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  1. They are supposed to be bringing out a Platinum card which is stainless steel. I'm a sucker for any novel and different. I want one.
  2. May 15th by any chance? Blockchain Week NYC
  3. I don't really use #XRPARMY. #XRPTHESTANDARD is my norm. Like @XRPTRUMP suggested. There has to be a problem with twitter algorithm that tracks who people are replying to and decides based on that who might be a bot. Around 8 of us got asked to verify our accounts after retweeting one of the @RippleLove_XRP tweets yesterday. This was the first like/retweet I had done since the removal of my shadowban.
  4. All I could think of is Scousers and Daleks when watching. Scousers debating a new world order.
  5. Januarys ATH was not representative of the value of XRP. Unfortunately, people have forgotten the hype around XRP at the time and just see it has fallen from $3.40 ish to where we are today. The Coinbase rumour and all the media attention in December and early January which created FOMO is really hurting XRP now.
  6. It's spring in the UK. But looking outdoors today you think it was winter. Wet and Cold.
  7. Mine has just landed within the last hour. They sent it with tracking so I could follow it. Got an email at 7am telling me it was going to arrive this morning and if I wanted to go to a local office to collect it I could. I can't get over the packaging. I have never had a payment card that looks this good out of the envelope. They are normally stuck to a piece of A4. On these points alone, I think the high street banks need to review what they are doing. Let's now see how it works in the real world. PS. I'm holding my head in shame. I have bought some BTC on the app.
  8. Love it. I've joined the club. I assume now its badge of honour and a right of passage to be a HODLer of XRP.
  9. https://theindependentrepublic.com/2018/04/01/ripple-xrp-powered-western-union-app-goes-live-with-zero-transaction-fee/ http://ir.westernunion.com/news/archived-press-releases/press-release-details/2018/Western-Union-Expands-Digital-Service-to-Panama-and-Jamaica/default.aspx
  10. You don't hold a party with a Celebrity A-Lister headlining if you don't have something to party about. I'm hoping for good news coming out of Block Chain Week NYC.
  11. Not jealous at all. I'm from Lofthouse near Pateley Bridge. I did something really horrible in a former life.
  12. I hate posts like these. I assume you are trying to spread FUD. Otherwise: You made the decision to come for the ride. Nobody forced you to. If you don't like the vehicle, get out and go elsewhere.
  13. I would like to hear something from Brad as opposed to reading something in Ripple Tech News etc. From the horse's mouth, before it is spun.
  14. They never seem to announce anything in the reports. I'm hoping for a change in the next report.
  15. Any ideas? 241 TRX and XRP merger? Chinese trading volume up.
  16. Platforms like Etoro allow you to short XRP and other Cryptocurrencies. Make $ on the way up and on the way down.
  17. "An alternative way to create Fedcoin would be to “preallocate” the entire supply of tokens (say $100 trillion Fedcoin). This block would immediately be awarded to the central bank to be held in reserve until they are required.19 Ripple set the precedent for a 100% preallocation. At its inception, the entire 100 billion supply of XRP (Ripple’s native token) was created outright, much of it retained by Ripple Labs while the rest was auctioned off or given away. As for a reduction in supply, the central bank can store surplus crypto coins in its vaults, much as it does with deposited banknotes that are still fit for a second go around. Preallocating simplifies security requirements, as no one has the ability to issue Fedcoins; however, it is exceedingly difficult to change supply later if demand is underestimated". https://www.r3.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Fedcoin_Central_Bank_R3.pdf
  18. Nothing wrong with being a 1%er and been on here. We all want news and information.
  19. They have renamed me XRP in the Pub. I'm a bit of an XRP bore nowadays.
  20. Totally agree. A week of Brad on TV in the future, when the market has picked up and people are paying attention. They did state they were going to hold back announcements.
  21. I'm still hoping for EOY @ $8+ One good announcement with press coverage could send us to the moon. Unfortunately, the reverse could be true for a further retrace, but I don't believe Ripple would want to see this. I'm very optimistic and firmly believe something is brewing at the moment. Ripple / SBI etc have been holding their cards tight towards there chests over the last few weeks. $589? We have all worked out the figures how to get there. Are these the cards to be played?
  22. My 14-year-old son has just chirped up that some spots on BG armour look a bit like apples. Why would the Eternity or infinity symbol have one orange spot in it? This stands out to me.
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