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  1. So I've always been on Gemeni and Polo, and I see the ridiculously high volume and price on Bitthumb, who has experience with it, and is it worth me going and getting verified?
  2. You do realize owning apple shares would not simply generate revenue, right? You realize stock portfolios typically hold value because they can be sold to the next person, etc. My 401K doesn't generate revenue aside from funds increasing in value only to be sold later by me when I cash in. This hurt my head reading. No one person will ever hold all the ripple, nor would that huge of a chunk ever land in one hand. I would rather have 45 billion in ripple hands down. Apple has no where to truly go from here aside from stability, which isn't a bad thing, but Ripple is increasing in value and has a true use case. I would rather have a hell of a lot of XRP while watching the escrows release, more uses because viable, value increases, and then sell my hand one day and watch it go back into circulation. This is FUD.
  3. Been on this rollercoaster since December 11th. Called a buddy on a gut feeling that morning. Invested a small amount disregarding friends who called XRP a sh*tcoin. Then called them less than 48 hours later laughing. Seriously though, I've watched POLO too much too often as I HODL. Haven't sold once. My nerves get shot and I've learned to turn it off now lol.
  4. Correction: OP asked; not me. Expectations are usually based upon something, but then again this is crypto.
  5. Where are all the comments of two household names being revealed coming from then? Simply rumor?
  6. Can you quote a source on the announcement? I'm drunk at a bar and asked this in my other topic. Lol
  7. Just started to panic a little at prices, but realized something in my drunken stooper at the bar. Although we're dipping and some of us continue to believe, I trade on Polo and every single currency is negative almost aside from two at a 24 hours 3%+ rise. One being above ten, one right around three, and us above twenty. It's not just us comrades. Hodl.
  8. "plan". Same as all If our speculation. Until it hits it isn't real. Either HODL or weakhand it. For all we know this could happen tomorrow, or banks are making this to cause a dip, buy in huge amounts, and announce that it can only be used to cut costs and increase transaction speeds. Crypto is beyond volatile. Lol
  9. Just waiting for moon as weakhands get out because they thought the miracle would be tonight. Cheers to all of you stronghands hodling. Also, any source on the idea that there's even an announcement tomorrow? PS. Near La Jolla drinking and thought that was ironic since I wire to Gemini.
  10. In for response? Can't see live stream, only seeing that I'm at .00004199 BTC per XRP right now. Send help.
  11. Texan in LA right now. Going to be at a bar for 5 and I'm gonna have a few as I anticipate mooooooon. I dumped in extra this morning passing through the Tejone outlets with one percent battery on two bars of 4G. Save me.
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