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  1. trogdor

    Ripple Presentation Prepared for Fides

    Is it possible that slide 27 actually shows the current corridors using xRapid? I'm thinking the ones with the lines and Ripple logo show just that, with the remaining 4 locations being the next corridors to open up.
  2. trogdor

    Viamericas is using Xrapid

    Yes, Cuallix is live, as is MercuryFX. Catalyst is going live in the very near future. However, reading this announcement leads me (and others) to believe that it's more than just these 3 that have gone live: https://ripple.com/insights/ripple-highlights-record-year-xrapid-now-commercially-available/ The jets are just getting fired up! No need to cool them down!
  3. trogdor

    Viamericas is using Xrapid

    It was created 9/17/2018 by Ripple.
  4. trogdor

    Any one knows price of xCurrent??

    You can view an investment report by Pugilist VC here that details the pricing model Ripple charges FIs: http://pugilistvc.com/ripple-investment-report/ AFAIK this is the only place mentioning the costs Ripple charges outside of the already mentioned PDF provided by Ripple themselves.
  5. All 3 products are still listed, the site has just been reorganized. See this page: https://ripple.com/ripplenet/join-the-network/ Notice the links to xVia, xCurrent, and xRapid.
  6. Love your posts @Tehol_Beddict! Keep sharing these nuggets!
  7. trogdor

    XRP in games

    Take this with a grain of salt... but it could be verifiable if people here have contacts in the industry:
  8. I still see it there. Nevermind, it's listed here (https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/validators) but the page 404s now. ?
  9. Yep: https://thefinancialanalyst.net/2018/06/05/ing-doubles-down-on-blockchain-investment/
  10. trogdor

    Don't Expect an Official Announcement

    Great post once again @JCCollins!
  11. trogdor

    DCG 0% Allocation of XRP

    Because the dumped all of their XRP at $3.50 and know it'll be going lower soon where they'll then buy in large?