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  1. that could be one strategy that ripple is using... 1 teacher connects to an average of 35 to 40 kids. that's over a million kids. Hopefully these million kids have a mom or dad. Let's say half of those kids just have a single parent. That's 1.5 million parents. 1.5 million people do research on who Ripple is, they tell family friends and before you know it everyone is talking about RIPPLE and XRP. Parents have the salaries #WorldDominance ("Mikey, leave your computer alone for a minute, come down and eat your dinner!!!". "Can't you you see I'm busy mom, we're taking over the world!!!!", replies the 40 year old virgin)
  2. thoughts being - that we stop saying go to the moon. This isn't a get rich quick scheme...
  3. TJHodler day dreaming - "Buffet leaves... Blood everywhere.... #cueExplosionNoices".... Tommy stop playing with the tomato sauce
  4. Like got rid of 94%... attached to XLM... not good for them but can't hope enough so that it can stop piggy backing off of XRP
  5. Very true, I'm all for XRP! Was interesting to see the investor track record. Hopefully someone like Uber and Airbnb (as seen above) get's announced
  6. Now I don't know if this means anything or has been discussed among any other of the threads but I also want/ed to go down the rabbit hole. On one of the threads someone had a question - how can I invest in Ripple directly, basically becoming a shareholder in RippleLabs and someone replied that you had to be a serious type of investor and have a really good investor profile for you to be able to invest in RippleLabs. I decided to try and find one of these companies by looking up the Investment company (vehicle) that got mentioned in the thread Equityzen is one of these platforms that you can use to invest in RippleLabs. Once searching for Ripple, it takes you to a short company profile but something caught my attention and maybe you'll find this intriguing as well, SPECIFICALLY LOOK AT THE INVESTOR TRACK RECORD ABOUT A QUARTER OF THE PAGE DOWN??? https://equityzen.com/trending/ripplelabs/ - there are some huge names there but again I could be missing something.
  7. Does this mean anything???? https://equityzen.com/trending/ripplelabs/... SPECIFICALLY LOOK AT THE INVESTOR TRACK RECORD ABOUT A QUARTER OF THE PAGE DOWN??? some huge names there
  8. Just to reiterate, and again I know that everyone knows this but long term holders will have huge smiles on their faces in the end. They're solving a real problem with real people. It's not some science experiment as Brad would put it.
  9. Interesting and exciting stuff: "There is another centeral bank we're working with that we haven't announced..." - 14:15 "we have 63 banks in Japan who have signed on of which it cover 40% of the markets... in the process of going live" - 19:35 (we already know this but nice to hear again) "I want a very successful XRP eco system" - 27:00
  10. Please delete if it's a repost - don't know with all these pages if this has been posted.
  11. Who was that guy that sold 21,000 zerps hoping to buy in at 3 different lower levels again.... he said he will then make 10,000 extra if it worked out.... well it didn't go that way. Hope he really didn't sell everything
  12. "We're going to ONE DOLLAR!!!" - said everyone three months ago
  13. people, compared to other crypto drops XRP is holding up well
  14. or a 1000 points for everyone in a game where the points don't really matter #who'sLineIsItAnyway
  15. It wasn't posted on forum - unless it was pure coincidence that you posted your thread on here when I posted it on twitter
  16. forth quarter report is out - https://ripple.com/insights/q4-2017-xrp-markets-report/
  17. maybe this.... and; https://news.bitcoin.com/korean-crypto-exchanges-share-data-with-banks-new-account-system/
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