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  1. ok guys, the prices are up and down like a brassers underwear I hear some people are buying more and most people are just holding but I wonder if we can in fact hit the 10 US dollar mark by the end of the year I see ripple are adding new banks on a daily basis and the price drops but I think the price will eventually shoot up and will surprise everyone whats your thoughts
  2. Chicken is like the head master , I see great things ahead for ripple
  3. I'm like chicken and the other experienced holders although I'm not that experienced, but I am holding long term
  4. It seems that we have got a lot of new members since the price dropped , I think they will all go to ground again when the price starts to rise and then they come back with their two pence worth on the next correction . Of course it's a good time to buy but for us in it long term , it doesn't matter , for me anyway, as I think sky is the limit for xrp.did I lose money this week? We all did but I expected this but I also expect the price to shoot up again. am I tempted to buy more xrp? I was but then said I have enough invested in this at this stage , don't put all eggs in the one basket and all that so as chicken and rest say.... hold and the future will be good I think the end of 2018 will see us all happy again
  5. Very true , I am like you , holding out and I told myself that in December 2018 I will then decide to sell some or hold , I was expecting a big correction but then I expect the price to shoot up again
  6. Holding on and not worrying about the price , I expected of to drop but it will go back up
  7. I think there are huge things in the pipeline.....as Dr Chicken says HOLD for your life
  8. fingers crossed that we will rocket I was holding onto my pants for dear life the last few days....... I even just put it the back of my head and said HOLDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  9. Was supposed to buy a new oven for the wifey as our old one is dying , bought more xrp today instead , will tell her the shop didn't have the model for another weeks ...! Will bring her out to a nice restaurant then and of course buy the oven when the price goes up or else I will be cooked like a chicken in the old one !!!
  10. Calm hooper, it will all come back up in time
  11. Anyway hooper, he was correct so maybe we need to listen more
  12. So where will it go after it drops further in your opinion
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