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  1. https://ripple.com/insights/ripple-highlights-record-year-xrapid-now-commercially-available/ Annnnnddd.... it is today!
  2. Closing up on ETH! Here comes the pump again!.... ?
  3. Brotip, 1.5x the video, it's perfectly understandable and you'll lose less time hearing what we all already know. XRP WILL BE HUGE!
  4. Some people are not that anonymous! Hell, with my user name I'm positive most could find out the city where I live! (un)fortunately I'm on the lowest ranking of ownership in the poll, lol, so no danger for me there.
  5. Hey! May I be added? I think I meet the requirements! You may also check my Twitter handle, with the same name as here. Longtime XRP supporter!
  6. Yes!! There's a super easy way to do so, check this out! https://www.reservoirlite.com/
  7. the XRP ledger has that functionality built in. You can do your own escrow by yourself, but there's indeed no "small print" to make sure you can use it if you really really need it, so do it carefully!
  8. Line and weChat! But yeah, this implementation of Whatsapp in India could be done on a global scale with xRapid and XRP! That sounds like something that could happen in the future with a company big enough to do so (cough cough... Facebook... cough cough...) I guess we'll see!
  9. I love me all things Ripple and XRP, but I also like to check and make sure everything is factual. I first thought México could be using something like Ripple or XRP for intrabanks payments, but SPEI was developed by the central bank, and it's ultra fast because they're just updating info on 1 ledger, owned by them, where they have all the banks info. However, Bitso, an exchange in México, is partnered with BBVA (early investor) and now Bitso is the liquidity provider for Cuallix's use of xRapid with the XRP:MXN pair.
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unified_Payments_Interface
  11. No, I researched that when I read it. They're using an internal system by India's Central Bank. It's similar to "SPEI" in México. We have instant payments between banks in México, because they all have a bank acct in the Central Bank, so they can do that.
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