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  1. If it works out like this, I will... Well I don't know what I would do in fact At least I will have a new hero
  2. He resigned from JVCEA, not from SBI.
  3. I know one. But he bought after I told him I did. Don't know if he still hold though. On another note: I have a conference in 2 weeks, which is organized by my local business club. 3 topics: - The current situation and the future of the EURO - Local currencies (some cities bring out their own) - Crypto In oct 2017, we had a conference on another subject of the economy. I've asked the speaker (a chief economist of a big bank) about Crypto, and he said: "Don't touch it, it's a scam". The same guy said in the newspapers in feb 2018 that regulation is coming and that crypto is acceptable. FFWD to august 2018: Same guy: "Blockchain is the future". Novembre 2018: Blockchain is very promising! I think we're early...
  4. Tried a few times to trade to increase my stack, but was too scary. I have approx 10% more xrp then I had in dec 2017.
  5. Hodling since oct 2017... Which reminds me.. Got to search where I put my XRP.
  6. You should not disclose your holdings.
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