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  1. I remember when I was in the cult of Ripple I thought nothing but bad things about XLM and Jed, turns out Jed was the only decent one and made is clear to everyone when he was selling compared Brad / Larsen who tried to manipulate the price and hype it up with complete bullshit like "dozens of banks will use XRP" in 2018 and then dumping on the poor stupid retail fools like me in a bear market, this is karma to the maximum degree. XLM win and Jed gets the final laugh. XLM: $0.43 XRP: $0.22 #theflippening
  2. Best case scenario for XRP is $0.01 by EOY, sell while you can.
  3. Grayscale is a ETF fund, they do not "BUY" anything for themselves, they "BUY" XRP for clients who want exposure to it using ETF. Grayscale earn a small % commission on the buy from the clients.
  4. If you actually read the SEC filing then you would know that is infact the case. Its straight out fraud by the founders.
  5. Its cool bro, keep holding onto those bags. Go on twitter and listen to more conspiracy threads about how xrp is the global reserve currency found a video you might like too, hope it makes you feel better about your investment
  6. All people who hate on XRP here were former lovers just like you, its just we have seen the light and are SO CARING that we're trying to wake you all up. Unfortunately most wont listen but if I save just one person from losing their life savings on this scam then it would be worth it
  7. if he had any class he would stop promoting a clear fraud scam. but he makes money off youtube donations so he will continue. actions require consequences
  8. Bernie Madoff defrauded >$80 billion from the smartest people in the world. Ripple defrauded that amount from the dumbest (retail investors) who have a 90% lose rate. Atleast Madoff stole from the rich, Ripple stole from the poor. Brad and Chris was selling $600 million worth of xrp using BOTS on exchanges in a 3 year bear market whilst telling everyone they were signing up banks everyday, all a lie to get them rich.
  9. He got a whiff of youtube money, he makes over $500 every live stream he does. He probably knows deep down its a scam but promotes it like bitconnect people. The funny thing is he has used his used his real name / face so when it comes to getting a job in a public company when XRP goes bust and he has nothing else to promote on youtube he will have a hard time as a quick google will link him to promoting a fraud. He was thinking too short term, but the consequences of his actions will last forever.
  10. He didn't pursue college because he believed XRP would become a world currency and hit $100. It'll be interesting in a few years time to get a documentary made on on XRP rise and fall and how it affected peoples mentality so drastically. From him being a quiet well spoken guy in a garden discussing xrp to a few years later being a cult leader who will sink with the ship.
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