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  1. https://bitcoinexchangeguide.com/canadian-exchange-coinsquare-acquires-stellarx-citing-need-for-a-home-with-regulatory-experience/
  2. There are degrees of decentralization when it comes to validating transactions. It seems like XRP validators strike a nice balance between security and speed, so you don't sacrifice one for the other, and to me, having validators with UNLs in the hands of FIs and other similar well-established institutions makes me feel safe as an XRP hodler.
  3. Sure, it can...if it's sufficiently centralized (sufficiently few varied sources and nodes involved in validating transactions if they are indeed claiming "decentralization").
  4. enrique11

    Has Corey Johnson left Ripple?

    https://dailyhodl.com/2019/02/11/ripple-and-xrp-update-cory-johnsons-role-as-chief-market-strategist-eliminated-due-to-market-conditions/ It's actually good news. It means Ripple the company and it's products no longer needs "marketing". It's true, investors know what Ripple is now and XRP. That wasn't always the case though. He basically has finished his job. True, Ripple could have given him some other position, but perhaps his background didn't lend itself to a good fit for remaining positions in the company.
  5. You know Asia, Middle East and other countries are going to pass the US by if the US SEC keeps this up and congress is slow to act.
  6. Enjoy it? Hell yeah! You got info in there, quotes and opinions from individuals with a lot of related experience that reveal just how important Ripple/XRP could be to the future infrastructure of global payments, and you tied it nicely, concisely together. I did a recent post mentioning Marcus Treacher. He's the guy at Ripple that realizes the importance of this tech as it relates to global payments and banks - just look at his related professional history, as highlighted in the following quote:https://ripple.com/company/leadership/
  7. https://bitcoinexchangeguide.com/rate3-network-to-introduce-cross-chain-swaps-between-steller-xlm-and-ethereum-eth/
  8. Found it. It starts at the 45 second mark, the video, not the part the french dude wasn't able to record. This video is cut off at the end: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onBhEKRTCsU
  9. Is this video available publicly? Is it on youtube?
  10. That's weird. It seems like original post is the french guy quoting a woman, Elizabeth, who the heck is she?, and he's quoting her quoting or paraphrasing Gottfried's reply in English at the end? That's a significant amount of convolution. And what the heck is Gottfried referring to when he's paraphrased or quoted by Elizabeth as saying, "We."? Is it Swift, R3, or....?
  11. The beauty of XRP is that even with the steep volatility compared to fiat, Brad Garlinghouse said, Imagine the potential of XRP for cross-border payments when the value stabilizes. You might not need Ripple there to financially incentivize MMs to take on the steep volatility risk if it goes away with time. Exchanges might come of their own free will, maybe even traditional exchanges as well, providing XRP liquidity as MMs to facilitate cross-border payments, and because of the size ("bandwidth") of these traditional corridor flows, they might even make decent profits if they gain sufficient market share.
  12. enrique11

    Swift explore blockchain technology

    Not to get away too far from the thread subject, but this just popped up shortly after I read your reply: https://bitcoinexchangeguide.com/binance-ceo-believes-gaming-will-be-next-big-wave-for-blockchain-technology-adoption/ Well, at leat we don't have to worry about swift trying to take a slice of the blockchain gaming market.
  13. enrique11

    Swift explore blockchain technology

    It's gotta be a huge industry with in-game purchases of scarce items, and you could also use the platform currency to purchase video games on that platform. One crypto gaming platform I've looked into will be taking an interesting approach. I think it's called Enjin. They will have many games on their platform but the platform will have a single native crypto I believe, and each game has a scarce number of in-game items, and each game allows you to "melt" the items in it for the native crypto platform currency and carry it into another game you like to make in-game purchases in that game, and so on. It will be very interesting as well to see how microtransactions will apply to gaming because 1. games are expensive for kids, and 2. microtransactions have historically been the domain of video games, like arcade games and cell-phone games. So, microtransactions seem like a natural fit for blockchain based gameplay, whether used to stream gameplay for a certain length of time, or buy a certain number of player lives, in-game items, or used like a virtual quarter to play a arcade game dApp, or make game purchases on 'playstores' for gameplay on your cell phone.
  14. "He" is actually a she. Here's her profile: https://www.forbes.com/sites/francescoppola/#701f6af7177e Anyway, you're right. She's focusing on one bank, when there are so many out there. This takes time, but she does have a lot of professional experience in banking. Ripple hired Marjan Delatinne who formerly worked at Swift. In the following link it gives her background and reasons why she was atttracted to Ripple: https://ripple.com/insights/ripple-hires-former-business-director-swift-gpi-marjan-delatinne/ Anyway, I need to research this further to get a better understanding when I have time. Frances's arguments need counter arguments by people in the know like Marjan and Marcus Treacher that have related experience.
  15. You won't. This article mentioned interbank transfers within Italy. 17 Italian banks were involved. XRP can be used to move payments from one Italian bank to another, but it won't be used as a bridging currency to move payments within Italy. That doesn't make sense. Anyway, I didn't read the article...only read the part about the 17 banks being Italian, so maybe there are other parts of the article that talk about expanding beyond Italy's borders, as in cross-border interbank payments to non-Italian banks.