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  1. I understand your frustration. However, this kind of pump and dump is not surprising. Ripple expects the price of XRP to increase in tandem with it's use increasing organically. AMEX is a HUGE client with optimistic long term potential to help XRP become the standard. Just remember short term( 1-2 years) Ripple is focused on signing up new clients in multiple locales, bootstrapping them on RippleNet and encouraging XRP's use. You'll see a healthy increase in XRP's price when: XRP use for cross border payments and other use cases start providing value for millions of customers. XRP's daily trade volume averages in the billions(Escpically against Fiat) XRP being used in place of Nostro accounts And others... Also, just give the market time to consume the news. We might see a massive XRP break out in the coming months without any immediate news that would have triggered it. I personally just diversify and HODL, trading in this young risky market is an emotional rollercoaster.
  2. I guess we will find out next week! https://www.dpmc.ae/ And http://ifgs.innovatefinance.com/ Most interesting is this: http://ifgs.innovatefinance.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/ifgs-2017-agenda-final-050417.pdf Ripple rep talks on a panel about distributed ledger tech. Then the talk immediately after is about the Royal Mint's usage of distributed ledger tech for their new product.
  3. I think the chances of XRP succeeding are pretty high. Try and look at it this way, for the past four years Ripple has been promoting institutional usage of their technology minus XRP. Given all the announcements from banks & financial institutions, I would conclude that they are making good on this goal. Now Ripple seems to be promoting XRP more than they have been in the past 4 years. I trust that the team over at Ripple will make good on this goal too. It seems like the cat is creeping out of the bag and a more mature plan for XRP adoption is now being exercised. Patience young grasshopper...
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