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  1. Deloitte Though it's a private company, Deloitte is a global accounting giant, and it was among the first companies to give Ripple's blockchain technology a chance. Back in May 2016, Deloitte revealed a project that planned to integrate Ripple's blockchain and the Temenos Core Banking Software, which more than 1,000 financial institutions use around the world. In combination with Bluzelle, a blockchain software developer, Deloitte sought a means to send funds in real-time all over the world without a financial intermediary. Said Patrick Laurent, Partner and Technology Leader at Deloi
  2. https://www.johnsonfistel.com/investigations/ripple-labs-inc/
  3. Use case=volume. volume=demand. demand=price appreciation. All that matters.
  4. Thanks Ripple-Stiltskin, It's ok, the internet has created unlimited opportunities. There seems to be unlimited amounts of "tough guys" which was also created by the internet.
  5. Bitcoin has to be devalued if the cryto market will ever be taking as a serious "Market." After $5,900.00 bitcoin will fall even faster. I think don't bitcoin will disappear until years from now. It will just sit at the bottom for the next decade worth from $5 to $30.00.
  6. It does not matter which country a product originates from. If there is a way to "capitalize" companies/countries will take advantage.
  7. There are thousands, maybe millions of opportunities to invest and become financially free in the world today. If you are fortunate enough to find one. 1. Do you the insight to notice? 2. Do you have th e guts to stick with your plan and hold/hold? Not many have what it takes to recognize and opportunity. Even less have what it takes to hold-on. Here's the key to hold. Invest "small" enough that you don't notice the money is gone. Keep your eyes open for other opportunities and don't wait for one investment to "save you." Otherwise you will
  8. As everyone has their debates and speculations on the future of Ripple and XRP. I stand in the corner blasting "Love Roller Coaster" and dance to the beat. Why because no one knows the future but, I do know the future of Ripple and XRP looks very bright so, sit back, relax and enjoy the roller coaster ride into the future!
  9. I would never know this was a video game quote, I immediately thought of my military days when I read this. So who is playing "Call of Duty" too much?
  10. Bureaucracy = How can I benefit red tape = line my pockets first regulation = lets tax it The few have conquered the masses with the promise of just crumbs.
  11. Human beings like routine and hate change especially if they are not involved or can't get involved in that change.
  12. A quote from a long time Amazon stock HODL 'er: It's mostly looking at the business, not the stock. ... I think a lot of the world doesn't think about things that way. Every time I watch financial television ... I'm reminded again of how people are thinking too much about stocks; wigs, wags, and short-term moves, and they're not really looking at the business. While Amazon's stock dramatically declined over that, the business did not nearly. https://www.fool.com/investing/2016/06/26/amazon-stocks-history-the-importance-of-patience.aspx
  13. All market assets value rise and fall even human assets. Ever wonder why 60 and 70 year olds have a hard time finding gainful employment? Asset value depreciation.
  14. Somebody gotta be... Selling Holding Uninformed informed Buying These are balances of life. No harm no foul.
  15. If the success of Ripple depended upon Coinbase I would have not invested in it. ...and it doesn't.
  16. When one market corrects money flows into other markets, wash, repeat, recycle. Sidenote: Crypto markets are still fairly new so...
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