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  1. No. Well I don't think so as the wallet is actually a Ripple Wallet. I am sure someone here can give you a better answer. I have removed all trustlines that I can and still I required to keep about 65 xrp over two wallets. It's party time!
  2. Finally! I am so done with these fuckers. ################################### Lado (GateHub) Jan 25, 14:54 CET Dear Jeff, thank you for contacting GateHub support service and apologies for the delayed response. We have manually initiated your withdrawal and it has been processed: https://blockchain.info/tx/e794d57fee585a0405abdf59f78676ac0baf556c6d20b0db9xxxxxxxxxx We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. Kind regards, Lado Support Agent | GateHub Ltd. | gatehub.net PS: Make sure to turn on two-step a
  3. Great news! I got a message telling me I need to have a Trustline set for my DEPOSIT? WTF?? So I went back and re=established it. I hope they just sent some stupid form letter message and are going to actually process my WITHDRAWAL.
  4. Can anyone say whether or not Gatehub is still in Business? Or is their website just a blackhole for Crypto? Well that was good timing
  5. Yeah, I hear what you are saying Jonsereds. I shouldn't just be able to what I want with my money on a whim.
  6. From the comments on facebook post of sep 12th It seems that nothing on the 5th of January has been processed.As each day passes it seems less and less likely that it will.
  7. Oh look another message! January 2018 We are experiencing a high influx of new customers, paired with increased frequency of both bank and crypto transactions, consequently also a high number of customer support requests. All of the above leads to delays in account verifications, delays in bank and crypto transactions processing and delays in support service replies. Please take the above into consideration. Expect delays Please be patient and give our team more time to address your requests, whether that be to process your transaction or reply to your ticket.
  8. Thanks @TigeeForce I am in the US and I am not sure I am able to travel outside due to health issues. Of course I can use Coinbase and GDAX but I sold Ripple to get the BTC, so that was not an option. As far as my Nano's, one is in the safe deposit box along with the passphrase for it and the one I keep at hand. I am still hoping that Gatehub has not stolen my dough. Can anyone tell me what this XRP account is? Does it belong to Gatehub? rchGBxcD1A1C2tdxF6papQYZ8kjRKMYcL
  9. Day 9 Withholding all of the negative energy. Saving it up.
  10. I just found this on their twitter feed - Better to be fed ******** than nothing - This makes me want to continue to do business with them! I mean I need to clear out as much of my remain balances as they will let me. "Delays and slow service are caused by huge customer demand. Thank you for your understanding. Read more here: links to their site and - https://support.gatehub.net/hc/en-us/articles/115005032734-GateHub-service-status-update GateHub service status update GateHub 3 hours ago Updated Follow January 2018 We are e
  11. Great news! No just kidding. Not a peep from those *censored
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