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  1. ok guys, the prices are up and down like a brassers underwear I hear some people are buying more and most people are just holding but I wonder if we can in fact hit the 10 US dollar mark by the end of the year I see ripple are adding new banks on a daily basis and the price drops but I think the price will eventually shoot up and will surprise everyone whats your thoughts
  2. Chicken is like the head master , I see great things ahead for ripple
  3. I'm like chicken and the other experienced holders although I'm not that experienced, but I am holding long term
  4. It seems that we have got a lot of new members since the price dropped , I think they will all go to ground again when the price starts to rise and then they come back with their two pence worth on the next correction . Of course it's a good time to buy but for us in it long term , it doesn't matter , for me anyway, as I think sky is the limit for xrp.did I lose money this week? We all did but I expected this but I also expect the price to shoot up again. am I tempted to buy more xrp? I was but then said I have enough invested in this at this stage , don't put all eggs in the one basket and all that so as chicken and rest say.... hold and the future will be good I think the end of 2018 will see us all happy again
  5. Very true , I am like you , holding out and I told myself that in December 2018 I will then decide to sell some or hold , I was expecting a big correction but then I expect the price to shoot up again
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