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  1. This is actually great news for Ripple and XRP as it makes it more difficult to compete with them, they can easily apply for the necessary licenses. Its bad for BTC and mining.
  2. HOLY ****, This may be the biggest partnership of all time in crypto space? This bank is in another universe ABOVE SBI...
  3. no op 589 is tomorrow, they are celebrating new years today but tomorrow they will use their gifts to buy
  4. go short it then genius, oh wait you wont cause you dont believe the **** coming out your mouth
  5. https://www.youtube.com/embed/ZJoJWQapVQo
  6. Retitle for 2019 OP. lets continue to preach the good news of 589 to **** people off further, its hilarious
  7. Does it make me crazy if I think 5 more days is more than enough time for xrp to reach 589? I literally cant sleep anymore, just so anxious/excited for it. Quit my job last weekend.
  8. Lol go drink some tea, we stick to $ here.
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