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  1. Risky business… did that a few weeks ago, right at the bottom. now I’m left with cash but no coins…
  2. Well.. I’ve sold on june 22 only to see the price rise. so I thought my crypto adventure was over… Now the price is starting to go below my selling point (.545) so I’m considering placing a trailing stop buy order if it falls a bit more. Any thoughts on this? And on these trailing stop orders (in Bitstamp)?
  3. This is, btw, one of the only times I’ve sold since 2017. Did it once before and lost a few zerps in the proces..
  4. I’m out as well. Sold on tuesday to see the price rise afterwards. now sitting ready to buy back in on 3 price levels. If all 3 get filled, I’ll have approx 30% more xrp then when I sold. but starting to wonder if my price points are not too high. Especially after reading posts like the one from @Molten above… What to do… 🥴
  5. Well, imagine it shoots up and is worth a lot of money. You can then be a target for hackers or worse. Consensus here is that you should take caution to not divulge your holdings.
  6. Hi, Caution: you should not divulge your holdings online 😉
  7. Brother, please be carefull about posting your holdings on the internet 😉
  8. Depends on how many zerps you’ve got. And also.. imagine it goes to 20-30 in this bullrun. Would you be ready to hold for another 3 years of bearmarket if at the next cycle it goes to 200-300? I would be tempted to cash out at 20-30 now, but that would not be life changing money by itself. If I use it to get extra money from the bank and put it in rental property it would change my life. But not Lambo change it. I just don’t have enough zerps for that. So.. Cash out and invest and make my life better or wait and hope it goes to life changing money? 🤷‍♂️
  9. Do you guys prepare somewhat for the tide to turn? So do you keep your zerps ready at an exchange? Or still in cold storage? Example: if suddenly sec deal would go south, and xrp plummets? I am hesitating to put them at an exchange in order to be able to react faster. Although I’m also afraid to react too fast.
  10. Me too. But before I had the idea that under 1 (or actually 2 or more) million it was not life changing. But now I think I would be very happy with 100k. I would take that to the bank to ask them another 100k and would buy 2 rental properties. They would yield me around 1500 eur a month and might be the start of a small rental property business.
  11. That’s part of the attractiveness for us. My parents got their own place there and less tourists. Long walks on the beach, good food, fireplace, what do you need more? oh, and an MG-A in the garage 😎
  12. I like it there, more in winter than in summer in fact. But above all, the family needs to get out of the house 😉
  13. During bull run of 2017-2018, we were on holiday at the Belgian coast. We’re leaving again on friday 😎
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