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  1. No, OP. Was kind of echoing what you said. Tried to read his blog post and just stopped because it was painful after a few sentences.
  2. You write like a fourth grader. Seriously, no one will take you seriously if this is how you write. Get a proofreader.
  3. It is so so beautiful. Everyone told me it would be disappointing for me in August because it was so crowded, but I did Mykonos>Paros>Antiparos>Folelegandros>Santorini>Ios and it was by far my favorite island. It is just absolutely breathtaking and no crowd can take that away. Feel free to PM me for recommendations
  4. Thanks! And lol but I didn’t know a selfie was NSFW. It’s not like I was topless!
  5. Again, thanks for your informative comment. I’ll try to post some windmills. The forum kept on saying my pics were too big (<1.95), and i just couldn’t be bothered to figure out how to make the smaller
  6. The product he told me about was GPI, which moves SOMETHING in four seconds. Whether or not it’s money. Again, sorry you can’t imagine having this sort of conversation with a real human who is not behind a computer screen. I hope you learn that sort of skill soon!
  7. Glad you guys think this is so hilarious! Honestly the fact that you couldn’t imagine meeting someone like this randomly while traveling makes me feel bad for you. Like your lives are very small or you are just not friendly.
  8. Or is just indicative of someone who reads the forum and is aware how different posts are received. and thank you! I will
  9. Would love to meet you if you just do happen to be on Ios,Greece rn!
  10. I never told anyone to sell their XRP. I said I believed in Ripple, I was just looking for insight from those who might know. And yes,GPI was the product he mentioned.
  11. Forum not letting me upload the pics I took yesterday bc they are too large. Oh well, I seriously feel bad for y’all who are so overly defensive.
  12. OP here. I actually was just trying to get some thoughts on this matter from people who knew more about it, specifically as it relates to price. I didn’t know asking how other real world factors would effect long term price such as institutional competition would cause such vitriol! Well yes, actually I did and that’s why I put up my FUD disclaimer. Honestly, I don’t post a lot here (I posted once to say hi), because I simply don’t have a lot to add to the conversation, but yesterday I thought I finally did. I also don’t post that frequently because I have a life! I travel, and see music, and have friends and spend time with my family! Crazy right? anyway, here’s some pics I shot of Santorini from the boat and of my hotel pool in Ios and of me! Oh and I’m not a dude, I’m a chick!
  13. Isn’t the fact that you can move money in a matter of seconds the factor that eliminates the need for nos/vos accounts or is there another reason to have them?
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