machine. God gave us amazing brains. If you took the trouble to number your locations they can mention a number and you tell them the corresponding word. It is still surprising to me how little mental effort this takes. Just try it. It works. It’s nice at birthday parties. But you can also use it for your grocery list (just make sure you replace the elephant with e.g. broccoli) or for remembering the key points of your presentation. Back to the Ledger Nano S. I was a bit worried that it would not work so well because some of the 24 words are abstract making it more difficult to make a mental association. But actually it is doable. In one minute maybe two I memorized the entire list with very little effort. Try this at your own risk and don’t throw away the written note yet. But is nice that you can reproduce the 24 recovery words in case you somehow lost the note or you are not able to access it. Have fun!
  3. Buying XRP for family members

    @lucky thx for bringing the Bitstamp questions under my attention. Those are really detailed questions. I did a lot of transactions over the last years. How do you keep track of that? Also not being able to withdraw quickly is concerning to me. Agree to keep your own account and that of family/friends strictly separated. If XRP really takes of I do expect warm attention of the tax authority in the near future.
  4. Expect further rise this week. Then depending on the announcements during Swell it will either rise further or go down again. So at least get in for this week and decide next week if you want to stay in or take profit buying back at a lower price. Long term I think these prices are low anyway. This is my opinion. Invest at your own risk
  5. Simple way to enhance Gatehub security

    Will look into the password thing. Cannot remember seeing an option for two password. I agree this would create an extra barrier. Still like the idea of email confirmation option.
  6. Simple way to enhance Gatehub security

    You are right about disclosing the secret key. Also only protected by password. I don't understand how this adds to security. Once someone has your password to login they can use it for showing your secret key as well. Never really thought about it but this does not make any sense. Okay then we need the email confirmation option also for disclosing the secret key.
  7. After reading recently about two people loosing Gatehub funds due to phishing sites I checked the security settings on my Gatehub account. After login with password and 2FA I need to re-enter my password again to unlock trading or to withdraw funds. What is the function of entering the password twice? If they already know your password and 2FA (which was the case with the phishing sites) it is easy to enter the same password twice to unlock trading and withdrawing. I don't see the added value of entering the same password twice tbh. What really would help is the option to ask confirmation by email when withdrawing. I have seen that on another exchange. Maybe I am mistaken but I cannot find this option on Gatehub. @enej maybe something to consider.
  8. Physical Ripple/XRP Coins

    Interested to order some for a crypto group (predominantly XRP) here in the Netherlands. Please let me know how to obtain some and what the cost are
  9. R3 sues Ripple (What?!)

    Just scanned the court document. Really enjoyed a look into the kitchen. Seems to me Ripple has a good chance of winning. Too bad though that R3 has failed to accelerate Ripple's progress even further. Can understand Ripple's initial enthusiasm about the deal. I hope the court case will not distract too much from driving the primary business. From experience I know these kind of things can cost a lot of negative energy. Anyways great stuff for 'XRP the movie'.
  10. Miguel Vias Twitter this morning...

    Makes sense
  11. Miguel Vias Twitter this morning...

    Never watched GOT but is this some kind of ice dragon? If so. Lockup?
  12. Paper Wallet questions/concerns

    @gray thank you for your thorough explanation. Made a copy of it for when I need to explain this to someone.
  13. Ripply Wallet trustworthy?

    Thank you for your reply
  14. @winston thank you for your response. However I don't understand the bride currency argument. If BTC goes up the price of XRP expressed in BTC will seem to go down. Looking at a XRP /BTC chart this would trigger selling not buying. For someone going fiat -> BTC -> XRP the price of BTC does not matter.
  15. @goldstar111 thank you for your reply. You are saying that automatic trading formulas are used which explicitly follow price development of e.g. BTC or ETH unless there is some fundamental reason to shut it down until a new equilibrium is reached. Explains the counter intuitive price action. However my question kind of remains. Why would someone choose to set their formulas this way? If there is uncertainty about BTC would it not make sense to flee into stable alternatives like XRP?