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  1. Thanks again Tev, this clears it up for me. I will do a little comparison on what fees are associated with a few exchanges and determine what is best from there. I recognized the pun was unavoidable in this explaination...
  2. Awesome, good to know and is what I wanted to hear. I was afraid it would be a weeks long process or a pain to withdrawal.
  3. Great! Thank you for this information, it helps very much. IYO, is gatehub the best source to use if/when you want to "cash out" fiat and transfer it to your bank account?
  4. When creating a Gatehub account it is asking for my home address for full verification. Just me being paranoid but I hate giving out my place of residence to companies i don't know much about. Can anyone put my mind at ease that Gatehub is reputable in this area or if they have had any issues when giving out their address information?
  5. The one thing I noticed when storing on the nano is that it is extremely difficult to extract your key onto the Leger if you wanted to take advantage of any airdrops. This seemed to be the case with Allvor and may be the issue with any future offerings on the Ripple network.
  6. Wouldn't movement of the decimal place be similar to increasing and decreasing total supply thus raising price? This would be like the fed increasing $ supply, but because there is already a "fixed" supply of bitcion and XRP, adding or removing decimal places achieves this in the same way. No? As a simple example, if we were to remove the decimal places altogether, bitcion would have 21M and XRP 100B. If these can only be utilized in a 1:1 ratio this is essentially decreasing the supply....1BTC would be worth alot more assuming the demand increased as well.
  7. What does a futures market mean for XRP? Apologies if this has already been posted. https://www.coindesk.com/ripples-xrp-just-might-next-big-crypto-futures-market/
  8. Thank you for the detail! this is great! I''m curerntly signed up on the waiting list and curious how it is all going to work out on the crypto side. it does seem to be a nice "no fee" structure for standard stock trading....especially for high volume trading as the fees can stack up quick.
  9. Thanks for clarifying some of this, I was looking to possibly sign up for Robinhood so this is good to know. If buyers typically purchase crypto through exchanges, don't they need to go through something like Coinbase first? Would this eliminate that step and the associated fees? I have just noticed the fees on Coinbase have become obnoxious to the point I don't want to buy through them anymore and is why I was considering this option.
  10. Any reason ETH would be dominate? Although it has a use case, it seems it is a more primitive "Smart Contract" platform and has somewhat proven it's inefficiency....(crypto kitties). Any thought's or statements that would prove this wrong?
  11. Does anybody have thoughts on the Mobius coin sale happening tomorrow? Does this project seem like it has any traction? I'm Asking because I have some Lumen and am thinking of maybe purchasing this instead. My concern is that Mobius is on the same network (Stellar) and it would seem that it would make sense to just keep the Lumen...or should I just buy more XRP Thank you
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