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    mysterious USD

    I've noticed the total has been off a few times recently. With the load on their servers something must be going on. A refresh or changing wallets has generally fixed it.
  2. For all of you wondering what I did with the certificate. I just picked it up today, and it was pretty appropriate considering we finally hit dollar parity. To all those that have been waiting for this day, congrats. And a final nod to Mercury. I know there have been a few hiccups, but you really came through massively with this project. This is something I know I will be keeping, and looking back fondly on in decades to come.
  3. Max, in the past I have let your eccentricities go as passion, but in this one post you have managed to denigrate every other member of this forum. I have been around since well before the Jedpocalypse and am very clear on one thing. Jed is a self-serving, ego driven individual who has nothing but malice on his mind when it comes to Ripple, and our entire community. I have seen this type of individual before, and it is no surprise that he has the charisma to pull the wool over a few IBM executives’ eyes. I have no problem with you being critical of Ripple, but in this case you are just wrong. I have never put someone on ignore in any forum, but you sir have made me want to investigate that function. Oh and by the way… its simplicities with a c
  4. Yes I have. Only from Gatehub so far but there were no issues. Eventually I will try it with Kraken and let you know how it goes. That said, from what I experienced there were no problems.
  5. RBC offers USD savings accounts. You can send USD in and out through Swift transfers. Once you have funds in USD, keep it that way, and then there is no need to trade in CAD on exchanges. If you really need CAD, you can do an internal transfer once the USD is back in your personal RBC account. Not the best FX rates but better than a lot of other options.
  6. Sorry @pucksterpete this one is staying with me. I'm already working on which wall it will get hung on.
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