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  1. It's a way of speaking @Hodor... I understand perfectly what you say, but what is clear I think, as you commented before, to collaborate, to share information and your point of view on how the world progresses around Ripple, whe passed from the old to the new chat, it is a great help for many, me the first... a fantastic job ...
  2. Nice posts @Hodor ! It's fun read, you are not an XRP expert... Very interesting reading time to learn about the Ripple begins. Thanks for your time and effort to share info with us
  3. Thanks @Hodor ! In the first times I think Ripple don't focus the mobile apps... but if it works also with mirco payments, another dimension take place. Very interesting read, reflexions about this applications... Every time we see how Ripple it's working more and more in different ways to explode his solutions, the ecosystem could be bigger than we expected. The video with @JoelKatz it's simply fantastic. Have a nice week end zerpers!
  4. Absolutely, it's like that also, hold the typical technical analysis it's not correct to see what could be the crypto market in future, now the only we can see it's what is the work it's doing Ripple in the playground, going away to explain the benefits of his solutions, and wait the time needs all this very complicated and hard ecosystem start to turn... later if it happen, we will talk about the snowball effect we are waiting if I am right. I think after all, it's very difficult to know how can rise the XRP asset in the new situation Ripple is setting up.
  5. Clear and great as always @Hodor, thanks! I feel, every time you write about, starts to be more dense... and that it's very positive, thats looks like all it's going so fast, as the time between the posts, it's enough to group, news, adoptions or signatures, ( now important donatives ), tour, videos, interviews... in a rhythm, the price is not show us all it's happen behind the scenes, but it's happening. This 2018 was the year of consolidation, or something like that no ? Well... if all of this Ripple work hold like since today they are doing, we will be happy, we must be happy today, the marathon has begun. It's more than I expected. Keep working in your blog and sharing please
  6. Dimension


    Very sad to hear that...take care
  7. Hi @makemeraf Good idea, but may be, not necessary at all... and, in last time, too news to take the really interesting to put in a post to upload, time ! a lot of time... if you have time enough it will be appreciated by a lot of users, sure. I think if you read or follow a little the chat, always you will find support and positive opinions for holders, and the XRP trading and price speculation club, it's a place to see that easy, for someone may be too easy, but, better read and have positive feedback than be in fud every dip...
  8. @VaR Thanks ! but mastered crypto it's too big words... I am a young padawan The day I will master the crypto I will sleep better
  9. Yes, a journey, but when we listen Brad and read about all could be running in less than a 3-5 years... it's really a short journey for that change if finally only reach the half of we have in mind As said before, "Lambos" will be around if put enough fiat on zerps and take the time needs to be adopted and working. In few months you could pay a nice holidays... in few years may be, you can change the job time to holidays time if well played... it's your choice guys Finally, when we think a little around us, the % of people want's really hold a mid-long term it could be not a lot, a lot of people will sell at 1, 2, 3...5...10 people come in and selling, not a lot holding to 50, 100 or XXXX ? I think not a lot of lambos ( the better of this dips it's lambo posts disapear ) will be in the streets from true holders, but a little % of people who listen, read, understand what it's happen... and learn to hold in this moment, will change his lives a little
  10. I don't know if I am learning something with this last weeks or I start the cross to the dark side... Every day I feel the current price is less important, seriously... in this bearish momentum, for me all it's OK, not important, and if we take a look, all it's down so... I will be nervous if XRP start to climb alone and the other assets not rise... But the most important, if I am right it's, understand about BG said about, payment company, the info we can read every day or every 2-3 days, rumors.... nice ! The really important is not the current price, it's the work Ripple it's doing every day, step by step, I prefer, see this steps and price stay, than nothing to explain and wait the whales, markets, etc waves without nothing behind. For us, it's like the spider history... build this ecosystem takes time, and once it's finished or ready to run, the change will be great, like a snowball. Every time it's more easy believe in the fact, we don't know how far price can rises, 100$ club may be will be a ball mach for a lot of us, but, nothing to compare with the real dimensions could take our fantastic zerps. Thanks again the people like @Chewiecoin @RegalChicken @buckor @Hodor , etc, sharing news, opinions and posts to explain what it's happen. Not easy stay waiting something take a little of color since the February, will be a month to change, March will be better, CNY, CB... but we see before... but not before with this last announcements, tests... If the chat is a little calm, it's all it's going OK No matter what the current price Try to read the news and take your impressions without look at the price value every day, it's fantastic.. really...and possible if you believe in. My friend send me a message saying: All it's going down 8% one more time... the robot press the button again, my answer : refueling time is not finished... Finally, if everything is a scam, we think it's so well-worked, we will contragulate ... and take a selfie with the Ripple team
  11. Thanks for share and comment @Chewiecoin Great interview, with a lot of time to explain different points, very important points, I am very happy, have a guy like Brad in the front line. If you think a little with cold mind, time... only need time, too many things in different ways are in motion in the same time in the same direction, the change direction of the old payment system by a company like Ripple, and as he said, they are the first interested in have a Ripple ecosystem working, and that's wanna say good, very good position for XRP. Fast money is for hard traders, we are holders, and we have the best company with the best team... a this great chat too
  12. I remember David Carradine, but I prefer Bill than Grasshopper
  13. Hi ! After some days watching this post, my price opinion: MARCH 1,1 JUNE 2 SEP 2,8 DEC 10 I hope be wrong and finish the 2018 more than 10, but I think, touch this level could be fine... strange my angel says 10 is enough for sure!! but my devil says... are you crazy ?? come on, we are here for Rock´n´Roll, not for drink hot milk before go to de bed
  14. Well, More or less all it's said I think, in the first moments when you think in the potential of % in xrp can explode in very little time ( 1/2/3 years ) one think pass in our heads could be... yes ! and in 3 years all will be rich... ? what is this joke/scam... but once you start to read and try to understand what is all this world, and the momentum we are living... as I read and learn here, not easy as that, we need survive the stroms, and it's more easy keep the red and not lose, thank see greens with 500 or 1500% and not take, thinking... well here we go, now it's the time, hold 2 years more and then see what is happen. Usually I never talk with friends I know don't understand or we will be exceeded in his mind talking about, but one of them I know have open mind, 2 days later, says me... ok, I see this could be the match ball for us, and all who believe in and hold enough.. so, I come ! Do you feel this sensation says inside you... could be true this time, I am in ?... in the right think, right moment, right place ? really, it's me this time ? Time, balls and cold head is one of our proverbs as read in the chat also Nice to be in the same boat !
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