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  1. i tought that i should stick to the logo, because people would like to have it as a souvenir or something !! i designed some regular items as well without logo : ) I'll try to design something original : ) Thanks ?
  2. Yep !! they are some regular items, but i think i should update my designs : ) Thnks
  3. Hello everybody, i launched my ripple & crypto T-shirt's store, i think the last march !! in order to earn some money to buy xrp, but unfortunately i sold just few items : ) i think i'm good in design but not in selling things : ) After the last fall, i started to see it as another chance (the last chance ) for me to jump in the train : ) My puorpose is reaching 300$ ( i think i need to sell bteween 50-60 items in order to reach it ) idk what to say!! but i'll be glad guys if you can support my store. you will see double items ,because tshirts are manufactured in usa and europe to save cost & time of shipping Thank you in advance https://teespring.com/stores/cryptee-4
  4. @PickleRick think that GT is not powerful enough ยงยง
  5. in this panic wave i would like to make a verdict,but just faithful holders can play lol : r u lambo or GT hodler? Check out my store i have designed many items for xrp : ) https://teespring.com/stores/cryptee-4?page=1
  6. i hope to reach 300$ n store some xrp for a couple of years,thanks for your support : )
  7. yes of course if you would like to see a tshirt with your own ,idea i'll design it with my pleasure and post it
  8. im an old fan of xrp but i couldn't afford enough to invest in it.It's never late ,and!! yes i"ll try to earn some cash to buy some xrp : ) so, I launched a store the last week , i sold 6 items + another 1 today lol and i still need your support , i really want to be a part from this party https://teespring.com/stores/cryptee-4 P.S:You will see double items, because they are manufactured in usa & europe to save cost and time of shiping Have an nice 2018 investement year
  9. thanks man : ) it would be so nice if you can get your wished items ,because i love see pictures of crypto community wearing my shirts lol anyway good luck with xrp
  10. if everyone just try to learn from th near past of cryptos, he will stop asking about selling o buying or diving in panic for sure ,it's never late and it will be never to invest ,but if you are satisfied about your ROI ,just sell f,you can reinvest later or rebuy another coin,but just stop asking or doubting about cryptos especially xrp !!!!close your eyes and try to imagine payment +money transfer and aaalll that stuff in1 decade!!!as we couldn't forsee the impact of the internet in '90,you see now the big bang of internet,as we couldn't forsee the value of tech now you see the price of 1 ggl stock....etc so, simply and certainly ,we are going straight ahead to a 100%diigitallll wooorld, so folk, for god sake, if you have the chance to invest,and you can lead your life quietly without the need of the return in at least 4 years, just do it ,and you will save the futur of your children and your jobless brothers,you can wear tahiti shirts and drink pinacolada 2 summers a year.Unfortunately ,many folk here feel the futur but they do not have the chance to be a part of it . good luck rich folk,good luck poor folk
  11. how come!! they provide all sizes on teespring !!
  12. thank you @cryptoGerrie i 'll remake it,i made them short a little bit ,but it wasn't enough i"ll tweak it thanks alot
  13. 1K$ LOL we will live upon the clouds , but if you want i can think about an original design with your quote
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