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  1. He resigned from JVCEA, not from SBI.
  2. I know one. But he bought after I told him I did. Don't know if he still hold though. On another note: I have a conference in 2 weeks, which is organized by my local business club. 3 topics: - The current situation and the future of the EURO - Local currencies (some cities bring out their own) - Crypto In oct 2017, we had a conference on another subject of the economy. I've asked the speaker (a chief economist of a big bank) about Crypto, and he said: "Don't touch it, it's a scam". The same guy said in the newspapers in feb 2018 that regulation is coming and that crypto is acceptable. FFWD to august 2018: Same guy: "Blockchain is the future". Novembre 2018: Blockchain is very promising! I think we're early...
  3. Tried a few times to trade to increase my stack, but was too scary. I have approx 10% more xrp then I had in dec 2017.
  4. Hodling since oct 2017... Which reminds me.. Got to search where I put my XRP.
  5. You should not disclose your holdings.
  6. I know it's not the right topic, but would just like to ask a question. If you would like to go to another thread, let me know I was playing with this idea too. In my business, we are in the middle of an IT migration, and I have 3 old servers which I could use to mine some alts. No electricity costs. 1x DL 120 G7 Dual I3 2.10 Ghz 2 GB RAM Windows server 2008 R2 64 2x DL 380 Dual Xeon 2.40 Ghz 50 GB RAM Windows server 2008 R 64 I can choose to throw them away or to use them for alt mining. Would this be something that's technically feasable without modfications?
  7. And also.. how many cards you have that have 1M$ on them?
  8. Reread my post was just wondering what people who have theirs in a vault do about updates
  9. I hear you. But if you only put your seed in a vault, you can still be forced to use your nano in case of a robbery.
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