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  1. https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/treasury-product-manager-at-bank-of-america-1412930907/
  2. guys pls i swear i didnt photoshop i refreshed my page and its fine now srry pls i beg dont ban
  3. I first got into btc, I began to research a lot about crypto and stumbled across XRP, it seemed too good to be true, an amazing team, goals, and projected growth was a no brainer, I converted my btc all to xrp, I went all in xrp, xrp is the only crypto to me that made sense, it seemed the safest but there lies my mistake. I went to play safe, and thats what I got, a safe coin that dumps more than pumps and is controlled by btcs movements more negatively than any other top coin. I wish I was just an average smuck who didn't research things and stuck my money into a bunch of random useless
  4. Have you tried contacting huobi.com and the other exchanges the hacker sent the funds to cash out at? If you explain the situation the exchange can block the funds on the account.
  5. Going to the hackers wallet.. they used you for the first transaction to activate their wallet...
  6. This is actually great news for Ripple and XRP as it makes it more difficult to compete with them, they can easily apply for the necessary licenses. Its bad for BTC and mining.
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