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  1. And also.. how many cards you have that have 1M$ on them?
  2. Reread my post was just wondering what people who have theirs in a vault do about updates
  3. I hear you. But if you only put your seed in a vault, you can still be forced to use your nano in case of a robbery.
  4. Can I hijack this thread? What do people who have their Nano stored in a bank vault do? Do you get it out once in a while to update? Or do you just leave it in?
  5. Nice read, again. But then again.. 2 Intelligent men who discuss one of my favourite subjects. What's not to like. Thanks @Hodor and please keep it up!
  6. You should remove your holdings from this tread
  7. Probably yes.. but I was 30yrs old 12yrs ago
  8. Even with 1,000,000 I'll not be able to retire before 30...
  9. You put them in escrow? I would not dare doing that
  10. DD_XRP

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Hi @BobWay ! Since all questions can be posed. Who are the 3 household names, and why were they never given?
  11. I think this is the highest valuation of XRP I've read untill today. I will help you hope!
  12. I've used it in 2017 to store BTC. The problem is that you're unable to acces your coins quickly (it takes 48 hrs if I recall correctly). If you need to sell at a certain moment, you need to take that into account.
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