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  1. First question: "Hi, Martin from the Financial Times. I like your owl". Nobody laughs
  2. True.. I got scammed about 10 years ago on eBay. The name of the scammer was Pokaboo or something like that. Went to see the police, and the officer genuinely didn't understand why I sent money to someone called Pokaboo...
  3. I read this afternoon that due to the tension in the middle east, gold is rising (money is flowing from traditional stocks to gold they said). Maybe the same for crypto?
  4. I made my last buys before the 2017 bull run. I am now waiting. It's frustrating that people can buy my stack now for less money. But I'm not willing to make anymore buys.
  5. Wielemie... Lots of courage @kanaas
  6. Well.. If it stays like this, or if we go down further, I see me getting that Euro-rail pass as well..
  7. @Hodor eager to find out the next format! Wish you all the success!
  8. Miniature horses: tips & tricks
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