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  1. I know we have to trust is someone but sites like this can, in fact, add your, yet not in a data dump, e-mail to a very profitable database.
  2. This is not a "normal" topic and may hurt some susceptibilities! Using the "Load More" functionality i created an automation to extract all messages still available from Zerpbox history. I have no intention to reveal the messages. My goal here is to cognize how obsessed zerpbox regular users were with that pathological, yet catchy, phenomenon called the $589 EOY 2018 xrp price prediction! The table below tries to order Zerpbox users with 4 or more messages referencing the amount "589" in the last 5 months. The assortment made (see Ratio column) corresponds to the number of $589 EOY related messages divided by the total number of messages written by the user in the period. The purpose of this assortment is to evaluate how frequently each Zerpbox user used this prediction in that chat box. To my experience Zerpbox users are, mostly, benign to the xrp ecosystem but we have a handful of fudsters. I believe some used this prediction as a shotgun, others were, most likely, obsessed and the rest was simply ridiculing the prediction:
  3. This news have surgical time accuracy and only one goal: Stop xrp from swallow ETH and get the #2 marketcap position for good. If you read this FUD article you will notice the abnormal number of times ETH is mentioned. And then there comes the phrase: "A SWIFT spokesperson has told Finance Magnates that these rumors are untrue." Yes, some unidentifiable guy told us rumors are untrue. OK, we know from Ripple they are not partnering with Swift but this whole article it's just FUD.
  4. Accounts in the XRP Ledger will be only available for exchanges and institutions!
  5. Let that stupid SEC issue go away and you will be able to call XRP for the best name it can have: RIPPLES!
  6. Santander One Pay FX is a mobile app and it uses RippleNet. Not every client uses the app! Santander internally still processes payments with Swift and maybe 80% of their payments are still processed using those channels.
  7. Sorry if i will disappoint. The "Matrix" i'm referring to it's not a group of market manipulation wales.
  8. This market still works by pumps and dumps and EOY is coming! What i will do: I will divide my XRP holdings by 3, transfer that 1/3 to my trusted exchange and put a limit sell order there. The limit in USD? Well, i will find a XRP price i see as possible and then i will multiply it by 2! I'm really convinced we will have a ATH by Christmas (A Santa Rally). So, from what i know by now, my order price will, probably, be 7 USD! Of course i won't wait for December 25 to place my order! Naturally, in this 3 1/2 months that separate us from EOY, the price, won't be static, there will be action. What i'm saying next is not a joke: I have information from the "Matrix" we will have some price action in about 4 weeks from now! By then i will review my limit order price...
  9. Well, UK financial system has a long tradition of independence. If banks decide they want to use crypto to increase their competitiveness / provide better services to raise new costumers they will use it. Financial sector has power and politicians are in their hands all over the world. I really don't see US trying to blockade this new digital technology. SEC is a regulatory agency not a law maker. Crypto phenomenon is as global as the internet. Contrary to most of the players in the cryptoverse, Ripple is bringing blockchain technology to the real world so yes, Ripple is more exposed to regulatory issues. Europe has enough countries and territories where crypto can reach real world like Cyprus, Malta, Luxembourg, Lichtenstein, Switzerland, ...
  10. SEC not so important here. SEC jurisdiction only relates to the US. Santander is using "One Pay FX" across very different corridors not only to/from US. The UK is also central having Europe, Spain, Brazil and Poland as known start/end points.
  11. It's easy to make predictions after events have occurred...
  12. That would bring fresh air to crypto markets. We all know this crypto crisis is mainly due to a drastic slowdown in South Korea trading. Hopefully regulatory issues are being solved.
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